10 Supernatural William Branham miracles

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

1.William Branham – Blind Girl Healed

I seen a little blind girl in Germany… She walked up there in a Messa Hollow. I’ll never forget that, with some 15 to 18,000 people there. And I borrow from my dad, she’s a little bitty thing, and she’s about like this, and she had her eyes shut like this. Daddy said, “Hi sweetheart.” I noticed she didn’t open her eyes, and they were just little draws up things like that! “I’m sorry sweetheart,” and he saw, “Sweetheart, I’m sorry, I didn’t. You’re blind.” She said, “Yes, Sir,” through her interpreter. He said, “Sweetheart,” he said, “do you believe that Brother Branham was sent over here to pray for you?” through the interpreter. She said, “Yes I do.” He said, “When Brother Branham prays for you, do you believe Jesus will heal you?” She shook her head, “Yes.”

William Branham – Blind Girl Healed

He grabbed that little thing, and I hope I can say this right. Nobody was as humble, except the Lord Jesus, like he was. He pulled her up to, he said, “Father, I left my little Rebekah,”… he said, “to come over here to pray for this one.” He said, “Satan, you leave this child.” “Jesus heal her. ” That little thing, she screamed. She grabbed my daddy’s tie. She looked at it. Through the interpreter, she said, “Sir, what color is that?” Daddy said, “Red.”

About that time, a woman in the back screamed. Here she come running to the platform. She run up to where that little girl was. I’ll never forget this as long as I live. When she run up there, that little girl grabbed that lady. She begin to stroke her on the cheeks. Then she said, “Oh, my,” she said, “you’re so beautiful!” She said, “You are my mother. I’ve never seen you, but I know you by the sound of your voice.” We might not have ever seen Him, but we know the sound of His voice!

Taken from memories of Billy Paul Branham the son of William Branham.


For nearly three years invitations had been coming to Brother Branham to conduct a series of healing meetings in the Scandinavian countries. Various circumstances had hindered him from making such a journey, although from the beginning he felt assured that these calls were of God. Therefore, in January, 1950, he called on Bro. Gordon Lindsay to make arrangements for the trip to Finland.April 6, 1950
On this date at three o’clock in the afternoon, the party boarded the large overseas airliner, Flagship Scotland, and took off for London, England. It was on April 6, 1909, that William Branham was born. April 6, 1917, was the day that America relinquished her historical isolationism and entered the European War. Historians tell us that it was on April 6, in the year 30 A.D. that Christ died on the Cross. Perhaps the members of the party might be excused for thinking that April 6, is a day of significance.

En Route to Finland, Brother Branham the and ministers who travelled with him spent a few days of relaxation in London, England and two days in Paris. After two days in Paris they continued their journey to Finland via a Scandinavian airliner. On the 14th of April, the group landed at Helsinki where we were met by several ministers including Pastor Manninen, who had given us the invitation, and Sister May Isaacson, our American-born interpreter, whose knowledge of the Finnish language contributed greatly to the success of our meetings in Finland.

The first service at the Messuhalli witnessed a crowd of 7000 in attendance. After that, several thousand waited outside all afternoon, standing in a line four deep and a half mile long, so that they might be assured of a seat in the largest auditorium in Finland.She Only Touched His Coat

During a five day interlude, when the auditorium could not be obtained, the Evangelistic party went north to Kuopio which is not far from the Arctic Circle. Faith was very high in this city and some marvelous miracles took place. One of these was the healing of little Veera Ihalainen, a war orphan, whose photograph is shown elsewhere in this book. She was marvelously delivered from wearing a brace and using crutches, after she had, in faith, touched the coat of Brother Branham as he passed by.A Young Finnish Boy Raised From The Dead

This is one event, which will never be forgotten by the members of the party, and others standing present at the time. God fullfilled a prophecy he had given to Brother Branham about two years previous. He had told his church and many others, of a vision that the Lord had given him of a little boy being raised from the dead. He even described the clothes which the boy was wearing which indicated that the vision would not be fullfilled in America.

According to the vision the boy would be killed in an Automobile accident. Two boys would be involved – one would be killed instantly and the second would be critically injured and taken to hospital. When Rev. Gordon Lindsay had first heard Brother Branham relate the vision two years previous, he wrote the details on the ‘fly-leaf’ of his Bible.

One of the finnish Pastors who was travelling with the party was Vilho Soininen, of Kuopio. He related what happened on that day:

“On Friday afternoon a remarkable and startling incident took place which meant much to Brother Branham and to those of us who happened to be its witnesses. Three carloads of us made an unforgettable trip to nearby Puijo Observation Tower situated on a beautiful scenic elevation. The outing was one of the most precious I can remember, because of the blessing of God upon us.

Then as we were returning from Puijo, a terrible accident occurred. A car ahead was unable to avoid striking two small boys, who ran out into the street in front of it, throwing one down on the sidewalk, and the other five yards away into a field. One unconscious boy was carried into a car just ahead of us and the other, Kari Holma, was lifted into our car and placed in the arms of Brother Branham and Miss Isaacson who were sitting in the back seat. Brothers Moore and Lindsay were in the front seat with me.

“As we hurried to the hospital, I asked through Miss Isaacson, the interpreter, how the boy was. Brother Branham, with his finger on the boy’s pulse, answered that the boy seemed to be dead, since the pulse did not beat at all. Then Brother Branham placed his hand over the boy’s heart and realized that it was not functioning. He further checked the boy’s respiration and could detect no breath.

Remembering the vision, he asked Bro. Lindsay to look in the ‘fly-leaf’ of his Bible and see what the vision said about ‘a little boy being raised from the dead’. It was discovered that the description of the boy in the vision was exactly like the boy placed in Bro. Branham’s arms. Then he knelt down on the floor of the car and began to pray. Brothers Lindsay and Moore joined in prayer, too, that the Lord would have mercy. About five or six minutes later, As we neared the hospital, I glanced back, and to my surprise, the boy opened his eyes. As we carried the boy into the hospital, he began to cry, and I realized that a miracle had taken place.

