The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

It’s an abomination to have a boy play in God’s church, who was playing worldly music the previous night!

       HE MUST BE PROVED FIRST!  Let him bring forth FRUIT, meet for repentance & SHOW THAT HE’S RIGHT WITH GOD!

       The people aren’t to blame. From behind BEHIND THE PLATFORM you’re told to holler Hallelujah, clap your hands & sing these new songs so fast, it looks like we’ll run through the wall with them.

       Having a FORM of godliness, and DENYING the Power thereof.

       You’re taught all kinds of rhythms, organizations & how to make youth groups & you bring the jazz world to the platform. 

       We should be singing old-fashion hymns like, Nearer My God To Thee. That’d be a whole lot better!

       Be stripped of YOUR THOUGHTS & WORKS.  Deny yourself & follow ME!

       Jesus said, EXCEPT A MAN BE BORN OF WATER & SPIRIT, he’ll NOT enter into the Kingdom.  

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W M B ~ I SAY THE SAME THING today, friend. And the Church of the living God, who is standing TRUE TO GOD, WILL SAY THE SAME THING. 

You CAN’T MIX OIL AND WATER together and call it salvation. You can’t. 

Got to SEPARATE YOURSELF, brother. Something has got to happen. 

If there is any hope left, we got to do something, and do it quickly; for, THE HOUR OF THE RAPTURE IS AT HAND.

Things are heaping up, everything, and the church is so far away. They read all kinds of magazines, books, stories, and everything. I could go today to a…

I can go to a church, and I can say, “Oh, how many know…” They know every hymn, after one of these big revivals. 

“Now, what—what page is certain-certain hymn on?” They know it. They know who it is. 

They know who is running for President, and who is running for this, and how many movie stars married, this and that, the other. 

BUT, THE WORD OF GOD, THEY KNOW NOTHING OF. There you are. So we’re giving their gla-…And, yet, they profess to be Christians.

And THE PEOPLE IS NOT AT BLAME. IT’S FROM BEHIND THE PLATFORM, where it’s come from. Exactly. It’s from behind the platform. 

They teach them all kinds of rhythms, and all kinds of this and that, and organizations, and how to make youth groups, and everything like that. I wonder if it’s paid. Nothing against it, but I’m wondering if that’s God’s requirement.

When, Jesus said, “Except a man be born of water and Spirit, he’ll in no wise enter into the Kingdom. He that will for-…will follow after Me, let him deny hisself, and his own worldly pleasures, take up his cross, and follow after Me.” 

Cross is a SYMBOL of “DEATH, AGONY.” 

“He that will be a Christian, let him strip himself of his own thoughts. Let him STRIP HISSELF OF HIS OWN WORKS. 

Let him strip hisself OF EVERYTHING, DENYING HIMSELF, and take up that CONSECRATED CROSS, and follow Me daily. He that will come after Me, let him do that.” That’s what Jesus said.

But, today, we say, “Everybody have a big time. Everybody clap their hands. Everybody holler, ‘Hallelujah!’ Everybody do this.” Oh, how we got a bunch of fuss! Amen. God…

We get these NEW SONGS out and SING THEM SO FAST, that it looks like we’re going to RUN THROUGH THE WALL WITH THEM, or something like that.

When, I think, if we’d be SINGING NEARER, MY GOD, TO THEE, would be a WHOLE LOT BETTER for the Church; the old-fashion hymns.

Get a lot of dance orchestra people, SOME BOY IN A DANCE ORCHESTRA over here playing, last night, and tonight over here playing in the church of the living God? 

IT’S AN ABOMINATION in the sight of God. 


They bring the JAZZ WORLD right into the PLATFORM. They bring the HOLLYWOOD, GLAMOURIZING PREACHING, right into the platform.

Why, didn’t I set in your fair city, a few weeks ago, in Louisville, Kentucky? 

My heart break, when they was all setting there, willing to see the miracles of God; and as soon as you preach the Gospel, they would fill up, IN A SECOND, AND TURN THEIR BACKS AND WALK OUT of the building. Certainly. 


Step out; and many of them, Protestants, too, who go to Protestant churches. But they had been fills…filled SO FULL OF GLAMOUR and everything like that, of TOMMYROT and CHURCHISM, until they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD. 


What a day that we’re living. Watch where it heaps up.


The Invasion Of The United States

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W M B ~  Here some time ago a man met me out here, aside. And I had a pianist here that had a little, short, little skirt, and wasn’t just exactly, I guess, just right. 

And the lady had short hair, and she was just a babe in this Way, and she was playing the piano. 

And a man met me out there and just tearing me to pieces, he said, “And you’re a pentecostal preacher, and let that woman set up there! That short hair!” And just going on like everything.  

“Well,” I said, “I THINK THE WOMAN HAS A GOOD SPIRIT IN HER. I certainly do not agree with that, you know, the skirt part up here, the two pieces.” 

One of them is down here and one kind up here, it’s a shirt like they wear. And so it’s real thin and shows that underneath garment that they have around there. I don’t think that—that should be done. I—I don’t like that, I really don’t. I—I can’t…

They—they might be just as Spirit-filled as anybody else, I don’t know; God knows that. But I wouldn’t condemn that woman and say that she was going to hell, by the sight. 

This same person had in his church a lady who had long hair and wore long dresses, and had a TEMPER enough to fight a buzz saw, and just as mean as she could be. 

Now, long hair and long skirts don’t take you to Heaven. No, sir! 

IT’S THE SPIRIT THAT’S IN YOU takes you to Heaven. But if you as a Christian… 

Then you should remember that many times pastors don’t mention those things and the people just automatically go on, think it’s all right. 

But a pastor should really tear into that. And—and—and then the sisters of the church, those sisters who are in character standing, wearing their clothes neatly, they should be examples of sweetness, and—and motherly and sisterly-like.

And I think that any woman that’s motherly and godly and sisterly ought to go to such a person, and with sweetness of the Spirit, just sit down and talk to that lady. 

And if she is of God, the Holy Spirit will understand those things, and she’ll correct herself. But when you real quickly condemn her and drive her away, you might harm that young, born baby. See? 

So I—I wouldn’t condemn the person.


God Being Misunderstood

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