Top 53 Women’s role in the Bible

women role

women role


1-Avoid any clothing that reveals your shape.

2-Avoid Any skirt that reveals your shape.

3-Avoid Any top that reveals the shape of your chest and belly.

4- Put on tops that cover totally your chest and your back.

5-Your bra must not be seen or revealed at all.

6-Cover your arms.

7-Your armpit must be well covered.

We recommend long sleeves under the elbow not above the elbow. Avoid them for you and your daughters. The spirit revealing the Shape of a woman is not of GOD but from the pit of Hell. It is called Sexual sin. The long skirt is holy, short skirts are sexual.

8-Wear skirts that are longer than your knees not above your knees.

9-Avoid tight Skirts, tight dresses. Both modern and Africans wears.

10-Don’t join these women who shave their eyes.

11-Avoid Use of makes-ups.

12-Avoid fake hairs( hair attachment).

13-Avoid trousers & skinny jeans.

14-Avoid jewelries, AdornmentBe neat and clean. Take care of your skin By using products that won’t change your natural skin color.

15-Avoid bleaching cream.

16-Avoid perming your hair.

17-Avoid painting your hair.Let every Virtuous Woman In CHRIST dress holy.- Avoid unnecessary Calls ,Talks, Messages , Conversations.-Spend time to study the word,pray and share the word.

18-Forgive anyone that offends you.

19-Do not complain but always rejoice in the LORD.

20- Avoid Gossips- Avoid False Reports- Avoid lies , Quarrels, Hypocrisies, Jealousy , Hatred,Envy , Pride etc…

21-Don’t be quick to speak.-Don’t be quick to conclude on someone’s Matter.

22-Always pray and Wait on the LORD.

23-And do what HE says you should do.

24-Read the Word and live by the Word.

25-Ask the LORD, HE shall speak to you.

26-Fear the LORD.-Honor the LORD.-Obey the LORD.

27-Love the LORD.-Be a Good mother to your children.

28-An example to follow.

29-Be a submissive wife to your husband.

30-Be holy in all manner of Conversation.

31-Pray for one another.

32-Don’t fight your brother/ sister because he/she belongs to another fellowship. As long as he loves the Lord, He is your brother /sister.

33-Don’t give up but endure till the end.

34-Love those that curse you.

35-Pray for the message of repentance and holiness to go all over the world.

36-Pray for the ministers, the prophets, the pastors, the evangelists, and the apostles.

37-Pray for them not to Labour in vain.

38-Don’t only pay tithes but also support the work of the LORD.

39-GOD’s work deserves more than your tithes.-Give with a free heart.-Rebuke sin but love the sinner.

40-Pray for him/her.

41-Care for him/her.

42-Intercede for him/her.

43-Don’t condemn him/her.

44-Don’t judge him/her.

45-But teach him/her the truth.-Be patient with them.

46-Pray for those that have fallen.-Encourage them to stand.

47-Pray for them but watch over yourself.

48-Be vigilant.-Pray! Pray! Pray!The trumpet will soon sound. Don’t miss the Great Coming of the MESSIAH.-Talk holy.

49-Behave holy.

50-Think holy.-Let your life be dedicated unto the Holiness of GOD.

51-I must not see your shape.

52-You must not see my shape.

53-Pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will guide you into picking and choosing your clothes. In JESUS CHRIST  name. Amen.

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