“The other boy had been brought in a little earlier and was still unconscious. As I was taking my guests back to their hotel, Brother Branham said to me, ‘Do not worry! The boy, who was in our car, will surely live.'”

“At that time Brother Branham had no assurance that the other boy would live, but on Sunday evening he assured me on the basis of a vision which he had seen early Sunday morning, that he, too, would live. At the exact time that Brother Branham was telling me this at his hotel, the boy lay dying at the hospital. (For an account of the vision which told of the other boy being healed follow the link to The Other Boy. The boy, who was in my car, Kari, was dismissed from the hospital in just three days.

“In the Friday evening service Brother Branham told us about the vision which he had seen in America two years ago, and which had been fulfilled that afternoon when he had prayed for the dead boy. Two years previous he had told the vision to thousands in America. Now it was fulfilled. Brother Branham’s coming to Kuopio was in the eternal plan of God! We of the Kuopio Elim Assembly wondered why the Lord was so good to us that He granted to just us the gracious privilege of receiving His servant.”

Standing yonder in Finland that day, and that little boy laying there, dead. He’d been dead for a half hour. I started to walk away, Something put their hands on me. Turning around, I thought, “What was that?” And I looked at the site again. I thought, “Wait a minute!” Bro. Lindsay looked back there on the flyleaf of his Bible where it was written, “And it shall come to pass, a little boy about nine years old, he will be killed by an automobile. There’ll be a long strip of evergreen, rocks lapped in there; the car will be laying across the road, wrecked. He will have on little stockings like, up high; a cropped haircut; and his little eyes will be turned back, the bones in his body will be broken.”

<I said, “Stand still, all of you!” The mayor of the citythere. I said, “If that boy isn’t on his feet in two minutes from now, I’m a false prophet, ride and run me out of Finland.” Certainly! “But if he is, you owe your lives to Christ.” That’s right. They stood still.

I said, “Heavenly Father, across the sea yonder, two years ago, You said this little boy would lay here…” According to the vision the boy was raise from the Dead.

Did you ever think about when someone was raised from the dead, what happens? Did you ever think in Finland there that time that little boy was raised from the dead? His spirit was gone from him. Now, the Word has to go out through into space yonder, and pick up that little soul, and bring it right back. See? How can It do it? It’s the Word: heal the sick, raise the dead. See? How is He going to do it? It has to come by a watered Word. He’d showed the vision, and it has to happen. There laid the boy, there was everything laying there just the way He said it two years before, and there it laid. That’s the reason I say about The Bear coming down the hill, whatever it was. It’s got to happen, it’s got to be so. See?


Brother Banks Wood, if you’re listening in tonight, your brother was here last night. I seen him as I went out, Brother Lyle. Jehovah Witness; the whole group was converted. Lyle was brought in because a vision of the Lord.

Lyle was setting in the boat there that day, when the day before it was told him that, “something” was “going to happen concerning a resurrection of life.” He was a real Jehovah Witness, too! But that morning, setting there, fishing, and he caught… Well, he had a great, big old (that Kentucky fashion, you know)… a big hook, and a little bitty fish swallowed it. And he just pulled gills, entrails and all out, throwed it out on the water, little bitty sunfish, and he said, “Well, little fellow, you shot your last wad.” The little… flipping along on the water, died, the wind blowed him up into some pond lilies.

And the day before, setting, I said, “The Holy Spirit tells me that ‘there’ll be a resurrection of some little creature.` Perhaps there’d be a–a kitten, when I get back home, ’cause just…”

When we was trying to dig some fish bait, Brother Wood and I, who’s listening in tonight, my little girl which is a young woman setting here, engaged to this lanky soldier (I see him), she come up, she said, “Daddy…” Her and the other little girl, said, “We…” Now, anybody can have any kind of pet they want, but I sure don’t like a cat, so she… or no Branham. So we… she said, “Oh, we found a poor old cat out here, daddy. It’s–it– it’s eat something and it’s… somebody’s poisoned it, it’s all swelled up.” Said, “Daddy it’s going to die right away, can we get a little box and keep it a couple days?”

I said, “Let me see the cat.” Well, they went and got the cat. I seen what was going to happen, so give her a box. And next morning, was about seven or eight kittens there, you know. So my little boy, Joe, picked one of them up, and squeezed it and dropped it on the ground; and just–just… little fellow lay there wiggling around and around, killed it.

And I said to Brother Lyle, his brother, I said, “You know, it may be that it’d be that little kitten raised up, like we have seen the Lord do things.”

Brother Lyle, just new in the way. The Holy Spirit had just told him he was married, and what he had done, and the evils he had done, the things he had done. Well, he thought Brother Banks was telling me them things. But when It really brought him right out, and told him what he done the night before, that was–that was too much for him. He couldn’t get it.

Then, the next morning… Well, we fished all night, with little fish, we was catching some for bait. But he just throwed that little fish in the water, quivered, flabbed over. About a half hour later we were setting there, and I was… I said, “Brother Lyle, you let the fish swallow the hook all the way down in his stomach. See?” I said, “Take the fly line here, flip it over, the bait out like that; just soon as he touch it,” I said “then just hold him and then bring him in.” I said, “He… don’t pull him out like that, don’t swallow it, you catch the fish.”

He said, “Well…” He had a great, big old line hanging over, said, “This is the way we do it,” like that.

So, just about that time, I heard Something coming off the the top of the mountain up there, a whirlwind, whirling around and around. Here It come down like that, and the Spirit of God come over the boat, said, “Stand up on your feet.” Said, “Speak to that dead fish, say, ‘I give you back your life.`”

And that little fish had been laying there for a half hour, with his entrails in its mouth, and its gills. I said, “Little fishy, Jesus Christ gives you back your life. Live, in the Name of Jesus Christ.” Flipped over on his back, and down through the water he went as hard as he could go.

Brother Lyle, are you here somewhere? I–I seen you last night. Whether he’s inside, outside, or where he’s at, raise your hand if I can see you. What say? In the bal-… Oh, yes, way up in the balcony, through the windows back there. That’s the man, a Jehovah Witness.

