Led by the Spirit

Led by the Spirit

Led by the Spirit

Led by the Spirit

Preached on Tuesday, 7th April 1959 at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. (1 hour and 44 minutes)

E-1 Let us remain standing now for a word of prayer.
O Lord, we are grateful to Thee tonight for this grand opportunity to come to Thee, and to call Thee our Father. Oh, what a privilege for a mortal to call God his Father. This was all made possible by the love of Thy beloved Son and His sacrifice when He died at Calvary to redeem this fallen race of Adam’s back to God. And we’re so thankful to Thee tonight for ever sending Him. And we pray that His Spirit, which is with us now, will bless us in the further part of this service. Bless the feeble efforts that we put forth to magnify His Name.
Save the lost, Lord. Let them realize tonight their serious conditions of being away from God in this great dark hour that we’re living in. May they come back. If they have ever accepted Jesus as their Saviour, may tonight they hurry back and meet Him again. I’m sure He will be standing with outstretched arms, waiting. May something be done or said tonight that would cause them to act in this manner.

E-2 And we pray for the sick and the afflicted, that the Presence of the Holy Ghost will bring faith to the people’s hearts, that they might accept their healing that Jesus gave to them some nineteen hundred years ago when He was striped at… in Pilate’s judgment hall.
Forgive us of our shortcomings. Our unbelief, place it under His Blood. When we leave tonight, may we be able to say like those that came from Emmaus, “Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us?” For we ask it, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. May be seated.

E-3 I was talking just a short while ago this late evening, or afternoon, rather, to little Ricky’s father. And they’re going to have little Ricky here Thursday night on the platform. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to see little Ricky. That’s the one we were testifying of last evening. They’re going to bring him. He was a hopeless case. The doctors had give him up with cancer. And even to run his little tongue out of his mouth, and his little face swollen up… And the Lord Jesus immediately touched him, and he’s living today. His father was here last evening, and is going to bring him Thursday night with the mother, here at the platform, the Lord willing.
I have been letting you out so late each evening till I’m… feel kindly ashamed of myself, so I’m going to hurry right up tonight and try to get the prayer line through.

E-4 I wish to read for a little quotation, which I’ll just take a few moments to try to build a context around this that I’m reading for a text. I want to read from Saint Luke, the 2nd chapter, the 25th verse–reads like this:
And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;… the same… was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.

E-5 Our scene opens tonight, in that great historical city of Jerusalem, some two thousand years ago. Let’s kinda believe it was on Monday morning just after a great day before of worshipping. And as there was in Palestine at that time, some two million Jews… So there…
They was very religious, devout to their laws. And it was a law that had been given them, that after a baby was born, a male, after eight days it must be circumcised. And then the mother must offer a sacrifice for her purification, for her cleansing.

E-6 And being so many children, or so many people in Jerusalem at the time, and the regions around about, there must have been every morning a long line of women standing ready to offer their sacrifice for their purification of their baby–of theirself from–from having the baby.
And this morning was no exception. There must’ve been a great long line of women. And they were, perhaps, talking just as mothers do, and having their little babies. And each one is the prettiest little baby in the world, of course, as all mothers think of their babies. And they should think that. And many was coming all prettied up, you know, for this great event.
And them that was able to afford such, a lamb was provided for the sacrifice. That was for a family that was able to–could afford such. But if the family was poor and could not afford a lamb, a turtledove would do just as well.

E-7 I can see down along that long line of woman in the side of the temple, pretty little jackets made on babies for–their little boots and so forth, as mothers love to dress them, and waited for the event. And it must have been a dramatic sight to watch this.
But on this morning, way down along the line, I see a little lady. We’d judge her to, say, about sixteen, eighteen years old. And she had a turtledove or two in her hands for her cleansing. And we notice the little baby that she was packing did not have on a little blue jacket, or a little needle work clothes. But I notice it’s wrapped in swaddling’s cloth.
And if I get the right understanding of what this baby was wrapped in, was something they’d taken off of the back of a–a yoke of a ox, that was hanging in the stable, a little cave stable in Bethlehem where It was born.

