Harlots – What is Harlotry in the Bible?



If one is in an association organization by our government and can speak the dictates of his own heart, or in the last days Truth, will he be termed as one of the “harlots”?

301 Let’s see. “If one in the association organization is…” Well, see, the association organization; the–the organization, it’s given rights by the government, to speak. See, that doesn’t have anything to do with his heart. See? Now, if he is a real believer, and born of the Spirit of God, some time or other he is going to be checked. See? It can’t be so plain and then him not see it.

302 Now, I want you…See, you want to remember this, friend, that God–God never does it, or has at any time, as I can remember, see, but what…

303 Look, Jesus was the–was the keynote of all of it, ’cause He was God, Emmanuel, made flesh. Now, look at this–this Fellow, Jesus. When…Did you know, when He come on earth, there wasn’t, I guess, one-tenth of the world knew He was here? Do you know, when that forerunner come, when all “the mountains,” and things would take place, there wasn’t one-hundredth of the population of Israel, I guess, ever knew it? Isn’t that strange?

304  Why, there were Jews and things, and people all over the world. Now, remember, Jesus came to be a witness, as a Saviour of the world. Is that right? Why, there were just people, after people, after people, after races, after people, that never even knowed nothing about it. Went right on, just like the world knowed nothing about it; but, all the time, that was going on in the world. See?

305  Why didn’t He let them know? He came, and the ones that were predestinated to Eternal Life was the ones that received Him. There’d a–been no good to say anything to the rest of them, because He could not have redeemed them, because they wasn’t even redeemable. Why was it, when those priests stood there? When, He had to come to that spot because the predestinated was plotted out in there, all around, so He had to preach to them as a group.

306  And the great scholars that should have knowed Him, said, “This Man is Beelzebub. We’ll not have this Man rule over us, and so forth, see. We’ll not do it.” But a little old prostitute, with the Life in her, predestinated
to Eternal Life, and her name is immortally in the Word of God here. Walked up there, and, the first time that Light struck that little seed, quickly she knowed it. [Brother Branham snapped his finger once–Ed.]

307  Look, an old fisherman come by there. Here He stood there, doing signs and wonders, and–and telling different people the secrets of their hearts, and revealing Himself. And, my, there was Pharisees standing there, and said, “This Man is Beelzebub.” They had to answer to their congregation.

308  All of them standing around, “Dr. Jones, will you go down and listen to this Man? He–He seems like He knows what He’s talking about. He don’t talk like ordinary men.”

309  “I will hear Him.” Walked down there, see. Yeah, God–God could never get to him. And there He stood down there, and He said… They said, “Now looky there. Look there. There comes a man there. There is one of His disciples. There comes a man up now. Now, that guy’s name, that’s Andrew. You remember. Oh, you remember the old–the old fishermens down here? That’s them. Yeah, there–there is Simon, his brother. See? And that’s–that’s old Jonas’ kids. Now there they…Look, he–he’s bringing somebody up to Him. Who is it? Yeah, see what He’ll do now. He’s–he’s the next up there.” And he walks up. And He said, “Your name is Simon, and you are the son of Jonas.”

310  “This Man is Beelzebub! See, He’s got some kind of a spirit on Him. He’s an odd Fellow. See? Straight on, don’t you all listen to nothing like that, see. Keep away from there. I wouldn’t attend anymore of these meetings, at all, see. Just as soon as this thing is over, we’ll get out of here. We’ll never get away, around here again.” See? Why? Now, that’s what he thought, and yet was supposed to be the one. Look, the very ones that He come to was the ones who crucified Him. See?

311  But there was a little prostitute that everybody had kicked out! I’m not endorsing prostitution. No, indeed! But I’m just showing you the predestinated Seed.

312  Look at this guy here, this old fisherman, could not he… The Bible said he was unlearned. Is that right? Not only that, but he was ignorant. Now, is that right or wrong? Oh, if we could just get ignorant to a lot of these things that we think we know. See? All right. See, he was both ignorant and unlearned. And then he walked up there in the Presence of the Lord Jesus, and He told him who he was. Right then that settled it.

313  Now, what’s this other fellow’s argument against that? “Well, look, he believed it. Look who it is. You know who that is. Well, that man never…Why–why, he’s a fisherman. Why, he don’t know his ABC’s. I bought fish from him; he couldn’t even sign me a receipt. That, see, that’s the kind of a stuff! That’s the kind of people that listens to something like That.” Thank the Lord. Amen. See? “Why–why, he don’t…Look at his dad; he was ignorant. He didn’t even send them to school.” But that’s the one He sent to school; taught the way
He wanted him.

314  I’m not supporting not going to school, now. I hope you understand. But there is just a type, see, what you get in that. That’s the kind, and reason it goes over the top of them.

315  And you know what? Not one…I’d, say not one third of all the Jews in the land ever knowed anything about Him coming. And–and, then, one–one fifth of the one third listened to Him. And, then, one hundredth of the one fifth received It. You know how many He had. He had twelve standing at the cross, out of the whole bunch. Where’s the rest of them? See? The seventy went away.

316  Now, while He was healing the sick, and just going down, not saying nothing about His Doctrine; He just went ahead, healing the sick and everything. Oh, my! That, that was God’s Spirit on Him. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] When He was healing the sick, wonderful! “That’s a great Rabbi. Say, all you brethren, you all ought to have Him in your church. Boy, you talk about power, that Guy can really heal the sick! You ought to see. He’s got a gift of healing.”

317  Well, of course, they’re going to have some impersonations to that. Here they come along, ’cause each group has got to have his own man. Here He comes. And then, the first thing you know, one day He sat down. “Oh, sure, Rabbi, we’ll go with You.”

318  “All right, sit down. Let’s go.” All right, sent out the seventy, and so forth. Then one day, after a great miracle was done, He sit down and begin to tell them the Word, see. “At the beginning of the sounding of the…” All right. He begin to tell them the Word, the Truth. They said, “Ah, now, wait a minute! Hum! I don’t know about This.” It’s contrary to their doctrine. Say, “Well, I know we left the synagogue and everything like that, but maybe we–we was wrong, brethren. We’d better go back, ’cause that Man talks in riddles. He’s kind of an odd Fellow. I can’t understand That.” See? What was it? The seed wasn’t predestinated from the start.

319  Then, the first thing you know, He had a little ministerial group, and talked to the ministers. They said, “Ah! Hum! We better go back, too, and go back and get in the organization, take up our papers again, see. Cause, this Guy, why, who can understand a Man like that? He says this here, and He says this over here. Ah!”

320  Them others didn’t understand It like that. He was showing riddles to some of them, but not to the others. So they walked away. Then He turned around and looked at twelve standing there. Said, “You want to go, too?” See?

321  Now watch. Peter said, “You know what? I attended that old place down there all that time. Where in the world would I go to? Where would I go? Where–where could I go? After I done here a work…And I can’t go back to that garbage can again, where all kind of slop of the world is laying in it. See? I–I…Where would I go to? I–I just can’t do it.”

322  He said, “Then, all right, come on, go along.” Now, there you are. See? How it was that, then? Twelve out of about two and a half million. And the Saviour of the world, out of billions, yet humble, see. Just stay humble. Watch. Now, with all them Pharisees; and that little prostitute come up there. She said, “Say, You must be a prophet! Now, we know that Messiah is coming, and when He comes He’ll do that.”
He said, “I am He.”

323  She said, “That’s it,” and away she went. You try to stop her once? You couldn’t do it.

William Marrion Branham
63-0324M Questions & Answers On The Seals

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