Christmas is a Catholic day and pagan, devil-worship

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

“Now, Christmas is not a Protestant holiday. It’s a Catholic day. The 25th of December was months and months before our…after…or before our Lord was born. Our Lord was born in April. But He wasn’t born in December. If you’ve been in Judaea, in December, it’s colder than this, so—so you know He wasn’t born in December. And it’s spelled, it’s C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s, a mass for Christ. It’s the Christ-mass.” “Divine Healing”(54-1219M).

“Now, the historian says that “All evidence that Jesus was born in the month of April when all other life comes forth.” But they’ve changed it back to the 25th day of December, five days after (see?) after the pagan god, so they could put their ceremonies together: paganism and Christianity. And Catholicism is nothing in the world but a bunch of pagan superstitions and Christianity’s off-casts put together. That’s right. That is true.And the Protestants that knuck’ to it is just exactly the daughter of the mother prostitute. That’s exactly.

Now, God help us to be real protestors against anything that’s not godly. See? Oh!”
“The Pergamean Church Age” (60-1207).

“Studying on mythology and all these myths, Christmas itself is a myth. It’s not no…Nothing real about Christmas. Christmas wasn’t even mentioned in the Bible, they never worshipped the birth day of Christ. Wasn’t no such a thing. That’s a Roman Catholic dogma and not a Christian teaching, no Scripture for it nowhere in the Bibleand for the first hundred years after the Bible, see, nothing of it. It’s just a myth. Santa Claus, commercial, everything, the whole thing is wound up into a big conglomeration.”“Christianity Versus Idolatry” (61-1217).

“You know where you got Christmas? Christ was born in April, but what did they do? The solar system is slowing up now as it gets away, each day getting a little long, or a little shorter, and a little shorter, and from the twentieth until the twenty-fifth is when the sun-god had its birthday. Just is about five days there, that’s when they had the Roman circus in that time, the celebration of the sun-god’s birthday at that time. And now you see what you got now? “They said make it the ‘sun-god,’ let’s take it ‘Son of God.’” And the whole thing is pagan to begin with! And the people on the streets with their high-heeled shoes, and they’re twisting up and down the streets, and running into stores.

And here the other day my wife was telling me, “Someone said, ‘I don’t know what to get Daddy.’ Said, ‘Brother is going to get him a quart of whiskey, and the other one said he was going to get him some champagne.’ And one said, ‘Well, I’m going to get him a—a poker set.’” Celebration of Christmas, pagan, devil-worship! All right.

But Augustine sanctioned it. If you want to refer to this in Schmucker’s, the writing of Schmucker, S-c-h-m-u-c-k-e-r-s, Schmucker’s The Glorious Reformation, here’s what it stated, that “From the time that Saint Augustine of Hippo passed this verdict to the Catholic church, it throwed the doors wide open for them to kill anything they wanted to then, that denied that pagan church. And from the time of Saint Augustine, about three hundred years after Christ, until 1850, the great massacre of Ireland, there was eighty-six million Protestants killed by the Catholic church. That’s on the Roman martyrology, ‘Eighty-six million.’” Now fuss with the historian, he’s the one that said that. I’m just repeating his word. “Everyone that disagreed with the Catholic dogma!”

Not catholic, the word catholic, they don’t—they don’t deserve that name. They are Roman pagans.

Not those precious people. There’s tens of thousands of them people out there, just as sincere as them…any other idolater is. They think that they’re worshipping God, when (back to the Word) they’re in an idol with idols all over the place. See!

All right, it was a dog-…dogma, Roman dogmas. And, listen, I want to state something here. I was past that.” “Christianity Versus Idolatry” (61-1217).

“That’s the Message to get to people; not a cradle, not a manger. Christmas is not mentioned in the entire Book of the Bibles. Never one time did Jesus refer them to His birth, but to His death.” “Sirs, We Would See Jesus” (61-1224).

“There is that Roman empire, bound there by (what?) the ecclesiastical powers. Which, Rome, pagan Rome become papal Rome, and was bound there in its traditions of Christian. What part of Christian, and—and superstitions it had of Rome putting together all these; worship of women, and all these other kind of stuff, and Christmas days, and holidays, and holy days, and things. It’s been bound with that tradition that it cannot let loose, because it’s against Christian principles. Still the same ungodly, pagan spirit!And that spirit caught into the nations of the world, according to the prophecies of Ezekiel and the rest of the them. “The Feast Of The Trumpets” (64-0719M).

