Satan CAN’T heal! The Bible says Satan CANNOT cast out Satan

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

If you wonder how people are healed by witch doctors, it’s because healing is accessed by FAITH. 

       Jesus said ALL things are possible if you can BELIEVE. It’s NOT based on how good you are, or how well you keep His commandments. 

       It’s based on you BELIEVING & accepting that God HAS healed you. 

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W M B ~ Here sits Brother Sidney Jackson, Sister Jackson this morning from South Africa. He could stand up here and take that subject and really tell you some things about it down there. 

Why sure, people come to idols and are healed. See, because why?

Just like Dr. Hegre gave me that bawling out that time, of me saying that the devil cannot heal. 

And it said, “A man that stands before as many people as you do, and such poor theology,” said, “saying that the devil can’t heal.” 

Said, “We got a woman right in our neighborhood carries a apron around her, and goes there; and the people come around her and is supposed to drop money in this apron; then she’ll rub them and take hair out of her head and blood out of their veins and—and put it on a hair and throw it behind her; and she’s constrained to look back around, the disease comes back to people. 

And,” said, “thirty percent of them get well. And then you say the devil can’t heal?”

And I thought, “Oh, my!” I wrote him back, and I said, “Dear sir:” I said, “It’s a strange thing to me that a dean of a Lutheran college would base his theology upon an experience instead of the Word of God.” See? 

“The Word of God says that Satan cannot cast out Satan. That settles it; Jesus said so.” 

If Satan…Say, “Then you might wonder how these people are healed through that, that witch, is because the people themselves think they are approaching God through that witch. 

And healing is BASED UPON FAITH, NOT upon how RIGHTEOUS you are, how GOOD you are, how much you KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS, or whatever it is. IT’S BASED SOLEMNLY UPON FAITH. 

‘All things are possible to them that believe!’ See? 

It’s NOT based upon how GOOD you are. I’ve seen prostitutes come to the platform and be INSTANTLY HEALED and a SAINTED WOMAN cross the platform and MISS IT. 


Look down here in France where they go to that shrine of that woman, go in there in wheelchairs and come out walking, upon nothing but a purely a SUPERSTITION, if anything, SPIRITUALISM, to worship a dead person. 


Now, not degrading Catholic people, I’m degrading Catholic system, just like I am Protestant system (see?), all these things.

Now, ministers, I know this is going to tear in, but I’m answering questions; and I want—I want you to understand that (see?) I just—just telling you the Truth from my heart; Christ before me the best of my knowledge. See? 

It’s all SYSTEMS, and those systems has wound people up like…People go JOIN the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, Catholic; and THEY THINK THEY’RE APPROACHING GOD when they’re just GOING THROUGH A SYSTEM. 


Well, right in the Hottentots of Africa they get healing with idols and so forth (see?), but THEY THINK THEY’RE APPROACHING GOD.


Questions & Answers #1

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Peace Thula Shalom

We pray these quotes help explain that All Healing, comes from God. God bless you richly, dear saint. 

W M B ~ Doctor doesn’t heal a bone; he sets a bone. God heals the bones. See? 


And now, HE’S ALREADY done IT. Just to get the people to believe it, that’s why.


Be Not Afraid

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W M B ~ Now, I believe doctors. Sure. We’re not against medical doctors and so forth; they’re all right. 


Doctor don’t claim to be a healer. He might be able to sew up a place you’ve cut, or take out a appendix, pull a tooth, but he can’t heal you. 

There never was a doctor ever healed you.

Let me stop here just for a moment on that subject. There’s not a medicine in the world that can heal you, and never did claim to be. 

MEDICINE DON’T HEAL, medicine only AIDS nature while God heals. 

A doctor can set a bone if you break it, but what if I… If my lights was out at the house, and I’d go to call an electrician, before he proved to me he’s an electrician, he has to fix my lights, or they’re not fixed. 

But you go and break your arm, and take it in to the doctor, say, “Hey, doc, hurry up and set my arm; I got to go plow the potatoes. Ge—ge—get my arm fixed. Heal my arm right quick, doc.”

“Why,” he’d say, “what?”

“I got to crank up my car, out there, I just broke my arm. Heal it right quick for me.”

He’d know there’s something wrong. See? Sure, ’cause he’s not a healer. He just sets your arm, and then God does the healing.

“Why,” he’d say, “I can’t heal your arm.”

“Well, I thought you was a healer.” No, no. He’s not a healer; he’s just a man. He can set your arm by his knowledge of your bones and—and so forth, he can set your arm, but he can’t heal it. 

He can take out appendix, but he can’t heal it. See? He could pull a tooth, but he can’t heal it; God has to heal it.

Wished you could take a study, we had time to go through the body, just what little of my… that I know, by the grace of God, know a little about the anatomy, but how the blood cells… 

There’s not another thing in the world… If you’d could ever cut a vein… Stop a water vein up out here and watch what takes place. 

It’ll go right straight back, and if that hadn’t have happened to you, if God didn’t bypass it, you’d die as soon as you scratch yourself, it’d be over. See? 

But God has made a way. What a wonderful thing God has made of us.

But now, for—for instance, all the fine medicines we got… And I salute every one of them. Thanks be to God for them. And… 

But all the medicines we got, we haven’t got one medicine that can guarantee to cure a bad cold. 

How many you think die every year in America with bad colds? Millions, with bad colds.

We ain’t got a medicine that could heal a knife cut in your hand. All the medicine we got would never heal a knife cut in your hand. 

If I cut my hand tonight with a knife, there isn’t a medicine in the world can heal it. “Oh,” you say, “Brother Branham…” Well, that’s exactly right.

Now, if we got a medicine that could heal a knife cut in my hand, it would heal a knife cut in my throat, or a knife cut in this desk. 

If it’d heal a knife cut, it’ll heal a knife cut no matter where it’s at. But it won’t heal a knife cut.

“Why,” you say, “Brother Branham, now you’re getting off the line, because medicine wasn’t made to heal your coat, to heal the desk, it was made to heal your body.”

All right. I’ll cut my hand tonight with a knife, and I’d fall down here dead, you’d take my body out, and embalm it, and let a doctors, the best in the world, come every day and give me a shot of penicillin, and put sulfa drug in it, and whatever they want to, sew it up, and embalm my body with a fluid and make me look natural for fifty years, in fifty years from now that knife cut would look just exactly like it was when it was cut in the first place.

Now, if medicine heals the body, why don’t it heal the body? If medicine’s a healer, why don’t it heal? 

“Oh,” you say, “the life’s gone.” Well, that’s different. Now, which is the healer, life or medicine? Life is, and what’s life? Life is God. See? 

He came that you might have a life abundantly, the abundance of life. And it’s your attitude towards Divine Life what determines this.


The Faith Of Abraham

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