Brother Branham, can Satan use the gift of tongues or prophecy in a person who has the Holy Ghost?

food for thought

food for thought

Brother Branham, can Satan use the gift of tongues or prophecy in a person who has the Holy Ghost?

121  That’s a good one isn’t it? Yes, sir! If…It must be watched very, very close. If you’ll notice in First Corinthians 14:29, you who wants to put it down…See? The–the person who wrote this never signed their name; they just said, “God bless you.” See? In First Corinthians 14:29 we find out that any gift in the church has got to be judged first. See? You have to watch, ’cause evil spirits slip in. Because remember, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. The same rain that was sent to ripen the wheat also ripens the weed, the same water. How many knows that? Now, that ought to clear the serpent’s seed to you then, how that this son come. I’m trying to pick it out of here to get it before my time runs out, but I can’t find it: so, how that son was about the serpent’s seed. See?

122  God has a law. Now, on this, in this law of the Spirit of Life you have to watch, because Satan slips in.

123  And Paul, when something was revealed to somebody, it had to have at least two or three judges before it could be told before the church.

124  Now, also here I might bring this out. I see my…I don’t think my Brother’s here tonight, but somebody made fun of somebody leaving the tabernacle and went down to Brother Junior Jackson’s for a church. Said, “They went down amongst the ‘dead birds.’” Aren’t you ashamed to make a remark like that? Ever who you are, if you’re my kid here in Christ, I’m ashamed of you. Don’t do a thing like that. Junior Jackson is my brother. Don Ruddell is my brother.

125  Well, the reason of it, because when I set the church here in a certain order, when I come back, to see if I could get the manifestation of the gifts, half of them pulled away from it. Because when you would start to speak, or preach, or something, it got…It was getting in such a place that you could hardly preach ’less there was somebody spoke in tongues, somebody interpreting, somebody give the interpretation; and half of it never even come to pass.

126  Now, I believe in speaking in tongues. I believe in interpretation, but it must be something directly to the church, not, “The Lord is coming soon,” or something–which is all right. But, “Don’t use vain repetitions,” Jesus said, “as heathens do.”

127  It must be something. “Go tell Brother So-and-so a certain thing he done and–and to get…” “Why, go tell Brother, Sister So-and-so, when she did a certain thing down there the other day, she transgressed the laws of her husband’s–the vow to her husband. Unless she makes this right–right, the Holy Spirit will cut her off.” There you’ve got THUS SAITH THE LORD!

128  Then bring that sin in. That’s when we got a church like it was when Ananias and Sapphira come in. Then we got a church that stands solid. “Oh,” you say, “Brother Branham…” One guy, I told him that; he said, “Well, you put us too much on the spot.”

129  I said, “Ain’t I on the spot up there to strangers I never seen in my life? But I got faith and confidence in my God who sent me to do this, and never one time has it been wrong or it never will be as long as it’s God.” That’s right.

130  Not speaking in tongues and things like that…I believe that those tongues and people that’s got them gifts, if they’re real genuine Christians and interested in it, they’ll meet themselves together, because–and give their tongues and interpretations and see what they can do to further the Kingdom of God. They got a ministry of their own, but it don’t belong here in the middle of the audience where the–the sinners are being dealt with and so forth. The Bible said, “They’ll say you’re unlearned.”

131  Sometimes they get so irreverant with it and–and so forth…Not our gang hadn’t, but I let them go ahead awhile. I said, “Watch it.”

132  Now, I told the brethren (there’s witnesses here know this), I said, “Let it alone. After while I’ll–we’ll find out whether it’s of God or not. If it cannot stand chastisement, then it’s a bastard child.” That’s exactly what the Bible said. And when the chastisement come, what happened? Did I tell you that long ago? See? Ask the pastor here.
He said, “What about this and that?”

133  I said, “Just let it alone! They’re babies. We can’t judge it, but watch when it really comes to pin down to the Word.”

134  Now, Brother Junior Jackson had a right to disagree with that. He wants his church…The people all want to speak with tongues and things in the audience. That’s Brother Junior’s troubles; that’s–that’s up to him. But Junior Jackson believes this Message the same as the–any of the rest of us does. He’s one of us. And it’s not a “dead bird” to go there. Junior Jackson is a man of God that I love with all my heart. And is not here tonight, so I can really pour it on the way I want to.

135  And–and Don Ruddell…I don’t think Don’s here tonight, ’cause they got church of their own. But if I seen every person come to this tabernacle, walk out and go to Don Ruddell, or–or Brother J. T. Parnell, or Brother–any of these brothers here that’s our brothers here and fellow citizens of the Kingdom, I’d be so happy I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d say, “Lord, fill this one back up again. Let’s pour it out and fill up another one.” I’d love it. I’d love to see those boys…They’re my–they’re my children.

136  Now, J. T. or–or any of the rest of them don’t have to believe just like I do; they don’t have to do that. As I told you this morning, I don’t even agree with my wife, or she don’t agree with me. What if I went to the table and Junior got apple pie and I got cherry pie. Brother, we’re both eating pie, we’ll agree that, but…And we both preach the same Gospel. His church discipline…

137  You know, Peter and Paul had differences, not in their doctrines, but the way Peter was behaving hisself. They had a–a little difference in it, but it never separated them. They were brothers. Why, sure we’re going to have differences, not differences…I disagree with the Assemblies of God. I disagree with their systems, but there’s a many Assembly of God man that’s a precious brother. I disagree with the oneness doctrine,
but there’s a many of those men are precious man.

138  I agree–disagree with the Baptists, with the Presbyterians and their systems, but in there, there’s genuine Christians.

139  Somehow or another this afternoon I picked up a telegram. I missed it. A brother, a Baptist preacher, said he would–been seeking for a long time to come to a place–or get to a place where man respected God in there instead of respecting one another.

140  And a precious brother comes to this church said, “I’ll take you to such a place.” He was longing to get here, a Baptist. You see, they’re scattered everywhere. I wouldn’t agree with their system, but I certainly love the party. So don’t say that about the brethren.

141  Now in here, these gifts are–got to be watched. No gift…Have to watch it. Satan can impersonate any gift. Look at these Beatles now going to impersonate Divine healing–filthy, dirty, rotten, borned out of hell. See? All right.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823E Questions And Answers 2

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