He said, “Brother Branham!” He was all excited, he said, “Uh it’s–it’s good to be here. Isn’t it?” He said, “Uh–uh, do you– do you… Uh, do you think that meant me, that–that–that, that I called that little fish, said, ‘You had shot your last wad’?” Said, “That–that–that mean something to me?”

I said, “Nah, nah, just a confirmation.” He was all upset about it.

Well, we travel along and you see those things happening, knowing… Now, just think what was it to show? I had a many little spastic child on my prayer list, praying for it, but when the vision come it was for a little old fish about so long, about two inches long or three. Looked like the hook was as big as the fish. But, what it was, was to show you that God looks on the little things too.
I Have Heard But Now I See, November 27, 1965

4.William Branham and the Healing of Florence Nightingale

On January 24, 1950,  Brother Fred Bosworth showed William Branham a picture of a certain Florence Nightingale of Durban, South Africa who was suffering from cancer at the entrance of the stomach which was causing her to slowly starve to death.   She was a tall woman but now weighed only about fifty pounds and was a mere skeleton.  She had written asking Brother Branham to come to South Africa to pray for her.  It was learned that she was a distant relative of the Florence Nightingale that founded the Red Cross.  That evening they prayed that God would make her completely well.

Eight weeks later, while on the way to Finland, the Branham party landed in England and as they entered the International airport, William Branham’s name was paged over the public address system.  Florence Nightingale had arrived at the airport just fifteen minutes before and those with her wanted Brother Branham to come to her quickly because she was dying.

When they met at her hotel, no one in the party had ever seen a woman in such pitiful condition.  She was so thin that her skin stuck to her bones and even stuck back to back through the voids in her pelvis. Her pain and weakness were such that speech was nearly impossible.  

She asked if she could shake Brother Branham’s hand which required the nurse to raise her hand because it was little more than just bones.  She pleaded that he pray that God would let her die.  He asked her, “Are you a Christian?” and she whispered, “Yes.”

Brother Branham then led those present in a simple prayer.  As they knelt, he began, “Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of all good gifts…” As he reached this point, a dove flew in from the thick London fog and landed on the windowsill.   It remained there cooing and pacing along the sill until the prayer concluded with “Amen.” Then it flew back into the fog.  A minister of the Church of England was amongst those present and asked, “Did you notice that dove?” and another minister advised “It wasn’t a pet.”  As Brother Branham started to say he had thought it was a pet, the Spirit of God moved upon him and he saw a vision of Florence Nightingale walking down a street in perfect health.  Immediately he declared;  “Thus saith the Lord, sister, you will live and not die.”

As they walked from the room, Brother Ern Baxter gasped “How could she live?  God will have to create a new woman.”

Eight months later, Brother Branham received another picture from Florence Nightingale, this time showing her to be a picture of health weighing 155 pounds. She had resumed her own nursing career.

In 1960, Brother Branham reported that a magazine in England had published an article stating that Florence Nightingale’s testimony was false and so he arranged for a copy of the article to be sent to her in England where she was then living. Florence Nightingale went to the man who had written the article and challenged him with, “Who said this testimony wasn’t right?” The man then wrote Brother Branham a letter of apology, advising that he had “taken somebody else’s word for it.”


I said, “I see a person shadowed to death,” black shadow over her. A few weeks ago when I was in a city. And when we’re preaching, you’re not supposed to take pictures. But someone had a camera. I said to a lady sitting out there, a stranger, (I was in Southern Pines) I said, “There is a shadow over this Miss So-and-so.” A lady that I had never seen in my life. “You just come from the doctor, and two cancers, one on each breast, and you are given up. You are shadowed with a black hood, to death.”

Something said to a sister sitting by who had a flash camera, “Take the picture.” She didn’t want to do it. Yet, “Take the picture,” and she still refrained. And then again it came. She grabbed the camera and shot the picture, and there it is, scientifically. It is on the bulletin board. Black-hooded shadow.

Then, when the woman believed and prayer was made, a picture shot right straight back behind it, clear. I said, “The shadow has gone.” The lady lives by the grace of God.
Sirs, Is This The Time? December 30, 1962

Well then, many times you hear, look out and say, “There is a dark shadow over this person. It’s shadowed to death.” How many’s heard me say that many times (see?), Many times? Well, it happened to be that the camera caught that. And so we’ve got that here.

A lady that come to a sister and had told her in the meeting in–in Carolina, where we had such a wonderful meeting at Southern Pines… And there, the lady was dying with cancer on both breasts. And the doctors had give her up to die. And the lady just reached down and took her picture just as I told her who she was and where she come from; and I said, “There is a dark shadow over you. You’re shadowed to death.” And the lady just snaps the picture of this, and there it is on… The mechanical eye of the camera gets the shadow of death.

Have any of you all seen the Ten Commandments and saw the death angel, how it swept in, that dark, gloomy-looking shadow? It’s on this picture. And I think it’s on the bulletin board now. If it’s not, Billy can hear me, why, have him put it on the bulletin board. And it’s got the arrow pointing to the person. And the person… The shadow left the woman and… was miraculously healed. But there is like a hood of dark smoke gathered around and hooded over the lady, and hanging off on that cancer, like that, coming from that. Course that’s the shadow where death is pouring into her from the cancer.

Well, no matter how much you try to tell people truth, there’s somebody going to be suspicious that it isn’t truth. And if you always tell the truth, then you know you’re right.


Now, here is something I want to say. I must tell exactly the truth. About sixteen years ago I was in California with Brother John Sharrit, and I was having a meeting, and Meda and I and Brother Sharrit and Sister Sharrit and them were staying in a hotel. And a man named Paul Malicki, who stood right here in this Tabernacle many times, he is a wealthy Armenian, and his wife had given birth to a child up at Fresno, California, where they lived; and was… came down, brought his wife down and called me at the hotel, and said, “Can I bring my wife up, Brother Branham?”