E-8 And, of course, this little lady, she being believed to have been, this baby borned out of holy wedlock. You can imagine how the women felt. “Keep your distance from her, for she’s really… That baby is not really born in holy wedlock, because she was to be mother before she and Joseph was married.” Keeping their distance… But yet in that little Jewish woman’s arms, she held a Treasure that she knew where It come from.
And I think that’s the way it is tonight to everybody that’s ever received Christ. They might be kindly excommunicated from their associates and from what’s called the popularity of the world. And they might not be as popular among the–the great people of the world, as they… as they would– maybe, could’ve been. But down in every person’s heart that’s ever held Christ, they know what they’re holding.
Sometimes they have to bear a name of being a fanatic. And it’s been that sometimes the devil has placed that ridiculous name of holy-roller. No matter what kind of a name they have to bear, they know what they’re holding.

E-9 It didn’t bother little Mary, as she looked at her little baby and beat Him on the chin with her fingers to watch His pretty little smile across His face. No matter how far they kept from her, she knew what she had.
That’s the way it is tonight with Christians. They know what they’ve got when they’ve ever took Christ in their heart.

E-10 Now the time had come where there was not too many believers left. But God has always had a remnant of people who believed Him. And we’re told that there was an old man in Jerusalem at that time by the name of Simeon. And he was a renowned old fellow. He was a teacher, a master in Israel. Let’s say he’d be some eighty years old, long flowing white beard, and his hair. But he was a devout man. He was a man who believed God and was waiting for God to fulfill His promise.
I’d like to stop here just a moment to say this. If you make a promise to anybody, you’re obligated to that promise. And if you’re a man or woman of honor, you’ll do everything you can to keep that promise. But it could be that something might happen that you could not keep it.
But did you know God’s more obligated to keep His promise than you are? When God makes a promise, He’s got to keep it in order to be God. Every promise He makes is true. And He’s obligated to that promise. If you’ll keep that in mind while you’re crossing through this prayer line tonight, something will happen to you, to know that God cannot make a promise and not stick to it. He’s got to.
And He–He knows all things, so He’s infinite. We’re finite and can make a promise and have to take it back. But He can’t, because He’s perfect. He knows everything, the end from the beginning. So He has to keep His promise. And He’s always got somebody who will believe that. God, let me be one of those. No matter how much you have to be criticized and laughed at, let me believe God’s promise and stay with it.

E-11 And this old man was a honorable man, had a great reputation among the people. And one day, perhaps maybe in the prayer room or in his study, the Holy Ghost came to him and made him a promise. And said, “Simeon, you’re not going to die until you see the Christ.” He believed it. He had a right to believe it, because the Holy Spirit had give him the promise. And the Holy Spirit, Who gave him the promise, was obligated to bring him to Christ when Christ came.
That’s the reason that you’re here tonight for Divine healing, is because you believed that God made the promise. How many believes in Divine healing, would you…

E-12 You know, David said one time, “When the deep calls to the deep.” If there’s a deep calling, there’s got to be a deep to respond to that call. I’ve often made this statement, that before there was a fin on a fish’s back, there first had to be a water for him to swim in, or he’d never had use of the fin. Before there could be a tree to grow in the earth, there must first be an earth for it to grow in.
Some years ago I read in a newspaper where a–a little boy was eating the erasers off of his pencils at school. And his mama found him one day out on the back porch eating the peddle off of his brother’s bicycle. And they was… She was disturbed and she took the little fellow down to the clinic. And as the faithful doctors examined him in every way they could, they found out that his little body was craving sulfur. And sulfur’s found in rubber. Now, why was he eating the peddle off of the bicycle? Because there was something in there calling for sulfur. And if there was something calling for sulfur, there had to be a sulfur first, or it would never have been in there.

E-13 In other words, like this, before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to create the creation. And if you’re thirsting tonight for the healing power of God, there’s got to be a fountain open somewhere, or you’d never thirst for it. How many longs for a deeper walk with God. Every hand up. Well, there’s a deeper walk somewhere, or you’d never thirst for it.
Something has created in you a desire to walk closer to God. Something has created in you a desire to be healed by God. Well, before that could be created in your body, in your spirit, there has to be a Creator of that. And that Creator is the Holy Spirit. That’s why you’re here tonight, is because the Holy Spirit has led you here.

