Don’t Be Ashamed of the Gospel

dont be ashamed of gospel

dont be ashamed of gospel

Don’t Be Ashamed Of The Cross

The little lady that runs off to school one time, she was… That puts me in mind of people that don’t like to bear the cross. Listen, friends. You must be willing to serve Christ. You must be willing to whatever it is, lay aside every weight that doth easily besets you and run the–the race with patience.

This morning early, going in, I was going down the road talking to my little wife back there. I just couldn’t… I was holding the wheel, just the tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t help it.

I thought, “Seeing that we’re compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every sin, and the… every weight and the sin that so easily beset us.” We’re running a race now with patience, looking to the Author of our faith.
Looking back there how they was tormented and made fun of and scoffed, and–and sawed asunder, and wondered about in sheepskin and goatskins, in deserts, and destitute and afflicted.

Oh, my. And the Bible said, “Of whom the world’s not even worthy of such a people.” All of those, and they’re…
And say now, let us look to the Author of our faith Who come down, the God of Glory, represented Himself with the holy-rollers. Right. That’s what Paul said, “In the way that’s called heresy (crazy, see?), so worship I the God of our fathers.” He was willing to take the way as a proud Pharisee. He come in to take his way with the Lord’s despised few.

A little lady went away to college here not long ago. And when she come home… She’d learned so much. She used to go to church, but when she come back, she just knowed so much she didn’t want… Oh, she was just a smart-aleck. That’s about what the whole lot of it learns, too.

So when she come back, she brought a little girl home with her. And her mother was standing out on the ramp with a–to meet her. And when the cars stopped, and this young little smart-aleck was with her, looked over there and she said, “Oh, look at that horrible old wretch.” And the little Mary was ashamed to admit that was her mother.
She said, “Yes, she looks awful, doesn’t she?” And she turned her back and walked away.

And so when she got off the train, her mother looked and she recognized her daughter. And she run, threw her arms around her, said, “Darling.” Her face was all drawed, and her hands all drawed down. And she… all like that. And she said, “Darling, kiss me, kiss me.” And she was trying to kiss her daughter, and her daughter turned her back and walked away, ashamed: her own mother.

And a conductor, which knew the case, walked up and grabbed that young woman and shook her. Said, “Ain’t you ashamed of yourself?” Said, “Your mother was beautiful one time. And when you was a little baby, up in the upstairs, the house caught fire.

And they said, ‘Let it alone.’ And you were burning up in that house. And your mother, taking no thought of her own beauty, she run into that room as hard as she could, jerked her own clothes from her body, wrapped you up in it and brought you out. And she scorched and burnt herself like that.” Said, “Because you’re pretty today, is because she was made ugly back there so you could be pretty.” Said, “Shame on you.”

And I think of that today, brother, when Jesus is willing, the Son of God, to come from the ivory palaces of glory down here and take a disgraceful name and humiliate Himself in human flesh, and be called a holy-roller, or religious fanatic, and walk up yonder and bleed and die as a curse on a tree, and you’re ashamed, God have mercy on the people. Have mercy. And you’re ashamed to commit yourself with His people.

If you’re not born again, why not come and accept Him now? I wish that lady would go to the piano, while bowing our head. Think it over. Think of His humiliation: God made flesh. How can you reject such love? God came down, made Hisself a Man; called a fanatic, a devil, beaten, bruised for your sin.

And here you set tonight watching Him in His universe, watching Him preached in His Word, see His power moving among the people, seeing Him in every way He can be, and then you’re ashamed to take your stand for Him. When up Calvary, Golgotha’s hill,

He went, walking with an old rugged cross on His shoulders till it rubbed the blood and the bones sticking through. And a big fine church where He could’ve come and took over and been the King of the earth, but was humiliated for you. And then you’re afraid of humiliation to claim Him as your Saviour. Think of it while we speak with Him.”

William Marrion Branham
53-0610 Show Us The Father And It’ll

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