I said, “Yes, you may.” The next day I was going to Catalina.

So he brought his wife up, and the little lady was so sick, and she… I said, “Put your hand on mine, Sister Malicki,” and I said, “we will see if the Lord will tell us.” And as soon as she laid her hand upon me, I said, “Oh, it is Milk Leg.”

She said, “I don’t seem to have any symptoms.”

I said, “You watch.” And in two days, they were doctoring her for Milk Leg.

Like little Jimmy Pool here, his little baby, the other day, came in with that heart attack, they thought, and it was an asthmatic attack, and I put my hand on him. I said, “Watch him for a couple of days. He has got measles, and it is coming through. It is the fever. I met him last night. He said, “He is broke out all over in measles.”

Now, I was talking to Sister Malicki with her hand. She said, “That is an amazing thing to watch that, Brother Branham.” She said, “Does that work on every hand?”

I said, “Well, if there is something wrong with the patient.” I said, “Now here, I put my hand on… Many of you stood and watched it, and it didn’t do it. I said, “Here, there is nothing wrong with my wife, put her hand… Look here, let me put your hand in mine.” She was sitting there, my wife. She put her hand on mine, as soon as she did, I said, “You have a cyst on the left ovary. You do have female trouble.”

And she said, “I don’t feel any different.”

I said, “But you have it.” Becky was two years old, my daughter that just played a while ago, she was two years old.

Two more years, Sarah came on the scene. And when… she was a ceasarean. And I asked Dr. Dillman, our doctor down in Corydon, to, “When you have her open, look at that left ovary. He did. He said, “There was nothing wrong that I saw.” I put my hand, it was still there.

Four years later, came Joseph. I asked him to look again. “Nothing wrong that I saw.” Put my hand, it was still there. So we just forgot about it.

Now this is something that I have to say, that I don’t like to say it, but it just has to make truth. See, and that is what you want. Always tell the truth no matter what takes place.

Years had passed, and we never noticed it. And I say this, not because she is sitting there, because I say it when she is not there. You know that. I don’t believe there could be a better wife in the world than my wife, and I hope she always remains that way. And I want to be a loyal husband. And I hope that every young man in this building, when he gets married, gets a wife like my wife. I don’t know how long we will live that way, but I hope the rest of our days on the earth. We have been very happy together.

God was the one who told me to marry her, at the same time her not knowing I was trying to marry her. Not because I didn’t love her, but because I didn’t think I was able to make a living for her. And she was a fine woman, I just didn’t deserve that. And she went out to pray, and opened up the Bible. She said, “Lord, I have never done this before, but give me a Scripture that will help me. If I have got to forget him, I have got to forget it.” Opened the Bible, and she went out in a little shed and prayed. And when she opened the Bible up, Malachi 4, “Behold I send unto you Elijah the prophet.” That was twenty-something years ago, knowing nothing about the ministry of this day.

And I was lying down on the river there, and He woke me up one night, I heard Him standing there by the door. He said, “Go get her, and your wedding shall be this coming October, the twenty- third.” And that is just exactly what I did. We have lived happy, by the grace of God we have never had one word. She has been a sweetheart.

One day I came in, and she has had to raise these children by herself, me gone in the ministry. Not many women would put up with that. You know that. It would be hard enough… I came in and she said something or the other. We got Joseph back there, and he sure is a boy! And he helped put some of the gray hair in his mother’s head, as well as I did. So, he was really all boy, and he had done something real bad, and I said to her… She said to me, “Bill, give him a licking.”

I said, “I just ain’t got the nerve.”

And she said, “Yes, if you had to put up with it!” And she slammed the door right in my face.

Well, I thought, “That is all right, Poor little fellow didn’t mean that.” I just went on out to wash my car.

When I got out there… The Holy Spirit didn’t like it. He said, “Go tell her.” I believe it is II Chronicles, 22nd chapter.

I thought at first, “I just imagined that.” I just kept on washing.

And It said again, “Go tell her to read this.”

And I went in, got the Bible, and read It. It was where Miriam, the prophetess, made fun of her brother, Moses, for marrying an Ethiopian girl, and God didn’t like it, He said, “It would be better that her father spit in her face, than her to have done that.”

So, Miriam broke out with leprosy, all over. So Aaron came, told his sister, said… came told is brother, said, “She is dying with leprosy.”

And so Moses ran in to intercede for her at the altar. And, when he did, the Pillar of Fire come down, God. He said, “Go, call her and Aaron, and bring them here.” Aaron was in it, too. So He said, “Call them, to come here.”

He said, “If there be one among you,” God speaking now to them, “that is spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord will make Myself known unto him. I’ll speak to him in visions and reveal Myself to him by dreams, and reveal dreams, and so forth.” He said, “But my servant Moses, there is none in the land like him.” He said, “I speak with him from lip to ear.” He said, “Didn’t you fear God?” See, God didn’t like it.

But when I saw that, I run in, and she was in the other room. I knocked on the door, (she had shut herself up) and I told her I wanted to speak to her. I went in there and talked to her, tried to tell her what it was. I said, “Sweetheart, you know how I love you, but God didn’t like that. You ought not have said that.” Immediately after that, she took a trouble in her side.

We took her over to the doctor here in Louisville, Doctor Arthur Schoen, and he found a tumor on the left ovary, that I had found fifteen or sixteen years before, tumor on the left ovary, about the size of a walnut. I said, “What about it, Doctor?”

He said, “Let’s see what happens. Bring her back again in a few months, about two months or something.”

We took her back. It had growed from a walnut to about the size of a lemon. He said, “Better come out. It will get soft and turn malignant.”

I said, “Well, my!” I said, “We are going to Tucson. The Lord has sent me out to Tucson.”

He sent her up to a female specialist, he didn’t want her on his hands. So he must have told him about my ministry, because he, the female specialist, said, “It will have to come out.” So he said… We told him we were going to Tucson. He said, “Well, I have got a specialist there, a dear friend of mine,” he used to live in Tucson. He said, “I am going to send you to him.” So he wrote a note and sent it to him, and said, “Mrs. Branham is a nice lady,” and went on like that. Sent him the diagram of how big the tumor was, and so forth, it had turned tumor then, and said how big it was, and said, “I know he knew…” I think he called me a “Divine healer,” that is all he knew how to put it.

