William marrion Branham Message for Unbeliever Family

Questions 246 (COD Page 950)

  Brother Branham, I believe the Message you teach with all my heart. It thrills my soul; however, my wife and son do not rejoice in the Word. They do not desire to separate themselves from some of their worldly habits.

You said that we should claim our–claim our families. I find that difficult to do, seeing that they do not live for the Word or in the Word. What is my course, sir? Do I claim them and believe, or do I pray, “Father, thy will be done,” and be content in the state I find myself in? I would appreciate your guidance, Brother Branham.

141  God bless you, my Brother or Sister, whoever you may be. I–I would just commit them to the Lord. I…See, because, “What all the Father has given Me will come to Me.” See? Now, the only thing for you people to do…

142  It made my heart swell with joy the other day going up and down seeing these motel men. The…I went down to Mr. Becker. He said, “Billy, you know what?

I feed your whole congregation every Sunday”–when the Blue Boar feeds three hundred nearly every Sunday! See? And I went out there and this guy over here, this gentleman over here at the–the Ranch House, very fine man. I met him. He said…

I said, “Well, that was really fine.” I said, “I appreciate you keeping all that stuff away from out there–all that carrying on out there.”
He said, “Yes, sir, Brother Branham.”

I said, “How’d he know me?” See? I said, “How’d you know me?”
He said, “I know you,” Said, “I feed your whole congregation here every Sunday by the…Well,” he said, “and I want to tell you something: they’re fine people. They’re fine people!”

143  Now see, that made me feel good. You my children. See? When I hear my children acting nice and being nice, that makes Papa feel real good. See? So you understand.

144  Now, now, Mother, when…My Sister, if your husband wants you go down to the Methodist church, you go ahead. You might not have a whole loaf of bread, but if they even say they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, you believe that, ’cause we do too.

Now, if they’re going to go off on other tantrums and things, just–just let them go ahead, but you eat that much of the bread. See? And in that, you just show by the sweetness of your life and your consideration for others…And if you haven’t got it, Sister dear, pray till it comes to you, that you won’t have to put on anything artificially, ’cause when you do that, it’s not real. Your husband can tell that.

But you–when you really have prayed to a place till your life is full of salt of the Saviour, it’ll make a contact. “If I am lifted up, I’ll draw all man to Me.” I’d go; be real careful. Don’t join their church though!

Please don’t do that; don’t you join their church, but go on!

William Marrion Branham
64-0823M Questions And Answers 1

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