The difference between the spirit and the soul


Well now, that’s a hard one. But the first thing you are, a triune being, just like Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three titles going to one Person, which is Jesus Christ. And you’re soul, body, and spirit. But it takes those three to make you. With just one of them, you’re not you. It takes the three to make you.

Like I said the other day, “This is my hand; this is my finger; this is my nose; this is my eyes; but who’s me?” Who’s me that this belongs to? It’s what’s on the inside of me; that’s the–the intelligence. If this eyes, if this hands, if this body stood here just as it is today, yet I–I could…

My body could be here, but I could be gone, what I am. What–whoever I am inside of me has gone on. That’s–that’s the part–part that is the spirit. The soul is the nature of that spirit, that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, It does not do anything…You…It changes or converts your spirit to a different soul. And that soul is a different nature that’s on that spirit. So the soul is the nature of your spirit.

Where first you were mean, and evil, and hatred, and malice, and strife; now you’re loving, sweet, kind, and–and… See the difference? It’s your nature. We’d call, I call it that. It’s your soul that’s been changed. The old soul died, and the new soul which is the new nature was born into you. See?

Your brain is not your intelligence; it’s your spirit that’s in you is your intelligence. See? Your brain is a bunch of matter and cells and so forth; it has no intelligence in itself. If it did, then as long as it laid there, whether you were dead or alive, it would still operate. See? But it’s not–it’s not your brain; it is your spirit inside of you. And your soul is the nature of that spirit. That’s the soul of the spirit that controls–the spirit that controls the body. See? There you are.

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