A Virtuous Wife – Sis Hope Branham

sis hope branham

That’s a REAL wife…
W M B ~ And he said, “I believe she’s gone, Bill.”
I said, “Surely not. Go with me, doc.”
He said, “Billy, how could I go in there? The girl cooked me many dinners. She was like my sister. How could I go in to do it? I don’t want to see her any more. You stay out here.”
And I said, “I’m going to see her.”
“Don’t go in there, Bill.”
Well, I said, “Yeah, I’m going you know and…”
He called one of the nurses, “You go with him.”
She had a little red medicine or something or other. The little thing said, “Take this.”
I said, “I don’t need that.”
I walked in. I said, “I want to go alone.”
I pulled the door behind me. I looked over there. She had real dark eyes and black hair: German girl.
She was all doubled up like this. I looked down upon her, she was just so still. I put my hand on her forehead. It was real sticky, didn’t look like she had any life.

I put my hand over on her head, and I said, “O God, please. That’s my baby’s mother. Let me tell her good-bye.
Will You do it, Lord? Let me tell her good-bye. I don’t want her to go without telling her good-bye. Will You help me, dear God, IF THERE’S FORGIVENESS IN YOUR GREAT HEART. Will You just let me say good-bye to her?”
Her head moved. I looked down. If I live a hundred years, I’ll never forget those big, dark eyes looked at me. She couldn’t talk.

She motioned her finger. And I got down. She said, “Why did you call me?”
I said, “Why, honey, you’re not going.”
She said, “Yes, I am. I don’t mind it, Bill, I just hate to leave you the babies. But I know…”
Well, then I said, “Honey, you’re not going. No you’ll get all right; you’re going to be all right.”
She said, “Now, Bill…”
Just then the nurse broke in. She said, “Reverend Branham, you come on out.”
Hope said to the nurse, “Come here,” she knew her, a schoolmate.
She said, “Evelyn, if you ever get married, I hope you have a husband like mine.”
And I said, “Oh, honey, don’t say that.”
She said, “I do.”

Evelyn started crying, went back out.
Hope said, “I want to tell you something honey. I’m going. It’s glorious to go. I was on my road, and I had someone BY EACH ARM, looked like white angels, and they were taking me down through a WHITE PATH to my HOME. I COULD HEAR YOU CALLING WAY BACK up the road.”
Oh, oh. Said, “Honey, you’re just as peaceful, great palm trees, and birds like the dawn of a morning, and…?… tropics.”
You know what I think? I think she was just on that BREACH BETWEEN THE NATURAL AND THE SUPERNATURAL.
She said, “I been taking a walk. Promise me one thing, that you’ll ALWAYS PREACH THIS GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, for it SURE PAYS WHEN YOU’RE GOING, Bill.”
She said, “I guess you know WHY I’M GOING, don’t you, honey?”
And I said, “Don’t say it.” She said, “No, not your fault; it was mine.”
I said, “Yes, honey, if I wouldn’t have LISTENED TO YOUR MOTHER, would’ve listened to God instead of SOME women, I’d been better off, wouldn’t I?”

She said, “That’s right, honey, but IT WILL COME OUT ALL RIGHT FOR YOU.”
I said, “Hope, don’t leave me.
And she said, “I have to go, honey. I hate to leave you and the babies. Promise me something, will you? I got some things to tell you.”
And I said, “All right.”
She said, “I have to tell you quickly, ’cause I’m going back; they’re waiting on me. Don’t think I’m beside myself; I’m not.
She said, “You remember that time you were in Louisville and you wanted to buy that little old .22 rifle, and you didn’t even have enough money to make a down payment?”
I said, “Yeah.”
She said, “I always wanted to get you that rifle. I’ve been saving the nickels to try to get enough money to make that down payment for it: three dollars.
After I’m gone, when you go home, look up on the top of the old folding bed, under that newspaper. And promise me you’ll get the rifle. You want it so bad.”
You’ll never know how I felt when I went back home and found about two dollars and seventy-five or eighty cents laying there in nickels where she’d saved it, allowancing herself, doing without stockings, mainly, to put it up there. THAT’S A REAL WIFE~ 50-0820A My Life Story

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