Brother Branham, speaking on “the mark of the beast,” don’t you believe they’ll tattoo a number in your head, or tattoo something on your hand?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

No, sir! Don’t never look for that.
72 It’ll be a boycott! Certainly! “No man could buy or sell ’less he belongs to the confederation of churches.” That’s true. Now, it’ll come like a union, unionizing the thing, bringing it down in unionized religion. Mark my word, it ain’t far off! You’ll see it, she’s just around the corner.
73 The reason you don’t know these things, you’re here at home all the time. Follow me over in these countries where Catholicism has the upper hand, one time, and see what takes place. Brother, they tell them all what to do and what not to.

74 And here the Bible speaks that the United States, we picked it up in prophecy, come up like a lamb, “freedom of religion,” and directly they united those things together, and he spake like a dragon and exercised the same power the dragon had before him. That’s the U.S.A.! That’s right.
75 A minister said to me not long ago, a friend of mine, said, “Brother Branham, God will never let the United States fall, because of the basis of its forefathers, founded on religion.”

76 I said, “He let the Jews; sure carried away, and they had a lot better stand than we had.” That’s right. God ain’t no respect of some generation that’s passed; you either walk the line or you’re out of the Kingdom, that’s all. Truly! That’s pretty rough, but that’s good for you. That’s right. It’s the Scripture. And we got, we…
77 The trouble of it is, today… Some of you old-timers know this. We got too much Hollywood evangelism. That’s right. Too much of that with a whole lot of racket and carrying on, a lot of glamour and everything like that, and tooting horns, and so forth; and, “Who will stand up and accept Christ as personal Saviour? God bless you, brother, you go to Heaven right now.”That’s a lie! That’s a lie!

78 “Except a man be born again!” And if he’s born again, the same Blessing that come to him there will come to him here. And we’ve been through that, over and over, and through the Scriptures in the last week. And find out that in the Eastern people, when the Holy Spirit fell upon the Jews, which were an oriental, Eastern people, the Holy Spirit fell with great signs and manifestations. The Bible said there’d be almost a-a time where it couldn’t even tell, like dark or day. It was kind of a cloudy day, plumb on until the last part of the evening. And then the sun would come out a few minutes in the last, evening. “It’ll be Light in the evening.” Is that right? Well, that’s the Western people, the Gentiles, receiving the same Holy Spirit that the Jews received back there, with the same signs and manifestations. That’s it.

79 And, course, people, the world’s going to call you a “fanatic, cracked at the head.” The Bible, Jesus said they would do it. You’re a peculiar people, and you are odd because It’s so much different.

80 I notice it in my own neighborhood at home, the people there. They, even my little children; we try to keep them clean and live decent as can be, but you can watch the neighbors make a difference in the children. See? They make a difference.
81 And I know, I have a way of knowing things (and you know that, you’ve seen it in the meeting), know that the pastors of,the city say, “Well, now, Billy’s a good boy, we have nothing against him. But, you see, that’s just a little different class of people than what we are.” Thank God! That’s right. Thank God! That’s the Mark. There is the Mark we’re talking about.

82 Look, last night, when the Holy Spirit predicted, nine hundred years before the Jews received the Holy Ghost, and told them what it would be. “The inkhorn, man with the inkhorn writer went through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark in their forehead.” Is that right? Spoke of It before the church was condemned .

Questions And Answers #1 (54-0103M)

And on this N.R.A. thing, I said, “That’s not no mark of the beast,
certainly not. It’s a religious boycott, not that.” I said, “That’s
just a forerunner to get the people ready, and knowing that it’s just
beginning. Right here is the beginning of sorrow; right here’s where we
start in. Right here is when the–when the time begins to set close.
Now, notice, there at that time…”
Now, the persecution come upon the Jews, and they begin to persecute
them from every nation and drive them right into Jerusalem. Is that
right? Every one, they’re going right… And you will have a hundred
and forty-four thousand. Look over here a little farther in Revelations
where John…

Mr. Bohanon down here said to me, said, “I couldn’t read that
Revelation.” Said, “There was the Bride standing on the Mount Sinai.”
Said, “There was the Bride up yonder in heaven.” And said, “There was
the Bride, and the water… dragon spurting water out of his mouth to
make war with her.” He said…
I said, “Mr. Bohanon, first thing of it is, you’ve got the wrong thing,
calling it the Bride.” I said, “The Jews will stand on Mount Sinai, the
hundred and forty-four thousand. The Bride, correctly, was in heaven
with Jesus. And the dragon that spurted water out of his mouth will
make war with the remnant of the woman’s seed,” That was this group
here that had to go down, not that. See? The remnant of the woman’s
seed, the sanctified church, without receiving the Holy Ghost, that’s
the ones he make war with. See?