But I said, “I have agreed, if it has to be taken out, take it out.” But, it was testing our faith.

Constantly we prayed. And the more we prayed, the bigger the tumor growed, till it got to a place till it was sticking out on her side. We kept it quiet, a few of the people here knew it, trying to see what would happen. On and on it went.

Finally, when I came down from Canada from where I led… the Lord let me lead that tribe of Indians to Christ. And I am going back to baptize them in the Name of the Lord Jesus this spring, the Lord willing. Now, came down, and it was time for her to go when I was in New York, or down here, for her to have another operation, to have the operation, or to be examined for the last time, I went on to New York, and when I came back, I stopped in here and went up after I had the meeting here, the last meeting. I went up there and called her from Brother Wood, and she said, “Bill, I can’t even stand my clothes to touch it.” It was just way out like this on her side then. And her leg on that side, she just hobbled along. The worst week she had ever had, and she was sitting there listening at me, worst week she had ever had.

And she said, “I have got to go, day after tomorrow, for that examination.”

I thought, “O God, if they cut it out, that will keep us from going home at Christmas, and I done told the people I would be there.” And I said, “What a time! Oh, my!” I thought, “Tell him, if he is going to operate, ‘Let it go a little longer, till Christmas.`” Then I got to thinking, “It might be malignant, and back over here.” You know, that is a bad thing. Run back into the kidneys, and if goes malignant, it will kill you. So then, I thought, “What can I do?”

And Meda said, “Well, now, you call me,” said. The day that I got in Shreveport, which would be the day after that, when I got in Shreveport, she had to go for the examination. And so she went to the… Mrs. Norman was going, Sister Norman, all of you know her, the people that come here to the Tabernacle, she was going with her to this specialist. And so she said, “Wait till you have your first night and then come back, because there is a difference (two hours) of time, then call me when you come back after that meeting, I will tell you what I have got to do.”

And I said, “All right.”

So I went on, and the next morning before I left, I was going to get Billy and Loyce. They are both sitting present. And always… we got an old stool there that Brother Palmer covered for us here not long ago, and we always get around that stool and pray whatever we’re… oh, ottoman like you know, footstool. Whenever we get around there and pray when I go on a meeting, we ask God to help us.

And I had been up there a couple of days, and I was lonesome. The house… kids gone, and her gone. You know, many of you know I had to go through that one time, go back to an empty house. Only, I buried that wife, Hope. And I… it all over again. When I got down, I thought, “Well, I will pray and then go pick up Billy and Loyce and go on.”

So I got down to pray, and I said, “Lord, I miss them this morning around here.” I said, “I pray that You will help them and bless them, and may we come back to this place again. And now I said, “They are out there because You sent me out there in a vision, and You fulfilled it. And now I am going to wait to see what You are going to tell me to do next.” I said, “I pray that You will be merciful to her.” And I said, “Help me in the meeting down there.” Then I kept… I said, “Lord, don’t let it be malignant. Let that doctor wait till after the first of the year to take it out. I just hate to see her…” I said, “Lord, she didn’t mean what she did that morning. She didn’t mean that.” I said, “Lord, not one time has she ever said one word about me going in the meetings, staying months, or whatever it was, not one time has she ever opened her mouth about it. She has always sent my clothes to the cleaners and washed my shirts, and had everything ready to go in the meeting. And then she wonders how she can serve God.” You women, as you serve your husband, you serve God. Of course. And now, and then when I came in all tired, wore out, people coming from everywhere, and I would have to go out somewhere on a fishing trip, or hunting trip. Why, many women would have blowed up at that. What did she do? Got my hunting clothes ready for me to go, let me go. I said, “Lord, she didn’t mean that.” And I said, “She has had to be cut open three times on account of she was ceasarean.” And I said, “Lord, I hate to see her have to do it again.”

Just then I heard Something in the room. I looked up, and a Voice said, “Stand up.” Said, “Now whatever you say, that is the way it will be.”

I waited just a minute, and I said, “Before the doctor’s hand shall touch her, the hand of God shall take the tumor away, and it won’t even be found.”

That settled it to me. I never called her. We went right on, went got Billy and Loyce, and went to Shreveport.

The next night I called her. She was happy, and she said, “Bill, I want to tell you.” Now here she is, and she can verify this. Had to hobble her way over there. Went in the room with the nurse and Mrs. Norman, and put her clothes on (the gown) for the examination. The doctor came out, and she could hardly get on the table, the tumor hanging up there so big. And when she… The doctor came in and was talking to her, and he came over to raise back the sheet to touch her, and just before he touched her, it left, and the doctor didn’t know which side it was on.

He said, “Wait a minute!” With the drawn diagrams and all the pictures and everything else, he couldn’t find one trace of it. He examined her over and over. He said, “I might not be able to explain it, but, Mrs. Branham, that tumor isn’t there.” And she has never had one symptom of it since.

What was it? Notice, just exactly the way It said it, “Before the doctor’s hand can touch it.” One split second and his hand would have touched it. How perfect is the Word of the Lord!

Now, there is my wife, and we are both before God. But before the doctor’s hand could even touch her body, on the road coming to her like that, something happened. The tumor left. And they couldn’t even… he said… I believe it was, wasn’t it, sweetheart? “I want to reassure you, Mrs. Branham,” (is that right the way he said it? that’s right) “that that tumor isn’t there. You don’t have any tumor.” What was it? Just exactly according to the Word of the Lord. Amen.

That is the fifth time. Five is the number of grace. A number of f-a-i-t-h, too. There is no more doubt in my mind. I know what the Third Pull is, and I know what it does. Now be reverent, just keep quiet. The hour will soon arrive, where God is going to do some great things for us.
Look Away To Jesus, December 29, 1963


Witness the awesome power of God as a woman is healed of breast cancer, stomach problems, and several other physical ailments. In this video you’ll also see Brother Branham’s incredible prophetic gift in operation as He discerns the woman’s first name, last name, and home address as the crowd watches in amazement!