“How I can’t understand where a rabbit has anything to do with the resurrection, see, (no, sir) how a Christmas tree has anything to do with the birth of Christ. It’s pagan, friends. We’ve got off the path somewhere.” “The Cruelty Of Sin, And The Penalty That It Cost To Rid Sin From Our Lives” (53-0403).

“Say, ‘I want to follow. . . . I want to follow the morning star, Christ. I want to follow and find my Jesus this day. I want to get away from all this here Christmas tinsel and things, because some day it’s going to be burnt with unquenchable fire.’ And all those who are intolerating with it, will be burned with it. The world, the sinner, will punished be . . . they will perish with the world. The worldly-loving people will perish with the world. And if you have, still the love of the world in you, and you want to sell yourself completely tonight to Jesus Christ and His Word, raise your hand. Again now, anybody that hasn’t raised. God bless you. Bless you. I just say that. God bless you, lady.”

“We Have Seen His Star And Have Come To Worship Him” (63-1216).

“But the thing of it is, it’s so easy to fall in that rut on the other side, and push out Christ, the real fundamentals of Christ, of Christmas. And man take Kris Kringle instead of real Christmas, that’s right, ‘No room for Him in the inn.’” “The Deity Of Jesus Christ” (49-1225).

“Now, as we’re approaching Christmas time now, and here the things are decorated all up with Santa Claus instead of Jesus. They don’t even spell it anymore. “X-m-a-s.” They don’t even spell “Christ” in Christmas anymore. They put up…Why, the people never—never even think about the birth or anything, of Christ, what it’s really for. Only thing they think about, is, Santa Claus took Its place. And instead of rejoicing under the Spirit of God, they go out and get drunk and rejoice. See? That’s what makes the difference.”“Acts Of The Holy Spirit” (54-1219E).

“So as we, this time of the season, as we focus our thinking towards Christmas, it’s too bad that we have to lot it to a myth called “Santa Claus,” in the stead of the real Christmas that it’s supposed to be.” “The Great Shining Light” (57-1222).

“It’s Christmas. All the tinsel, up-and-down the street, of Santa Claus, a German fiction, a Catholic dogma, there’s not one ounce of it true. And it takes the place of Jesus Christ, in the hearts of too many Americans. Christmas don’t mean Santa Claus. Christmas means Christ. Not some man with a pipe in his mouth, and coming down a chimney! Teaching your children such as that, what do you expect them to grow up to be? Tell them the Truth, not on some fictitious story. Tell them, ‘There’s a God of Heaven Who sent His Son, and that’s what Christmas means. And He is near coming again.’”
“Where Is He, King Of The Jews?” (58-1221M).

Remember my saying, this is not Santa Claus, this is for Jesus. You see? Christmas means “Christ.” And we were riding last night, showing the kiddies all the houses decorated and everything, which is awful nice. But I thought, if I ever on—anything on my house, that I ever wanted to write, would be a neon sign: Trusting Christ Will Be In Your Christmas. That’s right. Put Christ back into Christmas.” “Questions And Answers” (59-1223).

“Why, they started buying Christmas present months ago, and what is it but a heathen trait! There’s nothing about it godly. Oh, they try to say, “Give gifts, to the wise men.” That’s just an—an oasis for a devil’s excuse. You want to give something, it’s your life to Christ. Don’t give to one another, give it to Him. That’s what He died for. That’s His purpose of coming. See?

But it’s got to be a place where it—it’s—it’s a curse to little children. Some little neighbor down the street can have plenty, and the other little fellow don’t have nothing, and they look. And it’s—it’s just the whole thing is altogether wrong. That’s all. And merchants raise their merchandise at these places. They…Why, my wife went in to get something for some little fellows, and about three weeks ago, said, “Oh, we done sold out. All the stock. We made a double order of stock this year, done sold it all out.” Three or four weeks before the time to start shopping. Oh, what a big commercial setup it is!” “The Falling Apart Of The World” (62-1216).

“In a few weeks, or even right now, there’s reindeers and Santa Clauses and—and jingle bells and all kinds of things hanging up, which is pagan ceremony. It’s an article of the Catholic church. People paying great prices and swapping presents and things like that, pagan! Christmas is a day of worship.

And by the way, Christ wasn’t born on the twenty-fifth day of December either. He couldn’t have been. If you’d ever been in Judaea, the hills are full of snow, worse than it is here. Born in April when all nature comes forth.

Now, but it’s their tradition. And why—why do we do those things? Because we follow the traditions of men instead of the commandments of God. Them…Something like that wouldn’t matter, but they just make a commercial day out of it. It’s a disgrace, a shame for them to do such things as that. A pagan ceremony!” “The Patmos Vision” (60-1204E).