Here they are, there’s three tribes. Always keep them three in mind.
And here we seen, around, this hundred and forty-four thousand around
that great redeemed Bride. And just remnant was left, there they are;
there’s the Jews; there’s sealed a hundred and forty-four thousand.
Here’s the ones that’s sanctified that refused to get the Holy Ghost.
The church will persecute against… The–the Roman church and them
will persecute them. But the Bride’s already raptured and in heaven.
There they are, placed exactly the way the Bible said they would be.
So the hundred and forty-four thousand are Jews, God’s servants. And
when the Holy Ghost Gospel is preached to them, and they receive the
baptism of the Holy Ghost just exactly like they did in the beginning,
the Gentile dispensation is finished, the church is sealed away, the
rapture comes.

The Gentile day, the Gospel’s been preached everywhere, hammered
amongst the Gentiles, pulling the seine, trying to get every fish there
is in the water to come in. And look at them, the biggest…?… The
haul was all turtles and water spiders, and so forth. Just as soon as
the revival’s over they go right back out in the world again. The fish
is almost already strung up. See what I mean?
The Gospel’s been preached. You don’t hear no more crying, no more
moaning, no more sighing, crying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
They like to come in, lay their little hands on them by the hundreds,
and they carry on and dance, maybe, or something another like that.
That’s all right, but that’s just the attributes.

The Person Christ Jesus produces the real thing, and keeps that person
secured in Christ until He comes. There He is. And now, and that’s why
there’s no more crying; the doors is just about shut. The message has
went forth; it’s about its last time, just a few to pull like that to
get into the Kingdom of God. The doors are closing.
Then what’s the next thing? The Jews has got to receive the Holy Ghost
and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. Along they persecuted and
made fun of; and there, as soon as the Holy Ghost is represented to
them, they receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Gentile Church is
raptured. And those who refused, and just walked under justification,
the dragon, the Roman power, spurts the water, which will unite with
Communism, and take the church into a persecution like that. There they
are pictured exactly.

Oh, brother, when we see it coming, that’s the reason I’m praying.
That’s the reason I’m crying to God, “Lord, let me get to those Jews.
Let me start in down there in Africa, work with a few of those Gentiles
and Mohammedans. Let me go over here in India and try to produce and
show to them the real Lord Jesus Christ with His powers, miracles, His
Baptism, everything, and the Holy Ghost.” Then when they come to
Brother Beeler, this was what you was asking about. When they come to
Jerusalem and stand out there, and say, “Now, if Jesus is the Son of
God that raised from the dead, He knows the things just like He did
back there in the beginning; He can produce the same Life that He did
back there. And if He does, will you accept Him as your personal
Saviour?” And then show that God by His great powers and things of His
resurrected power, He’s with us.
Then when they do that, say, “Now, you that have received Him as your
personal Saviour…” I hope there’ll be thousands of them. Say, “The
same Holy Ghost that fell on the day of Pentecost is right here for

Then the Gospel goes back to the Jews right there at that time. Then
there’ll be a revival amongst those Jews right there that’ll carry
thousands and tens of thousands and… a hundred and forty-four
thousand into the Kingdom of God, will be sealed by the sealing Angel.
I trust that He’s coming from the east. That’s the way He is from us
now, with His seal in His hand. Then, oh, I want to be gathered in
there. “I’ve sent a persecution here and a persecution there, and I’ve
run the Jews and drove them as hard as I could. And they’ve drove back
in. Many Jews in the United States (which they won’t escape from) has
already received the Holy Ghost. But I’ve got all of the hundred and
forty-four thousand standing there that’s going to receive the baptism
of the Holy Ghost.”
And right there, as soon as that sealing Angel begins to seal that
hundred and forty-four thousand, the Gentile Church door is closed, and
the Jews take the Holy Ghost to the Jews. And they’ll have a revival
that’ll sweep the entire world. Hallelujah. And the power of God will
be manifested amongst the Jews. Oh, how marvelous. Whew. Oh, my.

98-Q-14 Let me see right quick. Isaiah, we got that sons of God. Now, let’s see.
Is the Israel…
if you could read that, brother. I… It was kind of run together; he
rubbed it out a couple times. It’s hot… looking for another one if
you will, please…
[Brother Neville reads the following question–Ed.]:
14. Is not Isaiah’s meaning of the beating of the swords into
plowshares to come to pass during the one-thousand-year reign of
Christ, rather than something that man can bring as so many modern
religionists tell us?
Ever who you are, my dear brother or sister… Looks like a man’s
handwrite. But anyhow, ever who you are, you are exactly right. That’s
when the plowshares will be beat–or when the swords will be beat into
plowshares. That’ll bring forth the millennium reign. And all those
modernistic religious cults that’s going around trying to educate
people into the Kingdom of God… That’ll be when God Himself will come
in the supernatural Being and in the supernatural power, to a
supernatural-believing people, and will receive a supernatural power
that’ll mold God’s sons. Hallelujah. It’ll never be no more reading,
writing, arithmetic. It’ll be by the power of the resurrection of Jesus
Christ. Then the world will study war no more.