Listening in, in Jeffersonville now, there’s a family named Wright. Brother Wood and I went down to see them. They make the communion wine for the church. Little Edith was setting there in the room, a little crippled girl, that she had been sick all of her life, and so we had always looked to God to heal her. Her sister, a widow, her husband had been killed, her name was Hattie, very humble little woman. And while Brother Banks and I went out to get her a rabbit, they had cooked a big cherry cobbler; and made me set down and eat.

We was all setting around the table, we were talking about this, it just happened a few days before. And while I was setting around the table, talking about this, all at once I said, “What could have happened?” I said, “Brother Wright, you’re an old man, hunted squirrels all your life. Brother Shelby, you’re an expert squirrel hunter. Brother Wood, so are you. I’ve hunted them since a kid. Did you ever see a squirrel in a sycamore and locust thicket?”

“No, sir.”

I said, “They just wasn’t there.” I said, “The only thing I know, It’s just the same God. When Abraham needed a ram, He was Jehovah-jireh, He could ‘provide for Himself.`” I said, “I believe it’s the same thing.”

And little old Hattie setting back there, said, “Brother Branham, that’s nothing but the Truth!”

She said the right thing! When she said that, the Holy Spirit dropped over in that channel again, every one of them felt It. I raised up, I said, “Sister Hattie, THUS SAITH THE LORD, you said the right word like the Syrophenician woman said. The Holy Spirit’s speaking to me now, and said for me to give you the desire of your heart.” I said, “Now, if I be God’s servant, if it is, it’ll happen. If I ain’t God’s servant, then I’m a liar, and it won’t happen, I’m a deceiver.” I said, “Now try and see, it’s the Spirit of God or not.”

She said, “Brother Branham,” (everybody was crying), said, “what shall I ask?”

I said, “You got a crippled sister setting there.”

I had twenty dollars in my pocket, to give to her, that she had put in a donation. The woman don’t make a capital of about two hundred dollars a year, on that little, old, poor farm, her and two of the boys. Her boys had got to be regular ‘Ricky’s,’ school days, you know, and just sassing their mother; and fifteen, sixteen years old. And, oh, they were standing over there laughing at what I was saying.

And I said, “You’ve got a father and mother setting here that’s old. You haven’t got any money. Ask for the money, and see if it comes in your lap. Ask for your sister, and see if she don’t get up and walk.” I knew then, like Job, there’s just something you know when you strike it. Said, “I know! Here I stand before about ten people,” I said, “if this doesn’t happen, then I’m a false prophet.”

Said, “What shall I ask?”

I said, “It’s up to you to make your decision. I cannot make your decision.”

She looked around, the little woman. And all at once, she said, “Brother Branham, the greatest desire in my heart is the salvation of my two boys.”

I said, “I give you your boys, in the Name of Jesus Christ.” And them snickering, laughing, fun-making boys fell across their mother’s lap, and surrendered their life to God, and was filled with the Holy Ghost right then. Right then!

Why? That is Truth! God has the authority to kill me, before these people across the nation. Many of you here and in Jeffersonville, I can hear the Tabernacle ring out now, “Amen!” because they’re setting right there listening at it. See, because it’s the Truth! What is it? It’s when the God, by His sovereign grace; it happens! Outside of that, it won’t happen.

In that crucial moment… Think of the man and the people that I’m acquainted with. God bypassing all the celebrities, and everything, to give a poor, little old humble woman, can’t hardly sign her own name; and He knowed that what she’d ask for. And that was the greatest thing; for her sister is now dead, and her mother and father has to die, the money would’ve perished, but the souls of her boy is Eternal! And that was the hour for them to catch It. And just as soon as I said, “I give you your boys, in the Name of Jesus Christ,” there they fell across their mother’s lap. How many in here knows that to be Truth, you know it? See, there it is. Yes. Why? Inspiration!

Now, “I have heard of Thee, that Thou could create squirrels. I’ve heard of Thee, that Thou could create a ram. But now I see Thee with mine own eye!” The manifestation, the vision made visible. When God promised anything, that’s what He will do.
I Have Heard But Now I See, November 27, 1965

9.The Supernatural Cloud 1963

The cloud that Brother Branham described as a constellation of Angels was photographed multiple times from the southern border of Arizona, all the way to the northern border. It was not only documented in Arizona, but it was also seen in northern Mexico, western New Mexico, and southern Colorado.

Mystery Cloud February 28, 1963, 27 miles high no water droplets exist at that height to make a cloud.

The photographs on the following pages were scanned from p.112 of Life magazine May 17, 1963.

“God Himself appeared in the form of a pillar of cloud when He led the Israelites out of Egypt into Canaan,” he said. “And God came down from heaven in a cloud and talked with Moses. God also spoke of times. Jesus was taken up into heaven in clouds at His ascension, and the Bible says that when Jesus comes again, He’ll come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

On February 28, 1963, over in Arizona, U.S.A., a constellation of seven angels appeared to a man named William Marrion Branham in the form of a ring shaped-Cloud. These seven angels came from the presence of God revealing to him the hidden mysteries that were sealed in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

This was to inform the people of God of the perfect will of the Father in preparation for the oncoming millennial reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth. It was as they left Brother Branham that they formed this mysterious cloud that Life Magazine had featured in their May 17, 1963 issue and Science Magazine in their April 19, 1963 issue. The original glossy prints reveal the full face of the Lord Jesus Christ as the picture is viewed from the right side angle “like unto the Son of Man, His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow” (Rev.1:13).

Experts estimated its height at about 26 miles, which science says is more than 17 miles higher than clouds can form, and about 15 miles higher than any airplane can fly. Although experts never really explained the event, science is never without some sort of explanation.

