What do the stones represent in Revelation 21:19 and 20?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Questions 67 (COD Page 317)

What do the stones in the… represent in Revelation 21:19 and 20?

669  If you wish to take the time to open your Bibles, which we haven’t too much time now, but I’ll try to answer them quickly. Revelation twenty-… I believe it’s 21:19 and 20. Yes.

670  All right, in there you’ll find out that he was talking of the stones that was in the building. And the stones were foundations. If you’ll notice… I do believe you have it there, Brother Neville. And each stone was a foundation. Not one stone a foundation, and the others… But each stone was a foundation. Each stone was a constant foundation. And there were twelve stones. And if you notice those twelve stones, give each… First starting out with jasper, and sardius, and so forth like that, representing each stone.

671  In the Bible there you’ll find out it was called certain stones. Some of them a little difference, you never heard of it. If you look back in the dictionary you find out it’s the same stone, just a different name; changed.

672  But it starts out with-with jasper. Jasper was the stone of-of Benjamin… or the stone of… oh, the first son, Reuben. The first stone was Reuben, which was jasper. The last stone was Benjamin, the last stone on top.

673  Now, these twelve stones that the foundations was laid on, them-them twelve stones hung on the breastplate of Aaron. And they-they represented, he was the high priest of these-of these tribes. Each one of their birthstones in here, in this-this plate. And when the people saw this plate, they recognized that Aaron was the high priest of that entire tribe, when they seen the birthstone in this plate.

674  Now, when we got this morning in Brother Neville’s message. And as many times they brought the Urim Thummim. You see it mentioned in the Bible as the way they knowed whether their message was Truth or not. Those stones, when they would go to telling what the man said, the prophet prophesied, and those stones all reflected together. It made a conglomeration of lights that took sapphire, and jasper, and carbuncle, and all those other stones reflecting their light, it made one great big beautiful rainbow color that blended the whole thing together.

675  Now, now, today, when that Urim Thummim was taken away with that priesthood, now this Bible is God’s Urim Thummim today. And when a preacher preaches, it must not be just one little place here, and that’s all he puts his hopes upon; it must be the entire Bible reflecting the message that the man’s preaching. That is the thing. Not just one place, and say, “Well, the Bible says this.” Oh, sure, it says lots of things. But you must make it all be put together. And when the Spirit of God comes and gets into the-the Word, It places it all together and reflects one great big Light, and that Light is Jesus Christ. Amen.

676  Now, these twelve stones was twelve foundations that was started out from Reuben, and Gad, and on down to Benjamin; twelve tribes, twelve stones. And those stones in the Temple, in the new Heavenly Jerusalem, each foundation will be laid upon one of the patriarchs.

677  Now watch, you notice the stones, now you’re going to watch them patriarchs reflected right into something else, just in another question.

William Marrion Branham
57-1006 Questions And Answers On Hebrews 3

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