The Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet

The Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet



“As Moses called a nation out of a nation, the Holy Spirit is calling a Bride out of a church; a Church out of a church; members, from every denomination, making up a Bride, Bride tree. It’s in the—in the tape, The Bride Tree. A Bride coming out, call, and that’s the one that the Bride tree is. The—the Bride, rather, is the One that’s going to be in the Rapture; that, alone, nothing but the Bride, the elected ones foreknown by God from the beginning, the Father’s spiritual genes.
65-1204 – The Rapture
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Then from a little group of the true Seed of the Word, God will present Christ a beloved Bride, a Virgin, a Virgin of His Word. And through them, and by them, will be fulfilled all that has been promised for His Word in the Virgin who knows no man-made creeds or dogmas.
62-0318 – The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed
Bro. William Marrion Branham

And in the last day, as we’re told, “as it was in the days of Sodom,” the Bride will be united by the Word of God made manifest in the flesh, the Holy Spirit sealing them into God, and sealing unbelief out, on the outside.
63-1124M – What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ?
Bro. William Marrion Branham

But there is a segregation, the Bride of Christ is segregated from the rest of the churches, and that’s exactly right: church natural, and the Church spiritual; church carnal, the Church the Word.
65-0206 – Doors In Door
Bro. William Marrion BRANHAM

When the bride will get back to being a Word bride, she will produce the very works that Jesus produced. The Word is God. The Spirit is God. They are all ONE. One cannot work apart from the other. If one truly has the Spirit of God, he will have the Word of God.
An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages (CAB Ch 5 – The Pergamean Church Age)
Bro. William Marrion Branham

And yet it is the harvest time. There then must come upon the scene in this age those who will bring the wheat and tares to maturity. The tares are already maturing very fast under corrupt teachers who turn the people from the Word. But the wheat also must mature.

And to her, God is sending the Prophet-Messenger with the vindicated ministry that he might be accepted by the elect. They will hear him as the first church heard Paul, and she will mature in the Word until becoming a Word Bride the mighty works will be found in her that are always attendant upon the pure Word and faith. The false church groups will come together in a world council of churches. This world council of churches is the IMAGE ERECTED TO THE BEAST.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages (CAB Ch 10 – A Resume Of The Ages)
Bro. William Marrion Branham

God bless you!

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