Is kissing a sin For Christian Man and Women on Greetings?

is kissing a sin

is kissing a sin

Is it right for Christian man and women to kiss one another (Oh!) on greeting?

120 No, sir! No indeedy! No, sir! You kiss one woman, brother, that’s your wife (see?), or your–your child, or…See? “Is it right for…” Let me see if I got that right! “Is it right for Christian man and women to kiss one another on greetings?”

121 No, sir! No indeedy! That…Don’t you never get that started! Yes, sir! No, sir! You keep away from women! Shunaway from them! Exactly right!

122 Now, they’re our sisters, but don’t…Now, they got that. That in…That thing even got over in Pentecost, and it’s called “free love.” And when you do–get anything like that, you stay away from it. That’s right!

123 I don’t care how clean you are…You’re my brother, and I–I believe that you’re–you might be a good sanctified, holy man. I don’t care how holy you are; you’re still a man. And I don’t care how holy she is; she’s still a woman. Stay away from it ’till you’re married. You just do that!

124 Remember, the body…I’m going to speak double now, so that you older people will understand. It’s a mixed group, but I’m your brother, and this is a question. See?

125 Each human being male and female have a different type of gland. A female has a female gland, sex gland. A male has a male gland, sex gland. And those glands lay in the human lips. That’s right.

126 And here’s another thing might be brought up, man kissing one another in the mouth. That’s dirty! That’s filth! And what does it do? It starts homosexuals. Stay away from that! You say…

127 A guy asked me not long ago, said, “Brother Branham, why, they greeted one another with a holy kiss.” They kissed on the back of the neck, fell upon their neck, and kissed them on the back of the neck. That was before handshake come in.

It’s a greeting. That’s the way it is. They didn’t shake one anothers hands; they put their arms around one another and they kissed one another on the back of the neck, not on the lips, in the face. That starts a perversion. Stay away from it! Don’t never do that!

128 Nowadays, we shake hands with one another. If you want to…You got your arm around your brother, and kiss him on the neck, or he kisses you on the neck, that’s all right. But don’t you kiss that woman, and don’t you let that woman kiss you. See? That’s right! You take her by the hand, say, “Wait a minute, Sister, just a minute here (see?); let’s get this straight!” And so, now you do that.

129 Now what did I tell you awhile ago when I first started? When you see any–a car coming down the road ninety miles an hour, get out of its way. That’s right! When you see the first twist in anything like that, get away from it; stay away from it! And just…That’s the ground you should not be on. Satan will present something to you that’ll wreck your soul and send you to hell. Stay away from it! Shun the very appearance of evil. That’s right!

130 Be a man, be a woman, like…I’m going to take up for the women a minute. That’s unusual isn’t it? They–they say, “Oh, the woman caused it! Oh, it was the woman’s fault. If she hadn’t got out of her place, well, the man wouldn’t got out of his.” That’s true. That–we’ll say that’s right. She gets out of her place. A man can’t be bad less there’s a bad woman; but remember there can’t be a bad woman without being a bad man. That’s right!

131 And you who claim to be a son of God, where is your principles? If the woman ain’t out of her place, aren’t you a son of God? Aren’t you the one that’s a higher, stronger vessel? As the Bible says she’s weaker, then if she’s weaker, then show yourself a man of God.

Tell her, say, “Sister, you’re in the wrong.” That’s right! I’ve done it, and other Christians has done it. And you’ll always do it as long as you’re a Christian, but show yourself. You’re a son of God. You’re–you have more power over yourself than the woman does. If she is weaker, recognize her to be weaker. Understand her mistakes, and things like that, or try to correct her. Say, “Sister, we are Christians, we shouldn’t do that.” See? Be a real man, be a son of God, and watch the women.

132 And there’s where the great fall begin at the beginning. It was Satan with Eve. That’s what brought the whole downfall of the human race is through that.

133 And if you’re a son of God, be strong; be a real man. If you’re not that way, stay at the altar till you become that. And shun the very appearance of evil. And don’t start now greeting…

134 Someone told me sometime ago about they’d seen that two or three times at my church here, of…Not here in the church, but people who come to the church. And if you’re setting here this morning, I was going to dig this to you right good. See?

135 Women, young women, coming up and these man kissing these women. Don’t you do that! Don’t you…You keep away from there. You remember that! If she’s young, single, or whatever she is; she’ll be somebody’s wife someday.

And you haven’t got no business doing that. Stay away from her. If you want to greet her, then be a son of God, shake her hand and say, “How do you do, Sister.” And let that settle it right there. See?