Every nation today, every power, every kingdom is controlled by the
Devil. The Bible says so. And one of these days the kingdom of this
world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He
will rule and reign a thousand years upon the earth. And rapture the
church… Exactly, that’s exactly right, dear reader.

The hundred and forty-four thousand is servants. The great number which
no man could… Multitudes which no man could number are the Gentiles.
Just a minute now, one more little thing on there. I can’t… I’ll just
have congregational prayer then in a few minutes. Look here, I think
this is more important right now. I want to pray for the sick, but
we’ll hurry up. Instead of having discernment, we’ll just go right
through. I want to ask you something. Is there even another one? I’ll
just have to take this and get it next Sunday, I guess.

Look, friends, on this, how beautiful… Look, want you to watch now
closely, this person who asked this question. The hundred and
forty-four thousand, now, that is the servants; they’ll serve. If you
noticed, positionally, in the old Scripture…
Always look at the shadow if you want to see what the positive is.
That’s right. Look back yonder, see what it is. Now, that’s vice versa
since the Cross, and look what the positive is if you want to see what
the shadow is. Back there, it was leaning up to the Cross; we had to
look back there to see the shadow, to see what the Cross would be; now
you have to look from the Cross, to look back and see what the shadow
is. See? Look what Christ was in the days when He was here on earth;
what He was then He is now. This is His shadow. See what I mean? You
know, in the beginning when I explained it, that’s what it is. Now, if
I’m looking from back there, I have to look what the shadow was to find
out what this will be, what the cross was.

Now, one day there was sin in Israel, and there was a man by the tribe
of the name of Levi. They pulled their swords, and they went with Moses
to the camp, and they destroyed everything that was sin. Is that right?
God looked down and said, “Because you did this and stood for Me,
your–all these others will serve you. You go right into the temple as
priests.” Is that right? “You stay right in the temple, and the rest of
them will work and will bring in a tenth and take care of you.” Is that
Oh, hallelujah. If you can see what that temple was, that the Levites
was the Bride. Now, when sin is a-wakening on every hand, the Levites
is pulling their swords. The Holy Ghost born Bride is standing out,
saying, “Jesus Christ in the positive is Jesus Christ in the negative,
just the same. Sin is still sin; it’s wrong to do these things.” That’s
right; they’re standing there with a Sword.
God says, “Come ye now, the blessed of My Father.” That is the Bride.

There’s the servants, and look where the servants was camped. Twelve on
this side… I mean, four on this side, four on that side, four on that
side, and four on that side: twelve tribes. The twelve tribes are the
hundred and forty-four thousand. Look in the Book of Revelation; he saw
the city with its twelve foundations. Upon each gate was a name of an
apostle, and twelve gates. And around it was the twelve tribes
(Hallelujah.), setting around.
And in there was the Redeemed (Hallelujah.): black, white, yellow,
brown, and all that’s Blood-washed will be His servants, He said
they’ll be with Him. They’ll… The sun will not fall on them any more;
they’ll not hunger nor thirst anymore; and through a great ceaseless
age will they live and reign with Christ forever: Him, the King, and
them, the Queen, rule and reign forever.

The Lord bless you. Amen. I’ll keep these; God willing, I’ll be right
back with them again (See?), maybe tonight, and answer them tonight or
whenever Brother… We’ll get together and talk it. The Lord bless you.
You love Him with all your heart?
Oh, I want to see Him, want to look upon His face,There to live forever by His saving grace;On the streets of Glory let me lift my voice;When cares all pass, home at last, ever to rejoice. (Oh, my.)As I travel through this land, singing as I go,A pointing souls to Calvary, to the crimson flow, (not–not to the church; to Calvary)

That’s where we’re pointing: not to some theology, but to the crimson
flow, to Jesus Christ. “The life is in the blood,” and He is the Blood
of God which is our Life that lives in us now. “Blest be the tie that

While we’re going to pray for the sick, I want a–a special right now.
I want Sister Gertie and her daughter, if they will, to come here. And
this is the original old song; I want you to sing it for me, “Only
Believe.” I remember, was walking in that door, and this song has
followed me all across the nations. And I–I want them to sing; she was
the first one to play it, the first when I heard it. A buddy of mine
wrote it, Paul Rader. And before we pray for the sick, I want them to
sing it while God’s blessings rest upon the people for the sick.
We’ve taken a lot of time. I’m sorry, Brother Neville. God bless you.
Do you love questions? I do. Oh, and them were real good ones; they
were just so good. And there’s just another bunch. And, really, some of
them hasn’t been thoroughly went through yet. Oh, there’s just so much
to go through them. May the Lord bless.