E-14 Now, Simeon read in the Scriptures where that there was coming a Messiah. And while he was sitting reading this Scripture, the Holy Spirit said, “You’re not going to die until you see Him.” He wasn’t afraid of his testimony. He didn’t care about his prestige. He was telling everyone. “I’m going to live to see the Messiah come.”
Oh now, of course, you know what the world would’ve thought of that. Some of them, perhaps said, “The old man’s just gone off a little bit in the head. His–his mind’s kindly leaving him.” And it’d be said about you.
When people take God at His Word and believe His promise, it’s so supernatural till it becomes crazy to the people of the world. If they just… God is so much greater–His promises, and His power, and His being, and His living. And His expectations of us is so much higher than the things of the world, till we become crazy to the world. And has not the Scripture well placed it, “All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecutions.” Blessed are you when you’re persecuted for Him.

E-15 Now, we see this old man going around and telling people. And no matter what they said, he believed it, because he had a good reason to believe it. The Holy Spirit had led him and created in him a faith to believe that.
That’s why you’re here tonight for healing. You’ve read it in the Scripture; it’s a promise of God. As he read there’s a promise that the Messiah’s coming, then the Holy Spirit said, “You’re going to see Him.
The same Holy Spirit… There’s no two Holy Spirits, there’s only one. The same Holy Spirit that led Simeon to testify that, has led you here tonight.

E-16 There he was. On this morning he was sitting back, say, into his study. And all of a sudden something taken place.
I like God’s sudden moves, don’t you? Just shakes you all at once, and you respond to it. Something’s fixing to happen.
Then Simeon setting back in his study, perhaps, we would say, he reached over into the little pocket and pulled out a scroll. And he begin to read it. And it read something like this. “Unto us a Son is born; unto us a Child is given. And His Name shall be called Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father.” And just about that time, the Spirit must’ve said, “Stand on your feet, Simeon.”
And without a least of hesitation, the old sage dropped the scroll on the table and stood to his feet. “Start walking, Simeon.”
“Where shall I go, Lord?
“That’s none of your affair. Just start out, I will take the rest of the way.”

E-17 That’s the way it is to you tonight in the wheelchair. You, cots, stretchers, wherever you are, if God’s making the lead… The doctors says you’re going to die; that’s the best the doctor knows. But if Something tells you to rise and accept Christ as your Healer, start walking. It’s His business to take care of the rest.
“I haven’t moved, Brother Branham, for so…” That don’t make any difference if you’ve never moved. God speaks to your heart, “Move!” move. For sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God, Romans 8:14.

E-18 And Simeon started walking. Led by the Spirit, here he comes into the temple. Strange enough, he turns, not knowing where he’s going, walks down to this line of women. Some of them here’s, “Here comes the honorable reverent Simeon.” Walks down along the side of the line… “Oh,” some of them says, “you know that’s the old man that the–some of them have said that kinda gone off of his head. He’s got too religious.”
Do you think tonight, that he was too religious? Certainly you don’t. He’s a saint in our scene, and in heaven tonight enjoying fellowship with all of the redeemed.

E-19 And as he come walking down along that line. I see him stop by this little lady that everyone was keeping their distance from. Well, someone might have said, “There you are. See, birds of a feather flock together.” That’s true. I like that too.
“Come out from among the world and be separated,” is God’s command. “Be separated, and then I’ll receive you.”
And here she comes, walking over toward Simeon as he reached his arms for the baby. And I can see him as he looks in the face of this baby, he raises his head towards heaven, and the tears of joy must’ve run over his old white beard, when he said, “Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Words, for my eyes have seen Thy salvation.” Led of the Spirit…

E-20 Way over in the corner setting in a little darkness of the world with no eyes to look through, yet, she could see better than many theologians tonight in Los Angeles with good eyes. Her name was Anna. She was a prophetess. She didn’t leave the temple; she stayed there day and night, fasting, praising God, waiting for the coming of the Messiah. And the Holy Spirit must have said, “Stand on your feet, Anna.”
She didn’t have any eyes; she was blind. Here she come, weaving her way through the people, led by the Holy Spirit.
What was… What Holy Spirit was that? The same One that led you here tonight, still moving over the sons and daughters of God.
Led by the Spirit as she moved along. She come close to the baby and raised up her hands and blessed God. If the Holy Ghost could take an old blind woman in the corner and lead her to the Christ, how much more should He lead us tonight? Led, moved, God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

E-21 Just a little personal testimony of something comes in my mind. I was coming from Dallas not long ago, a few years ago, and there come a storm in the air. And–and I was on one of the airlines, and it come down at Memphis. And so they told me to go up to the… The limousine was taken me up to the Peabody Hotel. It’s a great place. I thought that would be good if at least one time I get to stay in a big hotel, so they was going to pay for it. So they took me up and give me a nice room at their expense.
So after I got settled down, the phone ring. I was writing some letters, and fixing to read my Bible, and then pray, and go to bed. Said, “Reverend Branham, the plane will be leaving in the morning at seven o’clock. This flight will not go out until seven. The limousine will pick you up at seven.”