“But here is what it is. They have taken the sacredness from Christmas, to make it not a Christmas but, a worship day, but a celebration. See? We do not…You hear people say, “We’re going to celebrate Christmas.” That’s wrongWe should never celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a day of worship, not a celebration.” “Sirs, We Would See Jesus”(61-1224). 

We are celebrating the Christmas, birth of the Lord Jesus. Which, it isn’t just exactly His birthday. His birthday was in April.” “Joseph Meeting His Brethren” (56-1230).

“If we would start to follow Him for a little bit, then we would know more about what type of Person we would look for. Well, we know His birth as we’re going to celebrate that soon, the Lord willing, at the Christmas time, how He was born in a manger and so forth. But then we find out that that wasn’t just exactly the Christmas story. Many times if you read the Bible, we find out that this Christmas story have going to Mary at the manger, and a little baby. That’s fiction.” “Sirs, We Would See Jesus” (57-1211).

Forgive us now of what’s happened through the year, that we have did that’s wrong and where we failed in so many places, and strengthen us, Lord. And may we, at this time of celebration of Christmas, may we open our hearts to the Messiah, the anointed of God. May He come into our lives and anoint us, and live His will and bring His Kingdom to pass through our lives. Keep us well, healthy. “The Falling Apart Of The World” (62-1216).

“Don’t be afraid of your testimony for Jesus Christ! Shed forth your light! Stand for your convictions, that ‘He is the Son of God. And this is not a night of visit of Kriss Kringle, but it’s the birth of Jesus Christ that we’re celebrating.’ Now we find those things that it’s done.” “We Have Seen His Star And Have Come To Worship Him” (63-1216).

Well, if it’s about Christ, it might be all right. But if it’s about Santa Claus, I don’t believe in him. I—I done growed—I done growed away from that. I don’t believe in Santa Claus at all. See? And some of these little Christmas things they have, I think is ridiculous. And…But I think they’ve took all Christ out of Christmas and put Santa Claus in it.

And Santa Claus is a fiction story. (I’m not hurting any of your feelings, I hope, about the children.) But I’ll tell you. Here not long ago, about twenty-five, thirty years ago, when a minister here in this city, the pastor of—of a certain big church here in the city, that I knowed real well, a bosom friend of mine, he walked to me. And Charlie Bohannon (Brother Mike, you remember Charlie Bohannon, a good friend of mine)…Set there in his office and said, “I’ll never tell my kids or have my grandchildren told that lie no more.” He said, “My own little boy walked up to me after he got about twelve years old, and talking about Santa Claus…” And he, said, “Why…Honey, I’ve got something to tell you,” Said, “Mommy…” You know, and go ahead telling him what he did. Then after he come back, said, “Then, Daddy, is this Jesus the same thing?”

Tell the truth. Santa Claus is a Catholic getup about a fellow, a Kriss Kringle or Saint Nicholas, an old German Catholic saint of many years ago who went around doing good to children. And they’ve carried it down as a tradition. But Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He’s real, and He lives. Now, here’s a question, the last one, which is a very…

Now look. You might disagree with me at that. But if you do disagree with me, remember, let it be friendly, will you? I love you, and I don’t want to—don’t want to hurt you. I’m just, I’m wanting to be honest. If I can’t…if I tell my boy a lie, then I’m a liar. See? I want to tell him the truth.

Now, I tell him about Santa Claus, I say, “Yeah, sure, there’s Santa Claus. Watch Daddy on Christmas night.” See? Yeah.

You know, the other day I was down there, and I tried that on a little girl just to see. I sure got paid back day before yesterday. I was in the building. And they was standing there, down here at the Quaker Maid. And I went down there to get the groceries. And so we, wife and I, was in there. And there was a little bitty girl, wasn’t over about eighteen months old, and she was standing there, going, singing, “Dingle Bells, Dingle Bells…” And I said…In her little stand, you know, setting in the back of the little cart.

I said, “Are you looking for Santa Claus?”

She said, “That’s my daddy, Mister.”

I said, “Bless your little heart, Honey. You got wisdom.”

Now, here is a real sticker, friends. And in this…Then I’ll close. Oh, it’s—it’s a dandy Scripture, but it’s a sticker to every person that seems to be. And it stuck me for years and years; and only by the grace of God…And my precious wife, setting right back there now, when she heard that I had that question this afternoon, she said, “Bill, how do you answer that?” She said, “I’ve always wondered that myself.” Said, “I never could understand it.” And said…

I said, “Come down tonight, Sweetheart. I’ll do my best by the help of God.”

“Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost” (59-1219). 

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