All of you keep your mind on Christ now, and let’s change from the
questions back to Divine healing. How many’s here to be prayed for?
Let’s see your hands, wants to be prayed for. All right, we’re going to
bring them forth and pray for them just in a moment, soon as our
sisters sings this beautiful song. While they’re making ready, hanging
right above you now is the promise; this is His Bible.
[Sister Gertie and her daughter sing “Only Believe.”–Ed.]
Only believe, only…

Now, you who are sick, move up around the altar now, if you will.
All things are possible, only believe;Only believe, only believe,All things are possible, only believe.

101-256 [Brother Branham begins humming “Only Believe.”–Ed.]
Now, heavenly Father, we’re so thankful today for this Scripture and
for this song, “Only Believe.” We can hear You say to the father who
had the boy with epilepsy, “Only believe, for all things are possible.”
Now, we pray, God, as these people are coming to the altar to be prayed
for, seeing that we are here, negative, just the negative; the positive
is just around us, the immortal Spirit that was upon us shall never
die. It will be all through the ceaseless ages. And we go forth now as
Your anointed servant to help our fellow man to receive help, for only
one alternative, Father, that is that they would glorify You. And now,
may each one standing here at the altar this morning, sick, suffering,
now may the Holy Spirit grant healing to every one of them.

And we as Your little–little flock, that the sisters was just singing
of, “Fear not, little flock,” we know, Lord, it’s Your good will to
give the Kingdom to those. And we know that You’re always near, for You
said, “Wherever two or three would gather in My Name, I’ll be in their
midst. Whatever they ask, I’ll give it.”
Now, according to the Word of God which cannot fail, God’s Word, grant
healing to everyone, Lord. And they’re standing here, waiting. As we go
to anoint with oil, and to lay hands upon, and to ask for deliverance,
may each of them go to their seats, back to their homes, praising You,
normally, perfectly, and well, and return again tonight, Lord, at the
service, giving praise and glory to God for their healing. Grant it,
And while we have our heads bowed:

Brother Neville, come with me, if you will. I want Brother Fleeman, and
Brother… deacon, or somebody here, and Brother Cox, you all come here
and help me. It’s all of the deacons here of the church is what I’m
calling for just at this time.
And as we pray for them, you can help them if you will. Now, I want
every one in here to be real sincere. And as we pray for the sick, I
want you to pray with us.
I see a little boy setting back there now, awhile ago walked out in the
hall there and had a hemorrhage. And the Lord Jesus so wonderfully
stopped the blood right. See? His mercy be praised, His Name be
honored. Just see how many has recovered in the last few days.

Just think, the very Lord Jesus that was back there in the days of the
apostles is right here now. And it’s just winding up the end of the
Gentiles. A great move is going amongst the supernatural believers,
’cause we believe that God is here.
Just think, your–your glorified body’s right here at the Tabernacle
now, the Presence of the Holy Spirit which is your glorified condition.
You’re glorified in Christ right now. “Those who He justified, He
glorified.” And your own glorified body is standing near you right now
in Christ Jesus to give to you a strength like a charge going into a
battery. The Holy Spirit’s in you. It’s to charge your body to give you
new strength, to heal you from the sickness that you’ve got, to make
you well.

Now, I want the church, if they will, with our sisters, if they’ll sing
that song through again. Now, each one of you at the altar…
Now, friends, if I am a deceiver, I’m ignorant of the fact. I am trying
to be a Christian, and with all my heart I’m trying to help people. And
I’m trying to help you, God’s children. And if I–if I love my heavenly
Father, I’ll love you, His children. If I don’t… If I’m deceiving
you, I’ve tried to deceive God; you’re His children; no one can deceive
God. I’m trying to help you.

That’s the reason God is a-blessing my efforts. And maybe they’re very
poor, and some of them I’m ashamed of, and God knows I’m ashamed of
them and repent of my efforts… But I’m doing all that I can to help
God’s Kingdom and to help you children of His. Receive Jesus this
morning as your Healer right here at the platform, you’ll go back to
your seats and to your home and be normal and well.
Now, if He will heal hundreds here, and thousands and thousands around
the world, why wouldn’t He heal you? Just only believe. All right,
sisters. Brother Neville, I want you to come and anoint them. [Brother Branham and brethren pray for the sick. Sister Gertie and her daughter sing “Only Believe.”–Ed.]

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