136 Stay away from those things; it’s filth. And it’ll soon get you into trouble. You just…Oh, that’s just…Sin is so easy, and it’s so appetizing, and so pleasant. It’s so easy to fall right into it. The best thing to do is, the very even appearance of it, stay away from it! Get back! Be a real Christian!

137 And for man kissing one another, if you kiss your brother on the neck, and you want to do it, that’s all right. Don’t kiss no man in the lips, and on the mouth, or anything like that, because that’s–that’s not right. See? No, that–that shows there’s a little something wrong to begin with. See? So just stay away from there, shun that. Don’t–don’t start that around this tabernacle here. No, we’ll certainly won’t stand for that at all. See?

138 You–if you want to see your brother, if you want to kiss him on the neck, well, you go ahead and do it, but don’t kiss people in the mouth, ’cause that won’t work; that’s not right! And it only starts a perversion. It starts homosexuals and things.


139 And there’s only two things that’ll do in them things like that…If you start, let the men…I’ve seen, oh, many times amongst the people, they’ll come down. I’ve seen the churches, and the preacher’d come in, reach and grab every sister, and hug and kiss her and set her down. “How do you do, Sister, Hallelujah!” Reach over and get this one and kiss her. Go right down through the church like that. To me that’s wrong!

140 When I was in Finland, we was all over there…You might know this, we was having meetings, and I was at the Y.M.C.A. There was no soap, no detergents in Finland. And only…I had some shaving soap, and every one of us had to stand up and take a spit bath, you know, with this shaving soap. Only had one piece with us, and we had no soap in Finland. And they just washed with some kind of a compound, and it’d nearly take the hide off of you.

141 So then we…They told us they was going to take us over for a Finnish sauna. And we went over to the Y.M.C.A. And we went over there to take a sauna. That’s that Finnish, famous Finnish bath. And I’d had them before, and they were nice. But I thought “Well, we’re going to…at the Y.M.C.A., so it’d be fine.”

142 But when I started over there, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Don’t you do it.” Oh, it’s so good to have the Holy Spirit.
“Don’t you do it.”
Well, I just right then, I said, “I don’t believe I want a bath this morning.”
Doctor Manninen and them said, “Oh, Brother Branham,”
said, “my, there is some big glass rooms, and,” said, “it’s beautiful.” Said, “It ain’t…”
Usually, when they do, they throw this water on these hot rocks and make you all steamy, and beat you with birch leaves like that, and then–and then you run right out and dive into cold water. Them Finns go right into snow and ice, and things like that. But, of course, they’re used to it; great, big, sturdy men. And then they come back and–and get in this hot bath again, them hot to cold, quickly like that.

But they just let me stand where the cool air was, and then get back, ’cause I couldn’t. I was afraid it would stop your heart, to do that, and wasn’t used to it. So I–I liked them real well, but Something told me not to take that one up there. Well, Howard my brother, and Brother Baxter, and all of them going up there, and brethren, all the rest of them, you know, all talking, you know, going up. So I kind of got a little skittish, you know, ’cause the Holy Spirit said,
“Don’t do it.”

So we went up to the Y.M.C.A., and they come in, all those men there greeting me. And, oh, they had the–the headlines in the paper, first and second page, every day, the meetings. And they were around. I went into a little room and sat down, and they all went into the room to undress. And while they were in there un-…to undress, here come a lovely-looking, little, Finnish, blond-headed girl; and they’re a nice people, they’re as clean, moral people as they can be. Here she come, the towels over her shoulder, started walk in the room.

I said, “Hey, hey, hey! Stop! Psss!” I tried to stop her. She looked around and laughed, went on in there, and give each one of them (and them men, no clothes on) a towel. Each woman come down and got a man, took them back in there, scrubbed them like that. I seen what the Holy Spirit meant. So then when I come back out, I said, “Dr. Manninen,” I said, “how does that come? You being Christians, and go in, taking those saunas with them…”

“Oh,” he said, “them’s scrub women, Brother Branham.” I said, “I don’t care what they are. It’s wrong. It’s not right.” I said, “And nature itself teach you.”

He said, “Why, Brother Branham, they’re raised up from children, to scrub. Just like your nurses in America, things like that, they’re raised up that.”

I said, “I don’t care what they are, that’s still wrong. Absolutely. It’s male and female, and they’re to be separated, and clothed from one another.” Amen.

I don’t want to start on that, I would be preaching that after a while, wouldn’t I? All right.

William Marrion Branham
61-1015M Questions And Answers

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