Jehovah Jireh of Old Testament is the Jesus Christ of New Testament in Bible

Jehovah Jireh of Old Testament


Jehovah of the Old is Jesus of the
That’s the mighty revelation,
That has come to me and you;
How Michael, The Archangel, is
the pillar of Fire too,
He was the Voice in the whirlwind
That spoke Alaska’s doom;
He is the Amber Light, the Pillar of

Came down on the wings of a
snow-white Dove;
He’s Jesus, The Lord of Lords.

He came back in this day
In the ringed-cloud mystery,
It was seen up in the skies,
And baffled the worldwide;
But to His little Bride He said:

“It’s I, you need not fear,
Just go back to the east
And I will meet you over there;”
He is The Angel of God with the
The One that meant the most with
the swept-back wings;
He’s Jesus the King of Kings.

He was seen in Revelation,
The Book of great symbols;
As The mighty Angel that came

Was clothed in a cloud;
But, do you know He has promised
All the mysteries would be revealed?
The dying Lamb of Calvary was
the One that broke those Seals;
He is the Lion that prevailed,
The Lamb that was slain to take the
book from the hand of God;
He’s Jesus called The Word of God.

Who is this Melchisedec who’s
always changing form,
This mysterious One of the Bible
is hid to us no more;
His name is called the Word of God,
His vesture’s dipped in blood;
He raised us as His standard
When the enemy comes like a flood;
He is the Supreme Judge, the
Angel of God,

The Man that stepped out of the
ball of fire,
The Amber Light, the Great I AM,
The God that came walking in the
days of Sodom;
He’s Jesus, He’s JVHU.

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