Why are we disturbed in an hour like this?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

If you TRUST THE ABSOLUTE, you WON’T be disturbed by circumstances! 

       Christians staying up all night praying; they BELIEVE God can deliver their brother from DEATH.  

       Abraham called things that WEREN’T, as if they were. Jesus promised, if we ask ANYTHING in His NAME, it’ll be GRANTED. 

       A Christ-centered life is our Absolute. It ties us. 

       Pray until you hear from the Absolute, then circumstances won’t matter, because God had said so. 

       Not even bullets could kill Washington, because he’d had a prayer meeting & God answered!

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W M B ~ David, that great patriarch, how we’d like to speak about him. We haven’t time. But, and many times…

As we heard someone speaking a few moments ago about David and his sin, but WHEN ALL OF IT WAS FORGIVEN. 

When he was going to battle, and we call it, in the world, “The chips were down,” and the opposition was great. And David laid there under the tree, and sweated it out, UNTIL HE HEARD THE SOUND GOING THROUGH THE MULBERRY BUSHES, then it was different. 

David rose and went on, BECAUSE THAT HE HAD AN ABSOLUTE, that he knew that was God going on before him.

Can’t we pray a prayer of faith that will send God on to that parole board down there? Sure, we can. WE BELIEVE that we can, if WE’LL HOLD TO THAT ABSOLUTE.

“How Abraham called THINGS THAT WERE NOT, as though THEY WERE,” because he had an ABSOLUTE PROMISE FROM GOD, that God was going to give him his…give him a child by Sarah. 

And when she was a hundred years old, or he was, and she was ninety, “He still didn’t stagger at the promise of God through UNBELIEF, but was STRONG, GIVING PRAISE TO GOD.” 

And we claim to be Abraham’s children. When Abraham…

When, we’ve had the Bible wrote since the days of Abraham, and all the witnesses that we’ve had behind, that JEHOVAH KEEPS HIS WORD, that Christ is the Son of God. 

HE’S THE MEDIATOR between man and God, and there’s no other mediator besides Him. And promising, “IF YOU ASK THE FATHER ANYTHING IN MY NAME, IT’LL BE GRANTED.” 

And we claim to be the children of Abraham. When, “Abraham called things, that were, as though they were not, BECAUSE HE BELIEVED GOD.” 

Absolutely. I believe it with all my heart.


Christ was the absolute of the resurrection, as we read here. He said, “God swore by an oath, to David, that He would not leave His soul in hell.” An oath is the end of all strife. “And He swore that He would not leave His soul in hell, but would raise Him up.” 

And therefore He trusted God, and was crucified; died, rose again, and ascended into Heaven, because He believed God. 

How much more, as He set an example, can we take the absolute! If Christ could take it, upon that one promise there, HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE IT, with thousands of promises! 

And with the Blood of Jesus Christ there to cleanse our way, and bring us across that great chasm of sin that separated us, of unbelief, from God, and bring us right into His Presence, TO TALK TO HIM, how much more could it be! Yes. We’ve got to have an absolute.

I’m thinking of one right now, as in closing, would be George Washington, when America was young and we were fighting for life, the life of this great nation that we have. 

George Washington was a Christian. He was a believer. And down at Valley Forge, I’m told that the American soldiers only had, about one-third of them, had on shoes. 

And the winter was cold, and the zero weather, and the river frozen and gorging over. And the British on the other side. And the life of this little nation was at hand.

What did he do? 

He was a Christian. He goes out in the nighttime and kneels down in the snow, and PRAYS until he was wet with snow water up around his waistline. 

And he stayed there and prayed until he got the absolute, the answer from God, that God was going to give him the victory.

And the next day, VALLEY FORGE WAS NOTHING TO HIM. He crossed the Delaware, pushed through the ice with half-dressed soldiers, half froze, their bare feet on the ground, in the snow. 

And he took it, when three rifle bullets went through his coat. Why? He was trusting in the ABSOLUTE OF AN ANSWERED PRAYER. Amen. The very backgrounds of our nation based upon such a thing.

What’s the matter with people today who claim to be Christians? WHY are we DISTURBED in an hour like this? 

LET’S NOT BE DISTURBED. Let’s be soldiers. Yes, sir.

He prayed until he got that answer. Then, no clouded river, no bare-feet soldiers, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES, they could take it because GOD HAD SAID SO. 

A BULLET COULDN’T EVEN KILL HIM, from an enemy’s rifle. Certainly. WHY? He had had a PRAYER MEETING. He got the answer.

How well it was one night, when Apostle Peter was in the jail, and they were going to kill him the next morning. He was going to die under CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, as this little Jew is going to do now. 

But what did they do? They did the same thing that we here in Houston are trying to do. They formed a PRAYER MEETING at John Mark’s house. 

While they were praying, the Angel of the Lord went to the prison, and opened up the prison bars, and opened the gates. And beyond that, led Peter out, and come right down to the prayer meeting.

I believe, tonight, that THAT SAME GOD LIVES. If He isn’t the same God, then there is something wrong. Certainly.

What was it done? 


Them were Christians who stayed all night and laid upon their faces, and cried out and prayed.

As I heard one of the ministers, a while ago, saying he was going to cry out, all night long. The trouble of it is, today, PEOPLE LET DOWN. They get tired, sleepy. They can’t even set through a TEN-MINUTE SERVICE, hardly. Well, it—it’s SOMETHING WRONG.

If you love God, well, well, we should be busy. It should be our—our hopes, our desires. It should be. 

Everything that’s in us should be in the love of Christ. Amen. WE SET SO SLOTHFUL. We set so UNCONCERNED, when THE WORLD IS DYING under our feet. 

That’s right. Men’s lives going out, WITHOUT GOD, and we set so—so UNCONCERNED about it. As long as we belong to the church…


A Absolute

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