Branham Sermons – Trust In Your Wings

Trust In Your Wings

Trust In Your Wings

I remember, hunting up one day in the mountains, how beautiful up there in Colorado. I know we go elk hunting, not to kill the beast, so much as it was just to be alone. Remember one day up there, I was walking around come a storm, early fall, about October. And I was way back, seventy miles from civilization, camping back there, and it come a real hard rain storm. And I got behind a tree; the rains blowed over.

The elk hasn’t come down yet. They were way high in the mountain. And as they… As the rains begin to blow, I got behind the tree, and it turned cold. After the rain was over, I looked out, and the evergreens were frozen where the rain hit it. And a rainbow comes out, like that, across the valley. Oh, my, you talk about deep calling to the deep. I got to feeling really good. You know what I mean.

And after while, I heard an old gray wolf howl up here, and a mate answer it down in the bottom. Oh, my. My mother’s a half-breed. So you know I–I couldn’t stand it much longer. Something crying out.
I thought, “O God, looky there at the great eye of Jehovah setting yonder looking across the mountain there with His rainbow, His covenant. He will no more destroy it with water, but fire next time.” I could see Revelations 1, where He was setting on His throne to look upon as jasper and sardius stone, the First, the Last, He that Was, which Is, and shall Come, and with a rainbow over His head, a covenant, made with His own Blood to the people, by grace would He save them. Oh, something begin to call out.

I heard a noise over here, a lot of fussing and going on. There was a little old what we call “pine jack,” little old squirrel about that long, eats pine cones, fussy little fellow. Oh, my, he’s like the Irishmen’s owl, just all fuss and feathers. I looked at him.

He was setting on a stump, just a chirping around. I thought, “What’s he fussing about? Maybe he’s scared of me.” And I happened to look, coming up under an old blow down there, where some trees had blowed down years ago, and there was a big, great big eagle coming out from under there. Did you ever see a big white head eagle? Oh, he’s a beautiful specie. He come pulling out of there. And that little old squirrel was barking at him.

So I seen him come out, and I seen him sit down there. I thought, “Oh, my. Look how brave he is.” He looked over to that little squirrel. He looked over towards me, those great big gray looking eyes, that flashed. I thought, “Oh, what does that… What does that mean? Why did God put that eagle before me for?” I believe all things work together for good to them that love God, everything. Everything ha… You’re here tonight for some purpose. You’re here because God led you here.

And I thought, “Lord, what’d You got me standing here crying?” And I was having a spell. I would run around and around that tree, and scream to the top of my voice, and jump up-and-down, and throw my arms… You’d have thought I was a fanatic, sure enough, you’d seen me then. Wasn’t nobody there to hear me, but the Lord, but I was shouting to Him. I set my gun down, and around and around and around the tree I went, hollering, “Hallelujah. Hallelujah,” around and around and around the tree again. I guess that eagle thought I was a peculiar specie. So he looked over at me.

And I said, “Say, fellow, are you scared of me?” He just set there and looked at me. I thought, “Oh, my. I see.” God, You want me to see that eagle because he’s brave. That’s what it is. God don’t want cowards. God wants brave men. He don’t want you to say here in the tabernacle you’re healed, and go out there, and meet some fanatic that don’t believe in Divine healing…

Yeah, he’s a fanatic, that’s right. He calls you one, but it’s vice versa. Now, and you’re afraid to tell him about your healing? You’re afraid to testify at your work about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, about having the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Ha! God don’t want people like that. No, sir.
I thought, “How brave he is.” I thought, “What makes him so brave?” And I watched him. I thought, “Maybe he’s scared of me.” And I grabbed my gun like that. And he just batted those big eyes, looked at me. I thought, “He’s not afraid of me.”

I wondered, “Why aren’t you afraid of me? Why, do you know I could shoot you?” And ‘course, I wouldn’t have done it, because I was admiring him. I thought, “I could shoot you.” He was setting there. And I noticed what made him so–so brave: he was taking them big wings and going… I thought, “Oh, I see why you’re so-you’re so brave. God gave you two wings to get away with. God provided you some wings. And you can trust in them. You know what they are.

And you believe them. And no matter how quick I’d try to get that rifle up, you’d be in them bushes, and I couldn’t even see you. That’s the reason he… As long as you can feel them wings there, you’re all right.”
I thought, “O God. That’s right. As long as I can feel the Holy Spirit there, I know there’s something. Let the devil say what he wants to. Something’s there. Yes, sir. Something there…”

And I watched him a few minutes. Finally he got tired of that little old pine squirrel just barking at him, and he just give one big jump, like that, flopped about twice, not run here, and run there, and run there, just give about two flops, and he set his wings. He never flopped his wings one more time. And I watched him. He just knowed how to ride them air currents, and he went on up. The air hit him again and he went up, up. I stood there crying with my hands up. Left that little old earthbound, “Chatter, chatter.”

I thought, “That’s it, Lord. It isn’t run here and there, jumping here and there. It’s just knowing how to set your wings in the power of God, and when the waves come through, ride her up, on, on, up, up, up, up, leave this earthbound, “Chatter, chatter.” Says, “The days of miracles is passed. There’s not such a thing as Divine healing.” Christ died nineteen hundred years ago, He’s alive tonight…?… living with His people, the same yesterday, today, and forever. He’s here. Nature…

If I go out tonight, and look up through them clouds out yonder… You’d see setting out in the bush here… I was noticing where I have been staying, there’s an old nightingale sets out there. Oh, my. If he don’t sing these dark night. And I studied the nightingale. The reason he sings, he looks around; he can see one star. And as long as he can see one star, he will sing to the top of his voice.

Why? He knows the sun is shining somewhere, shining on that star. So he sings. So oh, my, if I can hear one good old fashion amen. If I can hear something take place, I can sing to the top of my voice to know that Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today, and forever, as long as the light’s a moving. If I should looked at that star, and say, “Little star, I sure think you’re pretty and shining.”

William Marrion Branham
53-0513 God’s Provided Way

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  1. Amen! Thank you, God bless, the Message is the truth,, and life..
    Sis Lente.
    South Africa

    1. I love this End Time Massage that was brought to us by Our Beloved Prophet William Marrion Branham.This Message change my Life completely.The Message is the Revelation of Jesus Christ to call out a BRIDE out of these denominational churches to go into the Rapture.Let us Stay with the Message of the Hour.from Bro Craig Afrikaner.Cape Town .South Africa

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