Brother Branham, you said on one of the tapes that Noah saved his household. Does this mean a mother can have the same faith for her household? And does it mean every one of the family will be saved if we believe it?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

177 Now, that’s…yeah, that’s kind of a…You’d have to watch the way I answer this now. See? First, “You said…(Now, let me see that.) You said on one of your tapes that Noah saved his household.” Why? Because they believed. *That’s it, because they believed his message.* 178 *“Does this mean that a mother can have the same faith for her household?” Yes, Sister!* I can see a little mother’s heart crying for her people. *“And does this mean every one of the family will be saved if we believe it?” Yes, if they will accept it. That’s right* . 

179 Remember the Philippian jailer. Believe for both you… *If you’ve got enough faith for your own salvation, can’t you have that same faith that’ll work upon your people? What is faith? It’s an unseen force. See? What is—what is—it’s a Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings faith. See? It’s a unseen force.*

180 Why would I lay hands upon the sick? See? If I can get that personal contact with that spirit in that person there, something’s going to happen. See? Here stands the Holy Spirit; He’ll reveals the secrets of the heart. He’ll do just exactly what He said He’d do in the last day. The people believe that; they look at it, “Yes, sir, I believe that.”

181 Now, if I just don’t become too common to you (see?), becomes just a common thing. You tromp through one day and tromp through the next day. See? That’s—that’s just chance-taking. You don’t believe it in the first place (see?), because just as soon as you really believe it…That woman said, “If I can touch His garment, I’ll be made every whit whole,” and she did it. See? She didn’t say, “Let me try it again.” See? She believed it. See? That’s—that’s…

182 Now, if you will just believe with all that’s in you for your family…

183 Now, like here, what motivates me? What—what is this strength in my arm? It certainly is not my muscle, it’s my spirit. Certainly, take that spirit out, and what’s the muscle going to do? It’s as dead as it can be. See? It’ll rot, but it’s…See, it’s the spirit that strengths.

184 Look at little Samson. A lot of them seen doors looked like it’d be between these two posts here. Why, a man that big could take up a lion and tear him to pieces, Brother Jackson. A lion jump at a man like that with door…with shoulders like a barn door, why sure, that wouldn’t be no mystery; but the mystery was, he was just a little curly-headed shrimp, little bitty, old guy, about, little sissy, little mama’s boy, seven little sissy curls hanging down his back. But you notice, he was just as helpless as anything until the Spirit of the Lord come upon him. *And when the Spirit of the Lord come upon him, that lion run out and growled, he just tore him to pieces. It wasn’t Samson; It was the Spirit of the Lord.* 

185 Now, how is he going to take the jawbone of a mule, that’d been laying on that desert and bleached white…And them Philistine helmets was about a inch thick of solid brass. Well, you take that jawbone and hit it against one of them helmets, it’d go to a thousand pieces. You know that. They’d hit that old, dry jawbone…But look there, he stood there with this jawbone in his hand and beat down a thousand Philistines; the rest of them run to the rocks. He said, “Come on, you want some of it too?” Still—still holding it! *What was it? The Spirit of the Lord came upon him. See?* 

186 *Therefore, It is the Spirit of the Lord. And when you’ve got Spirit of the Lord in you to believe for your own salvation, place that upon your family. Say, “I claim them in the Name of Jesus Christ; I claim it! God, I don’t know how You’re going to make her do it, and how You’re going to make him do it, but I believe it. I believe it, Lord! Help my unbelief.” Claim it and watch what happens. It’ll do it.* 

    64-0823M – Questions And Answers #1

    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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