E-22 I said, “Very well, sir,” I hung up, and finished my mail, and prayed, and went to bed. And had them to call me. And early the next morning I got up, and I thought, “I don’t want any breakfast. Somehow I feel like it’s a beautiful morning. The sun had come out real pretty. This was springtime.” So I thought, “I’ll run down real quick and find the post office box and mail these letters before the limousine picks me up for the airport.” And I started out with the letters in my hand, going down the street.
And–and all of a sudden, Something said, “Stop and go back the other way.” Oh, I thought that maybe that was an impression. Why would I want to go back that way?” So I just kept on going. And it got stronger, and stronger, until I said, “I must pray. This might be the Holy Spirit.”

E-23 And there was… I happen to pass by a shop that had fishing tackle in it. So I went up in the little doorway there to look for the fishing tackle, or act like I was looking for it. And I seen the big Irish cop over there giving signals and letting the people cross. No one around me, and I bowed my head, and I said, “Lord, was that You speaking to me to go back?”
And Something said, “Turn, and go back.”
I was sure It was God. I believe that people who are borned of the Holy Spirit understand what I’m talking about, just something impressing you so, not a audible voice or a vision, but just something that impresses you. People are born, set in the church to see visions and so forth. But the Holy Spirit works in many different ways. And it’s just as real the Holy Spirit one way as it is the other way. It’s all the Holy Spirit.

E-24 So I turned and started walking, walking, and I just kept on walking. Finally, I found myself down in the colored district. I looked at my watch, and it was ten minutes after seven. “Oh,” I thought, “I missed my plane.” But Something just kept urging me, “Go on. Just keep on moving.”
I trust that that same Spirit tonight when you’re prayed for, whether you’re prayed for here at the platform or not, will let you get a vision of Christ’s promise to you, and just urge you to keep on. “I can just move one finger.” Just keep on moving that finger, till you can move a hand, and then an arm, and then a leg, and so forth, and then go on. “I feel just a little better.” Well keep praising Him. Keep going on. Don’t get off on a side line, “Maybe I will go back in the prayer line again.” That’s no good. Go on like the way you’re going. Just keep being led by the Holy Spirit. That wee little voice, if you’d just open your heart, you’ll hear It.

E-25 Notice. As we went on down the street, He and I. He was leading me along. And, oh, it was a beautiful morning. The sun was rising high now. And the–the roses was blooming down in the little clusters of the rambling rose, and so forth. And the fresh rain and the sun coming out had brought the fragrance of the honeysuckle. And it was a–a beautiful morning.
And I was going along there. I did not know no more of where I was going than–than I would known if I’d started out vice versa from the–my hotel tonight. Just going along led by the Spirit, I thought, “Oh, I done missed my plane, so I’ll just catch another one. I’m in no hurry anyhow, got three or four days ‘fore another meeting.” I just kept on walking along, just thinking, “Lord, I don’t know where You’re taking me to, maybe a place of prayer.”

E-26 I passed by a bunch of little shacks, like, where the–the– some of the colored people live. I looked, leaning across a–a gate…
And to my dear loving colored friends, tonight, me trying to impersonate this woman’s voice now. I’m not trying to make light of your grammar, because mine’s worse than yours. But she was leaning out, a typical Aunt Jemima, with a–a man’s shirt tied around her head, great big fat cheeks. And she was looking down the street when I come up.
And I was singing that little song that you Pentecostal people sing, about “I’m So Glad I Can Say I’m One of Them.” I believe that’s the way it goes.
They were all gathered in the upper room,
All praying in His name.
They were baptized with the Holy Ghost,
And power for service came;
And what He did for them that day
He will do for you the same.
I’m so glad that I can say, I’m one of them.
And I was trying to learn that little song.

