what does the bible say about lateness to church?

what does the bible say about lateness to church?

Ever since I was born, I have never seen anyone arrive late deliberately at the Airport when the person is travelling.

In fact, when the plane is scheduled to take off by 11pm, the person would have been at the Airport by 7pm, wow! That’s how much people value travelling overseas.

But on a Sunday morning when Church has long begun, that’s when you will see men and women with ‘Swag’ gliding like pregnant serpents to Church, they know they are late, but because they have a new Armani Suit on and the latest Michael Kors bag, they want everyone to see it.

Church starts by 9:00am, but people will come by 10:00am.

Why? They think Sunday School, Praise and Worship is for the Uncivilized.

Just take the test to call them on Monday by 7:30am, you will realise they are already on their way to work and some are likely to be at the office already.

Know this today, anytime you go to Church and arrive one minute late, you have NOT attended Church at all.

We can imagine that there is a register of God, where Angels record the names of those who come to church on time, and you will be surprised that in Heaven they will tell you, you never attended Church.

If Christ is saying ‘where two or three are gathered together in my name, I’m in their midst’, you think He comes late? That simply tells you that the time you give and agreed on is the time He keeps.

What arriving Church late means:

  1. Disrespect for Christ
  2. Betrayal of Christ
  3. Disregard for the Church and the Pastor
  4. Interruption of an eternal Program

Now consider all these, and tell me you have not sinned.

Remember, Eternity’s Flight is not a flight taking you to overseas, it’s a flight taking you to Heaven.

Don’t miss it!

Mind you, it’s possible you already plan to deliberately go to Church late this coming Sunday; This message is for you to REPENT!.

Most of us are guilty of this! Let’s make a change of attitude, starting from this coming Sunday!

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  1. God bless you for this information, this is what our CHRISTIANITY today needs to be aware of but unfortunately we are All guilty of this attitude of being late to our fathers house but we consider going to other appointments isn’t a crime, I pray for every beliver that will not be late when God wants to bless us.

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