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Golden Nuggets
This article could be pages and pages, but here are just a few of the Nuggets that have been a blessing to us, both from the VGR employees and some we have received through feedback. We trust they will be as much of a blessing to you as they are to us.

His glory will He not share with another. His leadership over the church He will not surrender to any man.

CAB 06 – Thyatirean – “6 – The Thyatirean Church Age”

It also says here that He is going to give the overcomer a white stone and in (not on) the stone a new name, which the owner alone knows. Now the idea of a new name is a familiar one. Abram was changed to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel, Simon to Peter, and Saul to Paul. These names either brought about a change, or were given because of a change.

CAB 06 – Thyatirean – “6 – The Thyatirean Church Age”

And today each one of us true believers has had a change in name. We are Christians. It is a name common to all of us. But one day we will have another change; we will of a certainty receive a new name. It could well be that name was our true and original name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from the foundation of the world. He knows the name, but we do not. One day at His good pleasure, we will know also.

60-1208 The Thyatirean Church Age

Let’s sow the seed of the Word of God wherever we are, for we don’t know what it’s going to produce. And them few seeds, that night, fell in fertile soil that brings forth a—a real genuine servant of God, standing here as a shining light.

61-0415E The Uncertain Sound

The people and the Word has got to be one. See? Jesus and the Word was the same; He was the Word. And when Jesus lives in the human being, that makes him and the Word the same.

63-1110M Souls That Are In Prison Now

Now, what I aim to do, is, these things that I’m teaching on here, storing up this Food and getting them out, I want to go now. I have no definitely leading to any place, but I’m going, sowing seeds, sent by somewhere, started.

62-0401 Wisdom Versus Faith

In fact patience is the outcome of faithfulness, for it says in James 1:3, “The trying of your faith worketh patience.” There is absolutely no other way in which to gain patience. It has to come by the trial of our faith. Romans 5:3, “Tribulation worketh patience.”

CAB 06 – Thyatirean – “6 – The Thyatirean Church Age”

You know, you pray for others, and everything, and then when you find out that somebody is praying for you when you need it, that means a whole lot.

62-0513m The Way Of A True Prophet Of God

That is the secret. Let the enemy attempt to thwart our service to the Lord — our reply is increased service. When the faint are crying in fear, that is the time to shout the victory.

CAB 06 – Thyatirean – “6 – The Thyatirean Church Age”

Human faith wasn’t enough then and it is not enough now. It takes the very faith of the Son of God to drop into a man’s heart so that he can receive the Lord of glory into the temple not made with hands. This was a living faith. “I live by the faith of the Son of God.” Paul did not say that he lived by faith IN the Son of God. It was the faith of the Son of God that had given him life and kept him living in Christian victory.

CAB 06 – Thyatirean – “6 – The Thyatirean Church Age”

Jesus gave them the broken food, but they in turn gave it to the people. God gives His hidden manna to the overcomer. It cannot be otherwise. He would not open His treasures to those who spurn what is already revealed.

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