E-27 I was going along, humming it to myself. And I noticed this old lady as she looked across the gate, great big smile across her face. I stopped humming, started on by. She said, “Good morning, Parson.”
Said, “How do you do, Auntie.” She just started grinning, the great big tears running off of those cheeks.
I said, “How did you know I was a parson?” Now, a “parson” means “a minister.”
And she said, “I knowed you was coming.”
I said, “How? Auntie, how did you know I was coming?”
She said, “Well, I’ll tell you how it was, Parson.” She said, “Did you ever read that story in the Bible about the Shunammite woman, who the Lord gave a baby by the promise that he’d–the Elijah, the prophet gave her?”
And I said, “Oh, sure. I’m well acquainted with the story. I just preached on it a few weeks ago.”
“Well,” she said, “I’s was that kind of woman. And I didn’t have any children, and–and the husband and I wanted a baby so bad. And I prayed, and the Lord gave me this baby. And I told Him I’d dedicate the baby to Him.” And said, “I’s washed over the washboard, Parson.” She said, “I’s a wash woman in this district.” And she said, “I–I raised that boy the best of my knowledge to love the Lord.” She said, “He got out in the wrong company and he taken a social disease. And we’s didn’t know nothing about no social diseases. And our boy got sicker and sicker. And finally we taken him to the doctor man, and he said there’s no hopes for him, he’s gone, that the–the venereal disease had got into his blood stream and eaten up the parts of his heart. And when his blood would pump up, so much of it would drop back through. The valves in his heart was eaten off by the disease.” And said, “The doctor man said there was no chance for him.” And said, “He’s laying in there on the bed.” And said, “He’s been unconscious now for two days.” And said, “I just can’t stand to see my baby die like that, and I prayed all night last night, ‘Lord, You’s give me the baby, but where is the Elijah?'”

E-28 You can imagine how I felt. I thought, “Lord, is this it?” I never said a word. “I’s…” to her about being led over there. I said, “My name is Branham. Did you ever hear of me?”
She said, “No, sah. I don’t believe I ever did.”
And I said, “Well, how did you now I was coming?”
She said, “I went to sleep about three o’clock this morning. And I dreamed that I saw a man coming, wearing a little tan suit with a little Western hat stuck over on one side of his head. He had some letters in his hands.” And said, “The Lord said, ‘Go out and wait for him.'” She said, “I’ve been standing here ever since.”
I patted her on the back, and her back was wet with dew. It was true. And I said. “Well, my ministry is praying for the sick, Auntie.”
She wasn’t interested in that. She said, “Won’t you come in?” She opened up that little old gate with a plow point hanging on a a chain. I walked into that little old hut that morning, little two room hut, no rug on the floor nor nothing, a little old poster bed, cracks in the floor big enough that, oh, the wind just sweep up through it.
I’ve been in king’s palaces. And I’ve had the privilege of being in some of the nicest homes, I guess, in the world. But I never felt any more at home in all my life, than I did in that little hut that morning. When I–I looked on the wall, it was not pin-ups, it was a–a little motto on the wall, “God bless our home.” A little old chunk stove set in the corner. And on this poster bed laid a fine looking big man, look like he’d go about a hundred and seventy pounds and some six foot tall. And he had the blanket in his hand, going, “Humm. Humm. Oh, it’s dark,” he said.
And I said, “What’s he saying?”
She said, “Parson, he’s been talking about… the last two days since he’s been unconscious.” Said, “In his unconsciousness, he thinks he’s in a great sea somewhere lost in the dark. And he’s pulling a boat trying to find land. And I can’t stand to see my baby die like that, Parson.”

E-29 She went over, and stroked his head, kissed him, and said, “God bless mammy’s baby.” Great big fellow like that, dying in shame and sin, yet that mother’s love went… He was still a baby to her. No matter how much disgrace he was, and how he disgraced the family, it was still that love of the mother went out for her baby.
I think of that sometimes and think, “If a mother could forget her suckling babe,” but God said, “I can’t forget you. Your names are engraved on the palms of My hand.”
So backslider, tonight, remember, you can’t get away from it. He still loves you. That’s why you’re here tonight. He’s trying to give you another chance, knocking at your door.

E-30 I got down in the floor to pray. She got down by the side of his head, and I got down by his feet. And I touched his feet. It seemed like it was cold, sticky. Certainly, death was on the boy. And I said, “Auntie, being that you are the mother of the boy, won’t you pray first?”
She said, “Certainly, Parson.” She bowed her head. And you talk about a prayer, you could tell it wasn’t learned in some school; it come from the bottom of her heart. Speaking to God, you could tell she’d talked to Him before. She knew what she was speaking about. And when she got through praying, she wiped her eyes with the old apron she had on, and she looked over at me.

