Brother Branham, are women allowed to work in public affairs?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Brother Branham, are women allowed to work in public affairs when they have a healthy husband and children? I am asking this question for someone else.

153  Well, I–I–I–I don’t know about that. I can’t say. But I–I just have this feeling. Let me say this: I believe, if I was a–a woman and I knowed that my husband was healthy and had a good job, working, I believe it would be a–a great pleasure to me to stay home, take care of my children and make the…and–and–and take care of my children and raise them up, and to love the Lord. And if I had any time from my washing and things that I was going to do, I think I would teach my children how to serve the Lord.

154  Now, if you’ve got a–a debt or something that you’re trying to help your husband pay for, or something that you have to do that…Well, I think that’s fine if you’ll try to help him. And–and you live a lady. And I–I think it’s hard. No man that’s got good understanding wants his wife to get in a bunch, where there’s a bunch of vulgar, dirty man and things like that. But if the woman has to get in that, I think that she ought to–her husband ought to know that she’s a genuine Christian that can be trusted, a trustworthy woman.

155  But now, as to say that she shouldn’t work, I–I don’t know. See, there’s no Scripture to back that up. I’m just–I’m just passing that opinion. But I think if a woman wants to work and she wants to work…

156  Now, I’m certainly against women working in these offices where all these business men…They carry on, tell them dirty jokes. And a nice, clean woman setting there, and all these smutty dirty things told around like that, I–I’m against that. I think you ought to come out from among such stuff as that.

157  But now, if a woman can hold herself as a–as a real lady and trying to help her husband do something to meet–some clothes for the kids to go to school, or–or pay off a bill, or something like that, and she wants to work till that’s over…Now, this not the Lord, ’cause I don’t have no Scripture for this. I’m just saying that’d be my opinion; but otherwise, I wouldn’t think just ’cause she wants to work just to run around and have–or–more money to spend, run around, and run to barrooms, or drink, smoke, and carry on; I don’t think she should do it. I think she should stay home, try to be a lady, and take care of her house.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823E Questions And Answers 2

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