Is it okay to be a Nurse, Brother Branham?

Is it okay to be a Nurse, Brother Branham?

Is it okay to be a Nurse, Brother Branham?

Brother Branham, was it of God, or was it of my own doings when the things that took place, when (t-e-…) tempted…Was that…(See if you can make that out. It’sgood writing, but my education is poor.

What does it say there? [Brother Branham speaks with Brother Neville–Ed.]I–I don’t believe I can answer that. Brother Capps or I can’t make out…Said,) Was it…(Unless it–it was…if it was a nurse. Something about nursing.) Was it of God when I stopped nursing, or was it my fault?

264 I wouldn’t know. I’d rather see that on private interview. See? Now, nursing is a legitimate thing, just as a nurse. I’d say…Now, the person never…

I didn’t throw that back just to say not to answer it, ’cause that means just as much to that woman as your question means to you or mine to me. See? But now, if it’s a–if it’s a–a nurse, that you just quit nursing because you thought you shouldn’t work…Well, I think nursing should be more like of mercy. See? You should think of doing something, like a doctor.

265  A doctor that’s a good doctor, we’d help a man regardless whether he had a penny of money or not, a real doctor. See? And I think a minister, anybody, our service should be to one another, because make life just a little better for each other.

266 I…When they told me I had to take a hundred dollars a week from this church for a salary, why, it liked–liked to kill me. Now…Mrs. Wilson, I know, and probably her son, and them setting here, remember years ago, I preached here seventeen years and never took a penny in my life.

Every little money, everything I could make, I put right into it. See? And when they told me I had to take it in order to be in these meetings, it liked to ruined me. See? Course, I believe it’s all right, but just to me (you see?), I don’t want nothing, no money, only thing I want is–is your–your friendship and God’s favor with us.

267  I–I love you (see?), I love you, and I want you to be right; and I want to be right myself. And I–I want you to believe me; I believe you. And if you come with me to a question, I want to be honest with you. And if I–I tell you in the Name of the Lord, I want you do just exactly what I told you do. Don’t you vary from it a–a bit, then I think we’ll get along all right like that. See? And then, others…

268  And so now, if it’s nursing…And I think if you, in your heart to be a nurse…There can’t everybody be a nurse. A nurse is somebody that’s gentle and kind to people, and oh, I think a real nurse…If you’ve ever been sick in a hospital, or something, see a real nice nurse who’d come and make you comfortable, or something or other…

269  I had an operation for when I was shot that time; I had to go to the hospital. Had a little ole nurse out there, I called her “Sweet Pickles,” because that she’d always have a pickle in her mouth, eating it. That was all the time like that. And I was just only about fourteen years old, and I’d been shot. And she was just merely a little fellow anyhow, and she’d…them shot legs, pretty near both of them blowed off like that, and she’d put a pillow here and a pillow there; and all the time she was always helping me. And I always thought (I was just a little kid)–I thought I could marry her, because she was–she was so kind and nice to me. Well I…That…You see, that means something (see?) to do something.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

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