Bro Branham Quotes on Love

Bro Branham Quotes on Love

Bro Branham Quotes on Love

Bro Branham Quotes on Love

I love it–what it stands for; but brother, I love my Lord above everything. And I love to see my nation to its knees, but I’m afraid we’ll never do it.

Now, I wish to read for a moment, and then try to finish up and start the prayer line at nine o’clock. I want to read a familiar old text, that seems to be on my heart tonight, out of the 3rd chapter of Saint John and at the 16th verse. Which most any child in the audience tonight, that’s had any training of the Bible, could quote this text.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
And for a subject, I would like to take a very strange one, and that is “Divine Love.” The Bible says, “That God so loved the world…” Of Divine love and when Divine love is projected to its object, sovereign grace steps in and produces what is projected.

Then when our love goes out to His call, sovereign grace will produce what we are asking for. First it must be love. Paul said, “Though I speak with tongues as men and Angels, and have not love, I am nothing. Though I have faith to move mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. Though I can do all kinds of miracles, produce all kinds of signs, and have not love, I am nothing.”

That’s the reason today, we are trying to produce something by a nomination, by an education, by an organization with leaving out Divine love. That’s the reason we’re so separated, so many things wrong, so many isms going on, is because we’ve left the main thing that produces what we need out: love.

Oh, you can have some kind of a false love. There is two kinds of love. There is a love which is called human love or in the Greek word, it would be called “phileo. ” And in the Divine love is an Agapao. Agapao love is Divine love. And when Divine love is in your heart, there’s a difference in your life, and everybody knows it. That’s right. You live like a Christian, act like a Christian, walk like a Christian; and your whole system is timed to God’s Bible.

There’s where brother, sister, our differences hangs tonight, because of love, the lack of love. I don’t mean earthly love, denominational love, sexually love, but I mean Divine love that makes us brothers.
Then when the man started to hit me, I heard my own lips say, “Because you have challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you’ll fall over my feet.”
He said, “I’ll show you whose feet I’ll fall over.”

And he drew back his fist to hit me, and when he did I said, “Satan, leave that man.” And his eyes bulged way out, and his teeth set, his hands went up; he turned around, and fell over my feet, till the police had to roll him off of my feet. What did it? Love, the love of God.

Many people said about wild animals, “Aren’t you afraid of them, Brother Branham?” Never. I love them.
Here sometime ago… My first seven years was a conservation officer, a game warden. And one time while I was going up to dig a little ditch to throw some water over to turn some fish into a stream… We were supposed to pack a little old pistol. And when I went over across the field, there was a man sick over there that I knew… I was a minister at the time. And I was going over to visit this minister, that had… or this man to pray for him.
And on my road, I just pulled off this little old gun and throwed it up in the car, and locked up the door, and took out across the field, which is about three quarters of a mile. I had forgotten that in that field was a killer bull, that had just killed a colored man, down at the Brook’s Farm and had sold him to Mr. Guernsey on the pasture up there. He was a famous bull, good stock, but was a killer.

When Divine love is projected, and it comes to the end of its course, sovereign grace will stand in and take its place. Brother, sister, if God… That opossum knowed more about Divine healing, than half the preachers of Phoenix knows. That’s right.
She had gumption enough to follow the leading of the Spirit. And if God could send a opossum by a Divine grace and love to protect her babies, how much more will He think of you and me tonight, if we’ll give Him our whole heart of love, our surrendered will, everything to Him? He will project to us; His sovereign grace will have to take place and heal, if you’ll give Him that love.

And now, if your love to God will be the same way that His love was to send Jesus, your love will draw Jesus to you, and you can be saved. If you would like to–to accept Christ and be remembered in prayer, would you raise your hands now, anywhere on the bottom floor, would say, “By the grace of God I put up my hands and say, ‘God, lead me through life and in death, like You do others, like we have been told tonight.'”? God bless you, sir. Someone else on the bottom floor, raise your hand? God bless you. Someone else, just raise your hands quick? Christians, pray you who are… God bless you back there in the back; I see your hand. Someone else? “I put up my hand.” God bless you up there, sonny; that’s good.

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