Book of Malachi – What is malachi and who Wrote Malachi?

We need to know what is, why important, who wrote, and more.. Also, Malachi wrote to tell truth, love and hope. I want to tell you my vlog about it.


The Book of Malachi, also called The Prophecy Of Malachias, the names of the Prophets, grouped together as in the Jewish canon. The author is unknown; Malachi is merely a transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning my messenger.” is last of Old Testament.


The final book of the Old Testament, Malachi received its name from its author (Malachi 1:1). In Hebrew, the name comes from a word meaning “messenger,” which points to Malachi’s role as a prophet of the Lord, delivering God’s message to God’s people.1 Malachi offered no other identifying information about himself, leaving out markers typical of other prophets such as his father’s name or the current leader of Israel.

On the the book of Malachi, it becomes clear that Malachi delivered his message of judgment to a Judean audience familiar with worshipping at the temple in Jerusalem. The people of Judah had turned away from the true worship of the Lord, leaving themselves under judgment and in need of salvation.

On the the book of Malachi, it becomes clear that Malachi delivered his message of judgment to a Judean audience familiar with worshipping at the temple in Jerusalem. The people of Judah had turned away from the true worship of the Lord, leaving themselves under judgment and in need of salvation.


Malachi’s unique position as the final book of the Old Testament offers a glimpse into the hearts of Israelite men and women, members of a nation that had been specially chosen by God, group of Abraham, receiver, and successor of the rich tradition of the Jewish people. Their history told of glories like the book of Exodus from Egypt and the faithfulness of God to King David. But they had also experienced the judgment of wandering in the desert and the shame of exile from the Promised Land.

Who is William Marrion Branham?
A Man Sent From God
5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Malachi 4:5-6

April 6 has a treasured place in the hearts of people around the world, a day that God chose to send a vessel that would one day bring a world-changing Message. Whether it was meeting him in person 70 years ago, or listening to him bring the Word just this morning, Brother Branham holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people.

The book of Malachi, well over a thousand years after Abraham’s era, the Israelites had the advantage and weight of history on their side; they could see the shining rewards of faithfulness and the punishments associated with judgment, even to the point of being uprooted from their land. But even then, with all that perspective, the book of Malachi teaches us that they still move away from the Lord’s path. They needed God’s intervention as much as ever, so this book, as a final statement of judgment in the Old Testament, foreshadow God’s saving work through the Messiah is Jesus.

The people of Judah began to be exiled from the Promised Land in 605 BC, returning from Babylon seventy years later. By the time of Malachi, they had been back in the land for more than a hundred years and were looking for the blessings they expected to receive when they returned. Though the temple had been rebuilt, the fervor of those early returning Israelites gave way to a thorough apathy for the things of God. This led to rampant corruption among the priesthood and a spiritual lethargy among the people.

Malachi came along at a time when the people were struggling to believe that God loved them (Malachi 1:2). The people focused on their unfortunate many situation and refused to account for their own sinful deeds. So God pointed the finger back at them, and through Malachi, God told the people where they had fallen short of their an agreement with Him. If they hoped to see changes, they needed to take responsibility for their own actions and serve God faithfully according to the promise their made to God on Mount Sinai all those years before.

Throughout Israel’s history, the nation failed and God called His people back to Himself. Each time, Israel would fail again, prompting the cycle to begin again. God’s final word of the Old Testament concerns judgment for sin and testifies to our inability to love Him without the help of His grace.

KEEP YOUR MIND.. Do you struggle to follow God consistently? Malachi’s call prompts us to live faithfully before God and offers hope that God is not yet through with extending mercy to His people. But only Jesus Christ the promised all savior for us. A careful study of the Bible shows clearly that the God who interacted with people in the book of Old Testament was the One is God. Most of Old Testament prophets who wrote about Messiah. It’s Messiah in Judaism, the Messiah in the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God. That is reason God send Son into New Testament through.


Next, we find Jesus answers; Matthew, John and Psalms. He spoke of “gods, and son of God” referring either to the kings of the world who thought of themselves as deities, or to those in Israel such as the judges. We should think of the day-to-day judges of the legal system rather than the special leaders in the book of Judges. Who were meant to administer God’s justice. Either way, the psalm says, so much for their failure to do so; the unjust and arrogant will die like all human beings.

JOHN 10:34-36 –

Jesus answered, “It is written in your law that God said, ‘I have said you are gods!’ 35 This Scripture called those people gods, the people who received God’s message. And Scripture is always true. 36 So why do you say that I speak against God because I said, ‘I am God’s Son’? I am the one God chose and sent into the world. MATTHEW 13:10-17 – Why Jesus Used Stories to Teach 10 The followers came to Jesus and asked, “Why do you use stories to teach the people?” 11 Jesus answered, “Only you can know the secret truths about the kingdom of heaven. Other people cannot know these secret truths. 12 The person who has something will be given more. And he will have all he needs. But the person who does not have much, even what he has will be taken from him. 13 This is why I use stories to teach the people: They see, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really understand. 14 So they show that the things Isaiah said about them are true: ‘You will listen and listen, but you will not understand. You will look and look, but you will not learn. 15 For these people have become stubborn. They do not hear with their ears.

And they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might really understand what they see with their eyes and hear with their ears. They might really understand in their minds. If they did this, they would come back to me and be forgiven.’ Isaiah 6:9-10 16 But you are blessed. You understand the things you see with your eyes. And you understand the things you hear with your ears. 17 I tell you the truth. Many prophets and good people wanted to see the things that you now see. But they did not see them. And many prophets and good people wanted to hear the things that you now hear. But they did not hear them. PSALMS 82:6-7 6 I said, ‘You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High God.’ 7 But you will die like any other person. You will die like all the leaders.”

My personal infomation: Many Jews prefer to say “Hebrew Bible” or “Tanakh.” along with many other Jews comfortably to the book of Hebrew through Old Testament. It many complexing and more learn for since. It’s the term we used both Old Testament and New Testament. Many christians accept both all way way we leearn to know who who’s coming begin is GENESIS until last is MALACHI only have ONE is God. For me, I accept both but we followers New Testament that what Jesus’s path… We must saying THANK to God send Son save for us is 3 in 1. Jesus can affordableo payoff everything for our sins and change it. We learn all way to know New Testament coming begin is MATTHEW until last is REVELATION…



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