E-31 I said, “I will pray now, Auntie.” I put my hands over on his feet. I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to say. Is this why You made me miss my airplane to come down here to pray for this woman’s boy? If it is, O Lord, let it be known that You’re God and You’ll respect her prayers and her sincerity.”
And about that time, that big fellow said, “Oh, mama.” Said, “It’s getting da–light in the room now. The darkness is going away.” In a few minutes he was setting on the side of the bed talking to us.
I rushed out quickly, thumbed a cab, went to the airport. And when I got into the gate, they was making the last call for that plane. God had held that plane on the ground by the faith of illi–a woman that probably didn’t know her ABC’s, some poor dark colored woman, ignorant as we would call it. God grounded that plane, and held it there until her prayer was answered. He’s the same God tonight that He was then.

E-32 About two years after that, I was going to Phoenix on the train. I was going through Memphis. I’d never heard of them anymore. And if anyone’s ever been in Memphis, the train coming from the East pulls into the station like this, and is going to make a twenty minute stop. I wanted to get some sandwiches, they ch–cost you too much on the train. About forty cents for a little bitty sandwich, I can get a sack full of hamburgers almost for that, and I just keep them in the train with me, and eat them as I went along as I got hungry.
So I jumped off to get me a sack full of hamburgers. And I started walking real fast, and I heard someone say, “Hello there, Parson Branham.”
I looked over there, and a little old red cap standing there you know, and batting his eyes, come running over to me. I said, “How do you do, young man?”
Said, “You don’t know me, do you?”
“I don’t believe I do.”
Said, “About two years ago, one morning you come down to my house.”
I said, “You’re not that boy.”
He said, “Yes I am.” He said, “I’s a Christian now, serving the Lord.”

E-33 Leadings of the Spirit… That same Holy Ghost has led you here tonight. It’s led you here, not to go home sick, but to go home well. It’s led you sinner friends here to go home a Christian, sold out to the things of the world. You backsliders, It’s brought you here to come back home to God again tonight. Think of it while we bow our heads.
O Lord, as I think of these experiences of these thirty years of ministering on the field, I don’t know tonight, Lord, where that boy is. You know. But some of these days when life is finished for us both, I’ll meet him again. O Lord, while it is light, let us walk in the Light of the Holy Spirit, for the hour is coming when darkness and gross darkness will cover the people in the land.

E-34 We ask tonight, Lord, that You would take these people–that You have led them and placed in their hearts, that there is a God that loves them, and wants to save them, and wants to heal them. Now, that You’ve led them here for some cause, I believe it’s because that Jesus, the Son of God, is present to take away all the sins and the sickness of the people; and You start in our hearts an old fashion revival. And may every church throughout the country be benefited. We believe that Thou art here, Lord, and we pray that You will bless our efforts.
And now, Father, we realize that talking is one thing, and speaking of a God is one thing, but when that same God will come and manifest Himself that He is alive, that He only died temporarily for an atonement that we might have these privileges to be led by His Spirit… Now may He come among the people with great power tonight, and do, and act, and show Himself alive by the same signs and wonders and miracles, that He did when He was here on earth. May He manifest Himself tonight to this people like He did to the woman at the well. May He manifest Himself tonight in the way that He told her she had husbands that–that wasn’t legal husbands, and knowed the secret of her heart. And she said, “We know when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things.” And He said, I am He that speaketh with thee.” Let it happen again, Lord.

E-35 And grant it will be known tonight also, that the same One Who knowed where Nathanael was, and who he was, let Him be made known tonight also. And when those that were on the road broken hearted from Jerusalem, going to Emmaus on that first Yule–Easter morning, when the resurrection had just taken place a few hours prior to the time, He was among them and they didn’t know it.
I’m sure it’s the same thing tonight, Lord. You’re here, but the people maybe don’t know it. May You do for us tonight like You did for them then. When you got them in the room and closed the door, You did something just the way You did it before You were crucified. And they knowed by this, that It was their risen Lord. Light-footed, swiftly they ran to tell others. And may it be so tonight when we leave here, we’ll go not only light-footed, but light-hearted to tell others that Jesus is risen from the dead. He forgives all sins of the sinners and heals the sickness of the people, for we have seen Him make Himself manifested to His Church. We ask this, in Jesus’ Name, and for His sake. Amen.

