Bro Branham will the bride perform miracles before the rapture?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Questions 253 (COD Page 962)

  Will the Bride–will the Bride before Jesus comes, will She have all power of Holy Ghost to perform miracles, raise dead, and so on as in the latter rain–or is this the latter rain for the hundred and forty-four thousand Jews? Will all ministers have this, are we–or are we just waiting for the coming?

187  Yes. See, friend, I–I–I am not a theologian. I am not a theologian; therefore, I have to teach all that I know about the Bible from shadows and types. You kind of call me a typologist. But if I can look on that wall, and I’ve never seen myself; and I look, and I can see that I got a head, and ears, and hands, and–I know something about what I’m going to look like if I ever see myself. See? If I see my reflection in a mirror, I know what I would look like if I could stand off and look at myself.

188  Now, that’s the way I think of the Bible. “All of these things,” Romans 26 said, “happened for our examples.” We can look back and see what it was, like the moon reflecting the sun. We know what the sun will be when–if we never see the sun; we can see the moon, and see that it’s going to be greater than that. Well, when you see what happened in the Old Testament, it’s just a reflection of what happens in the New.

189  Now, in here, I believe with all my heart I–we are, or this days…If we’re not, somebody is; it’s got to be. Time has run out; we’re at the end!

190  Every…The world…God made the world in six thousand years, and the seventh thousand He rested. He said a man will never live that time out–a–a year–or–or day–“day you eat thereof, the day you die.” Adam–or Methuselah was the oldest man that ever lived in the Bible, and he was nine hundred and sixty-nine years old; and he never lived that thousand years. But the man that’s going to live through the Millennium, one thousand years, to show that the–that the penalty has been paid…Man lives forever; the day is finished; the time is finished; they’re in eternity.

191  By the way, I got so many letters on my message two or three Sundays ago on the–The Future Home of the Bride and Groom. That sure hit home somewhere to a lot of them. That…It did to me too. I’ve never got over it.

192  Now, notice. On this (see?), Abraham saw…Now, as He dealt with Abraham, so has He with his seed. Now, one of these days when I come back sometime, I want to take that a little more closer and show you exactly the stations of Abraham’s life. It’s exactly with Luther, Wesley, and on down to here, just exactly how He’s dealt with the churches like He did with Abraham; how He appeared; how that there when He confirmed the covenant to him under the shed blood, it was the Philadelphian age. Yes, sir, that was the blood age, Luther–the Wesleyan age.

193  But then watch the Pentecostal age. After He come to there, He made the promise of El Shaddai, “nurse from Me.” The question is: Can you nurse? That was brought before the Pentecostals. See? Can you nurse? But they didn’t do it; they grabbed them a–a breast from the denomination where they come out of. But then the Seed, real Seed, come on to nurse that breast.

194  And what was the last sign they had, before that promised son that they’d waited on all these years, when He come back? Was God standing in the form of a Man and could discern the thoughts that was in Sarah’s heart (Sarah being the Church, representing the Church)–discern the thoughts that’s in the Church that was even behind Him. Is that right? And immediately after that, she changed back to a young woman and him a young man; and Isaac was brought on the scene, the promised son.

195  I believe you’re seeing the last thing that will happen to the Church before the rapture. That’s exactly. I believe it. The rain is over. Just read the first three chapters of Revelation and you’ll see what’s promised to the Church. That’s what’s promised, Church, right there–the church ages.

196  You noticed the other day when we started them Trumpets, the Holy Spirit said, “That don’t belong here.” See, see?

197  Now, latter rain, a hundred and forty-four thousand Jews, no, that isn’t–that–they won’t–that’s–that’s when Elijah and Moses…There’s where the miracles take place. The things that the people’s been looking for, the Pentecostals, for miracles, that’s where that’ll take place in that–under them. See, that’s Elijah’s and Moses’. They smite the earth with curses as oft they will; they close the heavens that it don’t rain in the days of their prophecy. And God will stand and fight for them like He did, and He’ll bring them out under a mighty hand just exactly like He did in Egypt (see?), out of these “isms” of the world. And He’ll do that, but that is not…

198  We’re just to wait on the coming of the Lord. Just wait; keep your lamps trimmed, all filled full of oil. Pray up every hour, not every day, every hour. Just keep ready; be ready, be sweet, and watching… Oh, we’re watching for the coming of that glad Millennium day. When our blessed Lord shall come and catch His waiting Bride away. Oh, my–oh, my heart is filled with rapture as I labor, watch, and pray, For our Lord is coming back to earth again. That’s it; that’s the hope of the Church this hour.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823M Questions And Answers 1

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