The Message Of Grace – Grace of God is Love

Grace of god

Grace of god

Think of it: Love and grace is sisters, twin sisters. You can’t have grace without having love. They’re twin sisters. Exactly right. Before you can have grace, you have to have love. Before you can actually show somebody a favor, you love them; right or wrong, you have to love them, anyhow, or you can’t. See?

So love and grace is the same thing. They’re just twin sisters, that’s all, love and grace. They, we were…We can’t see one without the other one. “God so loved the world, gave His only begotten Son,” He shed His grace, and brought it in our hearts through the Holy Ghost. See? There’s just nothing you can do without working one with the other. Grace, grace of God is what saves us.
May they live such lives of discipline, from this on, until all this city and the round about cities where they live, may say, when they pass down the street, “If there ever was a Christian, there they go, for the sweetness of that person, though they don’t belong to my denomination, but yet, they are real Christians. They are sweet and kind.”

Thou has said in Thy Word, “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt has lost it savour…” And God, I’m afraid that’s what’s happened to the church: it’s lost its sweetness, it’s lost its love, it’s lost its influence to bring sinners to You. Just taking in a bunch of members, and baptize them, and let them live in the world, and their influence has corrupted the church.

God, have a real house cleaning. Sweep from the pulpit to the basement, and create in us, Lord, a new heart, and give us that heart full of Christian love and fellowship, that there might be a real brotherhood of Christian men and women. Do, Lord, begin right here. Thou has said in the Word, “Ask anything in My Name, I’ll do it.”

Then, as Your servant: take the trophies of this message, and place them in the Kingdom of God, and may they bear fruits of the Spirit: which is first, love, joy, faith, goodness, meekness, patience, longsuffering, gentleness. Grant it, Father. I present them to You. They raised their hands, showing that the spirit within them made a decision to follow You, and now, Lord, take them, and You will give them to Your Son, as a love gift.

58-0301E – Hear Ye Him
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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