E-36 I think there was a hundred cards given today. I’m going to ask you something just for the sake of time, and for the newcomers who is not–been their first time here; I do not claim to be a Divine healer. I do not believe there is such a thing.
I believe that Jesus Christ redeemed you from a life of sickness just as He redeemed you from a life of sin. If the old covenant had healing in it–the old atonement of the blood of lambs, and goats, and heifers had healing in it, how much more is this better Covenant got healing in it from the Blood of God’s own Son, Jesus.
Now, you’re already healed, every one of you. But the only reason that you can’t accept it, maybe, is that you want to go through a routine of laying on of hands. That’s all right. But that doesn’t heal you. You–you’re healed by your faith in a finished work that God did for you at Calvary. Your healing comes through that.

E-37 Now, the Holy Spirit has led you here tonight. Why? You believe in healing. If there’s a fountain open somewhere, He’s obligated to lead you to that. Now, the next is yours.
Now, to make it… If He… We could be sure that He was alive. If He’s alive, He will be as He was yesterday, because the Scripture says He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. What was He yesterday? Did He go around with His chest sticking out and saying, I’m a healer?” Never. That don’t look like our Lord. Our Lord never claimed to be a Healer. He said, “It’s not Me that doeth the works, it’s My Father that dwelleth in Me. It’s Him that doeth the works.” Saint John 5:19, He said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto.”
In other wise, God showed Him by a vision every one of His miracles that He did. Now, trace it through the Scriptures and you’ll find that it’s the truth.

E-38 Only, sometimes the people, their faith touched God through Him. Then He got weak when a woman touched Him with a blood issue, caused weakness in His body.
But it was all done by vision, what the Lord had showed Him, because He can’t tell something wrong. He said, “I do nothing until the Father shows Me (not reveals it, but) shows it to Me.”
Elijah put all the wood and stuff in order, and put the sacrifice, said, “Lord, I did all of this at Thy command.”
Man just can’t go by… do what they want to do in their own will. Jesus didn’t even do that. God had a program, and we’ve got to meet that program.

E-39 What if you’ve got an artesian well on this mountain, and a–a crop burning up on this mountain. You could stand and scream all night long, and it’ll never water the crop. But if you’ll work it according to the laws of gravitation, it’ll bring the water right over to your crop.
That’s the way it is here. The Holy Spirit’s led you here. Now if you’ll work according to the leading of the Holy Spirit that’s brought you here, there’s enough power in this room right now to heal every person that’s here. I’m sure the Holy Ghost is here. Then if He’s here to His promise that, “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I’ll be in their midst. Ask any one thing, agree upon it, it’ll be done.” Now, if we will agree…

E-40 It would be impossible for me to, almost, just take each one through this building to pray for them individually. I couldn’t do it. But if the Holy Spirit will come, and we yield ourselves, you yield yourself, I’ll yield myself… You have a gift; I have a gift. It’s the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then let the Holy Spirit so enshroud us with His power, until I won’t know what I’m saying, and I’ll be able to be so surrendered to Him, that He will speak through my lips and tell you the secrets of your heart like He did when He was here on earth, Like He did when Peter come to Him; He said, “Why, your name is simon. Your father is Jonas. “Said, “From henceforth, you shall be called Peter.” First time He’d ever seen Him…
When Philip come, He said, “Behold an Israelite, in whom there’s no guile.”
He said, “When did You know me, Rabbi?”
Said, “Before the…” When Nathanael come, rather, said, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you.” Think of it.

E-41 The woman at the well… He looked upon the people, and they said in their hearts, “He’s Beelzebub.” They didn’t say it out loud, but Jesus perceived their thoughts. Is that true?
Said, “I will forgive you for calling Me beelzebub,” but in so many words, “Someday, they Holy Ghost is coming, then speak against That, will never forgiven.” Let us think of it.
And if our Lord, Who has led us here tonight in this congregation… When each one of us will stand at the day of the judgment, and give an account for tonight… We know that. And if the Holy Spirit will come in here and make Hisself known, that He is the risen Christ, everyone of you ought, with one accord, to believe it, for anything that you have need of, for the promise is, to whosoever will.

