Proverbs 22 verse 6

Proverbs 22:6

Proverbs 22 verse 6 King James version (The message of the Day) – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it .

There are testimonies that give you courage, some that make you cry, and others apply directly to your life. And then there are some that put a big smile on your face. Here is one of those testimonies.

We gather in a small home-church, where listen to the tapes and the streaming. We are three families, and also attending is a young boy, 11 years old, who started to come after the invitation of our oldest child, Ian.

During the Message it seems that the boys weren’t paying attention, or not as they should be. But there is always a way for God to reach them and teach them, in a way I noticed when they spoke to each other.

We were listening to 63-0630E (Is Your Life Worthy…), where Brother Branham mentions about Mr. Troutman, who had a card that said, “Out Fishing.”

I had a little card, one time, from Mr. Troutman. Anybody ever remember Mr. Troutman, the ice company in New Albany? He had a little card on there, said, “Out fishing.” And went ahead, say, “A man that has…Every man, his brothers, out fishing. With a helping hand, they’ll always land, out fishing.” Had about eight or ten different things. Then when he got down at the bottom, said, “Man is closer to God when he’s out fishing.” So I think that’s about right. “The rich and poor are all the same, out fishing.” See? “A helping hand, he’ll always land, out fishing.” And everything was about, “Out fishing.”

63-0630e – “Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel?”

When the service ended, our son Johan, came to me and told me, “Dad, do you know, I want to be closer to God.” I felt very happy, proud, you know, when a 5-year-old boy says that he wants to be closer to God.

Then he said, “Would you take me fishing?” They really know how to get what they want to.

In another day we were driving and talking about the pediatrician doctor that used to check them all when were babies. The one that checked Ian is named Cecilio. Then the one for Johan is named Robert Wesley. So, we were talking about this, when Ian interrupted us and said, “Well, then the next must be Pentecost, right?” We turned our faces to him and he said, “What?” He went on to say, “After Wesley the next is Pentecost.” We had a good laugh out loud moment as a family.

Who is teaching them children about God’s Word? The very Lord Jesus Christ; His Voice is teaching straightly all of us each day.

God bless you

Bro Francisco


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