Their best guess is that the cloud traveled from the West Coast, about 500 miles east, at a speed of 135mph. That would be quite a miracle in itself, considering wind speeds were about 95 mph, it stayed intact the entire distance, and there were no reported sightings in one of the most populated areas on earth (Los Angeles).

The supernatural is something that mankind does not fully understand. How the entire world flooded with water, how the Nile River was turned to blood, how a strange star appeared to the wise men, or how a supernatural cloud formed over Arizona, are things that we will never understand while in these carnal bodies.

So-called Christian scientists can come up with explanations that seem to make sense, but the bottom line is that their best guess, just like science’s best guess, is no more than educated speculation. Our faith is not in carnal understanding but in the revelation provided by the Holy Spirit.

The same Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible prophesied that these Angels would come when the prophet said this a few months before the cloud appeared: “I just heard that great blast that went forth, that sounded like it was south, from me, towards Mexico. But, it shook the earth. And when it did, I was still looking westward.

And way off into Eternity, I saw a constellation of something coming. It looked like that it might have been little dots. There could have been no less than five, and not more than seven. But, They were in the shape of a pyramid, like these messengers coming. And when it did, the Power of Almighty God lifted me up to meet Them.” (62-1230E)

A couple of months later, while hunting near Sunset Arizona, a supernatural cloud appeared, a blast shook the earth, and the prophet was caught up with the Angels. How it happened, we don’t know. Neither do we know the exact timing or why God chose to do it that way, but we do have a lasting memorial that is displayed in homes and churches around the world.


One day this last fall, a few weeks ago, taking a little rest before coming to this meeting, I was squirrel hunting. Now, in our country, that’s rabbit and squirrels, is about all they hunt. And the reason that I was doing that, was to get some relaxation before coming to this meeting. Mr. Sothmann was with me that morning. He’s come from Canada to visit us and stay with us a while, got him a trailer and living close to us, he and some more friends. And so we were squirrel hunting together with Mr. Wood. And also he just lives there by the side of me, and just a chum to be along with me. And then we had went hunting, and it was the last day that I would get to hunt, because I was staged to go to Wyoming the coming Sunday, and then the season would close on Tuesday. And then this was on a Saturday, and be the last time I could hunt in the state of Indiana for squirrels this season. I went hunting quite a bit, and there had been much hunting. There’s many hunters there in Indiana for the squirrels. They was all thinned out.

That morning was a bad morning, windy, wind blowing, and they just won’t come out on those days. And I went into the woods and I walked till about nine o’clock, could see nothing. Went down on the creek bank. It was turning real cold in Indiana then, about the first of October. I think, to be exactly, it was the eighth of October. And I went down to some old sycamore trees, and squirrels don’t live in sycamore trees. They stay in Beech and Oak, and so forth, the thick timber where there’s a lot of foliage. And I was walking down a creek and I thought I seen a squirrel up on the side of a little ridge, and there was corn fields out there, and the corn, farmers were gathering their corn. Many of them out there gathering corn.

“Well,” I said, “there’s no squirrels this morning. And over here’s nothing but a big locust thicket, which is nothing there for a squirrel.” And the old walnut trees, the leaves all gone, they were bare. And there was no squirrels to be there. I said, “Well, I suppose I’ll just sit down here a little bit and kind of warm up,” ’cause I just had a shirt on, and no coat. And I sit down between the two trees where the sun would shine on me, slipped my feet up on the other tree, and I was in quite a comfortable position. I thought, “Maybe I’ll take a little nap.” And I have a little alarm watch. And I thought, “I’ll set that watch now to alarm if I happen to go to sleep, and I’ll pick up Mr. Wood and Mr. Sothmann at the appropriate time,” because they were farther on the road in another woods. So I set my little clock, and–and my little watch, rather, and set down by this tree.

And just as I scooted down to kind of get myself warm, that Scripture came to me “Whatsoever you say, believe that what you say shall come to pass, and you can have what you say.”

Well, I thought, “Why does that Scripture keep coming to me, when I can’t preach on it because I don’t know nothing about it. I could not go before a congregation and try to explain that Scripture.” Well, I set there a little bit, and I thought, “There’s only one thing to it. If I’m ever called on to preach on that subject, here’s the way I’ll do it, I’ll say, ‘Jesus told that to the disciples and gave them that authority. That was about a year and six months before the atonement was made. So if it wasn’t in the atonement, it was the other side of the atonement.` So if anybody ever asks me that question, I’ll just tell them it was the other side of the atonement. It’s the only thing I know, because Jesus was still a-living, the atonement was not made, and He was not wounded for our transgression nor by His stripes were we healed yet. So He just gave them that power the other side of the atonement.”

And then, all of a sudden, Something spoke to me, and said, “What about the prophets?” Well, I begin to see then, it begin to unfold to me. “What do you think that taken place in the meeting when you’re standing there, do you think you’re the one who knows those people? Do you think that it’s you that can predict and say to those people that ‘You’re going to do a certain-certain thing, and a certain-certain thing that has happened to you, and a certain-certain thing will happen to you’? Do you think that’s you saying it?” Oh, my! It means so much, it’s never left me.

And I thought, “Surely not, Lord. It’s You.”

“Well, then, do you think it’s you talking?”


“Do you think it was the prophets talking? Have not you just got through preaching on the subject that the prophets was so anointed with the Holy Spirit that it wasn’t them that done the speaking. It was the Holy Spirit in them crying out. Then whatever you say, if you’re anointed, wouldn’t be you saying it, it would be the Holy Spirit saying it.”

Well, I thought, “If that… That’s right. If the person, through the atonement, sanctified by the Blood of Jesus Christ, can live into a sphere with God so close that he can be wrapped so completely in God by the Blood of Jesus, that it wouldn’t be him talking, it would be the Holy Spirit speaking these things.” And no more than I had said that till the anointing of the Holy Spirit struck me like I have never had before in all my life. God knows that. I raised up to my feet. I got seared.

And Something said to me, “Now this is the beginning of your new ministry. Now ask what you will, and it shall be given to you.”