E-42 Now Lord, it’s… I commit myself unto Thee now for this service. Bless these words that has been said, though they were broken up, Lord. But maybe, somehow, that You can place them together and get them into the people’s hearts and mind, that they might understand. And may the Holy Spirit do this.
And come, Lord, and reveal Yourself to us tonight as that same risen Jesus, that He’s present and keeps His promise, “I’ll be with you, even in you to the end of the world. And the works that I do shall You do also.” Let the works be here, Lord, that they might know with their own eyes, and hear with their ears the manifestation of the resurrection of Thy beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-43 (What, A’s or B’s? B’s.) Prayer cards B’s, a hundred of them was given out just awhile ago in the meeting, as my son told me. And now, we’ll start with B number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let them come first and line up over here. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Just the ten, and then just a minute we’ll get them all, but we don’t want them a confusion. We’ll be…
All right, while they’re talking, I would like to ask the audience now… And please, give great reverence. See, we are in the house of the Lord. You believe that, don’t you? And we–we must be real reverent, and respect each other, and love each other, and show respects to each other.
I believe it was a few nights ago here, somewhere else, that a crippled… No it’s… It was a crippled woman. I believe that was in Jamaica, that she was setting there, and she gave a place, respects to a woman that had heart trouble, her place to stand at the line. And because she did that, the Holy Spirit come back around and healed her. That’s it. That’s it. Love and show respects to one another.

E-44 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. All right. We want to get lined up, ten, the first ten. As soon as they get them lined up, then we’ll line up more, and then more, and then more, till we get them all lined up.
Now, while we’re waiting on them, I wonder how many in the building tonight that’s here and sick, and does not have a prayer card, but you believe that God’s going to heal you, raise up your hand. You don’t have a prayer card now. You have no prayer card, but you believe that the Lord Jesus is going to heal you and make you well. God bless you. Looks like it’s just everywhere.
So while B’s are–are coming, may I say this to–to you who are standing by. One time Jesus was on His road by a vision to heal–raise up a little girl by the name of… I don’t know what her name was, her father’s name was Jairus; he was a priest. And he’d come to get Jesus to go lay His hands on the little girl. And while he was yet coming, someone come and said, “Don’t trouble the Master any farther; she’s dead.” And the little fellow’s heart just about to break.
Jesus turned and said, “If thou can only believe.”
And while He was on His road, the people thronging Him. There was a–a little woman who knowed that she couldn’t attract a Man like that. So she said within herself…
Let’s take it like this. It wasn’t like that, you know the story. “I haven’t got a prayer card, so I’m not going to be in the prayer line. But I believe that He’s God, God’s Son. So I’m going to go up there, and I believe that if I can just simply touch His garment, I’ll be made well.” Are you familiar with the story? And She pressed through the crowd, maybe squeezed between the people until she got to a place, and she touched His garment. She went back and set down.
Jesus stopped, and He said, “Who’s touched Me?”
And the–they rebuked Him, said, “Why…” Peter did, and said, “Everyone’s a touching You. Why did You say such a thing as that? ‘Who touched Me?'”
He said, “I perceive that strength has gone from Me, virtue has gone from Me.” And He looked around over the audience until He found the little woman without a prayer card. And He said about her blood issue she’d had, said, “Your faith has saved you.”

E-45 Now, do you believe that He is the High Priest today according to the Book of Hebrews? The High Priest, He is setting His body, that corporal body that God was manifested in, for God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself…
Now, God’s in His Church reconciling the world to Himself. But then when Jesus died for–to make the atonement. He rose on the third day, and God raised that body up and set It on His right hand in glory. You believe that? He’s setting on the throne of God, the right hand of power and majesty in glory. And then, as we make confessions, then that body stands there as a perpetual atonement. And when we confess that He’s did anything, He’s a High Priest there to stand in our place, a sacrifice, a sacrificed High Priest, that’s standing in the Presence of God with His own Blood to make intercessions upon our confession.

E-46 Now, here’s what you do then. Say, “Lord Jesus, the great High Priest of the Covenant, I most humbly come to Thee in confession of my sin.”
Now, sin is unbelief. Smoking’s not a sin. Drinking’s not a sin. Committing adultery is not sin. That’s the attributes of unbelief. If you believed, you wouldn’t do those thing. See? There’s only one sin, and that’s unbelief: “He that believeth not is condemned already.” See? You smoke, lie, steal, drink, commit adultery, because you’re not a believer. A believer doesn’t do that. He’s passed from death unto Life. “He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life, and shall never come to the judgment, but’s passed from death to life.” John 5:24.

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