TEST your love & see if It’s correct

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

TEST your love & see if It’s correct. CHECK YOUR OBJECTIVE & YOUR MOTIVE. When it’s correct, YOU WANT HER TO BE HAPPY. You would rather see her marry another man that will make her happy, if marrying you will make her unhappy. IF YOUR LOVE IS CORRECT, you would do that, because you put HER WELFARE ABOVE YOUR OWN!

W M B ~ I seen four or five of them there, young men; young wives, fine women.
I knowed how them boys loved their wives, so I said to them, I said, “HERE IS THE WAY TO TEST IT. If your wife, before you were married…Now, you go back, say you…this married life, you been dreaming you were married; you really wasn’t married, but you dreamed you were.
And you woke up, and you went and talked it over with your girlfriend, and said, ‘You know, I dreamed that we were married, and we had children. We living happy, and—and waiting for the Coming of the Lord, and everything.’
And then this girl would say to you, ‘You know, I love another man better than I love you. I could be happier with the other man.’

Now, now check that, each of you men or you women. See?
What, you know you could have her, you can live with her, you…She’s your wife; she will be. She’ll marry you, BUT SHE WON’T BE HAPPY. She would be happier…
And then, if you love her, then you want her to be happy.
Therefore, whatever the will of God is, let God’s will be done, whether I’m happy with it or not. I want to live so He will be pleased with what I do.
Therefore check your—your objective and your motive by that; you know whether you love God or not.
What if He’d say, “You serve Me if I’m going to cast you away?”
“I love You, anyhow.”65-0822mChrist Is Revealed In His Own Word
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W M B ~ I finally, I met a girl; was my boy’s mother. If there ever was an angel, that was her. I love her, yet.
She was a lovely girl. I met her, she was going to church. I looked at her; there was something different from anyone else.
I knowed nothing about Christianity. I was already about twenty-one years old.
I looked at her; she seemed to be every speck of a lady, she, way she carried herself, and the respect she had. She was going to a Baptist church.
And I—I—I went out with her and started going with her. And I was kind of…went to work for the public utilities of Indiana.
And I had gotten a hold of a little money and I’d bought me an old car, and I thought, “Well, that was a real opportunity.”
But her father was the president of the Brotherhood on the Pennsylvania Railroader.
Many of you railroaders here might know him, Charlie Brumbach, just recently went to Glory. And a very…
He had a good job, and he made about five hundred dollars a month. I was making about twenty cents an hour in a ditch, digging.
And me go with a girl like that, I thought, “Uh-oh, something wrong here.”
So I went with her for a while, and I seen she was every bit of a lady.
And I knowed I had to make my choice now. I—I couldn’t let…take that girl’s time. I loved her too much for that, that I couldn’t take her time, to me, because it wouldn’t be right to—to spoil her life like that. It…I thought enough of her if I…
As poor as I was, and I didn’t have no Dad at that time and so forth, and ten children to take care of, and…
Dad left her nine, ten, with myself. And I thought, “How, then, would I—would I ever be able to support someone like that?”

And I thought, “I’ve got to make up my mind. I’ve—I’ve got to either ask her…to—to marry her, or I’ve got to let her go and let some good boy that’ll take a hold and she’ll go with him, and marry her, and make her a good home and everything, and she’d be happy.”
And along in that time, I begin to study. And I just…While I was going with her I come to Christ and had found Him as my Saviour, and was studying in the ministry, the Baptist church.
Then, a little…an old…Time kept going on and I was ordained then as a—a local elder, as a exhorter, then to have my ministerial license.
And I thought, “Maybe if I could go to preaching altogether, could I make her a living?”
So one day, I thought, “I—I believe…” Made up my mind, I was going to ask her if she would marry me…[Blank spot on tape—Ed.]52-0720aLife Story
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