Do You Fear Cancer ? So Don’t Worry Now and Only Believe in Jesus Name

Doctors have no cure for it–but an angel sent from the presence of the Lord has given Brother Branham an infallible prescription that will heal any sufferer. Listen to the angel’s words:

“If you can get the people to believe, nothing shall stand before you, NOT EVEN CANCER.”

In the three years I have been about the country in the Branham meetings, I have noticed that cancer is the demon most often defeated through Brother Branham’s ministry. Many more sufferers of cancer are defeated through Brother Branham’s ministry. Many more sufferers of cancer are healed than any other sickness.

I am so glad for this as cancer is on the raging spread, and as yet doctors have no remedy to cure it.
Many of the people who are called in the prayer line look strong and well, and one would judge that they have no need of a prayer card; while others sit in wheel chairs, or are on cots and their number is not called. But I have never seen it fail, as they stand there before the angel of the Lord, it is revealed that a dark shadow of death follows that person and cancer is taking his life.

Truly the Lord is good to those who would soon die to willingly guide them to complete deliverance.
My dear friend, if you have cancer or have a fear of it, remember there is a God-given healing.

The fear of anything is often the reason we fall victim to it, whether sickness or something else. The Word of God tells us not to fear or set our minds on such things.

I recently read in LIFE magazine an outstanding article on cancer. The medical doctor told of how people fear cancer over heart-trouble and arthritis, which are far more painful. It was his opinion that the fear of cancer had engulfed the American people to such extent that it contributed to the fact so many people are stricken with it. They indirectly worried themselves to the place where they injured their nervous system and hurt their bodies in other ways.

Surely if a medical doctor can reason that fear is an impelling force behind cancer, then we as Christians should realize all the more that we should NOT FEAR, but praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy and let our minds rest in trust and love upon the good things of God.

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