I stood there. I–I don’t want to be a fanatic, I… God knows I want to be sane and just and honest and faithful and true. When I–I’m fifty years old, can’t be too much longer, I’ve got to go meet Him. And I want to be… know that everything is perfectly right before I leave this world. And I thought, “I don’t want to be off on a deep end of something.” I thought, “Maybe I…” Now, I’d bite my finger. I said, “I’m not asleep. I’m not dreaming this. So, something’s wrong. And I real numb-like, all over my face and everything. I thought, “Maybe I was just studying it so much till I got into a place I can’t shake myself out of it.” And I thought, “Usually, when anointing comes deeply, a vision follows it.” I thought, “Well, I’ll just–I’ll just wait here a minute.” And I–and I started moving my hands around like this, and walking around.

And Something said, “Say what you will, and it shall be given to you.” I waited and listened.

I thought, “Was that… Where You at, Sir?”

And I heard It again, “Ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you. I’m confirming the things that I will do.”

And I said, “But what should I…” I thought, “Who am I talking to?” I–I felt like I had lost my mind. I thought, “Who am I talking to? I don’t see a person. Where’s that Light at? It usually is the One that talks. There’s no Light here. Who are You? What do You want?” I thought.

Something said, “Ask what you will.”

That’s right, I was thinking of that Scripture, Mark 11:23, “Ask what you will.” I thought, “Well what would I ask? There’s no sick people here. What could I do?” I thought, “There’s nothing I… Maybe am I beside myself?” I said, “What would I ask for?”

And Something, just as plain as you hear my voice, said, “Aren’t you hunting, and you have no game?”

I said, “That’s right.” I thought this, “Lord,” I said, “if I’m–if I’m doing anything wrong, You forgive me.” Now, isn’t that awful, if you’re “doing anything wrong”? I said, “Lord, if I’m doing anything wrong, forgive me. But is this You? Is this the Scripture that You’re trying to get to me? Is this that other step that we’re coming up to? You give me a vision, said, ‘It would be confirmed in a little building, somewhere in a meeting when the tent’s get started'” I said, “Is this what it’s leading to? If it is, Lord, then I’ll take You by Your Word.” I looked around, I thought, “I’ll find something impossible.” I found that old locust thicket. I said…

I usually set my sights in for fifty yards. The Lord… I’m not a shot, but I–I… If my gun won’t drive a tack at fifty yards, it’s out. So then I was… I shoot squirrels, never shoot one with his back turned, or head turned. I got to see him just right, and shoot him in the eye with a twenty-two rifle. Now, if they don’t, let him go.

So then, and I said, “There’s fifty yards,” about the distance across this building. I said, “And there shall come a young red squirrel and sit on that old naked limb out yonder, and I’ll shoot him from right here.” And there come the squirrel. I turned the gun, aimed up through the little telescope sight, I seen its eye, shot it, dropped down. I walked over to look at it, I thought, “It’s bleeding. A vision don’t bleed.” And I–I looked at it, picked the squirrel up, felt it. It was a real squirrel. I got real scared. And I thought, “Well, you know, it just happened. That’s all, it just happened like that.”

So I started to walk away. I thought, “But a squirrel, out here in this locust thicket? Why, they’d be back over yonder in the woods. They wouldn’t walk out there like that.” And I been hunting, all morning. So I stood there just a little bit, and I said, “Lord, if was You, the Bible said ‘two or three witness’ is a confirmation. It can’t happen a second time.”

So I walked up the side of the hill and sat down. And I said, “Now here I’m acting crazy.” And I said, “Well, I–I’ll just get ready and go home now.” I said, It’ll… But I thought, “Believe I’ll try.” And I said, “And there shall come another squirrel and set over there in them bunch of grape vines right there.” I took my finger down and looked back. I didn’t see any squirrel. I said, “Well!” Looked back, and I thought, “What is that there?” Pulled up my telescope, and there set a squirrel looking right at me, fifty yards away. I shot the squirrel. Walked over to pick him up, to see if it was a vision. But it wasn’t a vision, it was a squirrel. I eat them. So they… And I–I picked up that one, and I thought, “Oh, my!” I just felt real funny. I thought, “Two. But you said ‘three.`” Well, I said, “This, I–I–I kind of believe it was You, Lord.” I said, “Maybe you’re going to do something for the people now, you’re going to help Your people. So I thank You very much. And I–I thank you, Sir. I took off my hat, and I said, “I–I certainly thank You, Sir. I–I believe You now, and You’re going to do something for Your people, so I sure appreciate it, Father dear.” And I said, “Now I’ll be going home.”

It said, “But you said you wanted three.”

Well, I said, “Yes.” Now, that seemed like there’s something inside of me. I didn’t hear a voice, but just something inside of me said that. Well, I thought, “I’ll make this one so radical that it–it’ll have to be something Supernatural.” And I looked out in the field, towards the field, there was just a big old slick snag out there, with one big old limb run out. I said, “And it shall come to pass, there will be a young squirrel go out on that limb, sit on the end of the limb, and look over at the farmers cutting their corn, shucking their corn. And I’ll kill him from this tree right here. It shall be that way.” I stood there a minute, no squirrel, looked back. About five minutes passed, no squirrel. Well, I said, I thought, “Well, this is enough, anyhow, it’s getting time for me to go.” I said, “I better go.”

And I started to walk away. And, as I did, Something said, “But you’ve already spoke it, And the Scripture says, ‘If you’ll not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you have said.`” Hallelujah!

I waited up against the side of a tree. I looked off, looked back, there’s no squirrel. I waited another ten minutes, no squirrel. I said, “How could a squirrel ever get out there?” So I said, “Well, I guess I’ll just move along. And I’ll be going on, because it’s time to pick up Mr. Sothmann and them, so I’ll just walk on,” I started to walk away like that.

Said, “Are you doubting?” God knows how to school you. “Are you doubting that what you said?”

I said, “No, I’m not doubting.” And just as I said that, coming out that limb come a young squirrel, walked out to the end of the limb and stood and looked over at the farmers. I shot him from right there, making my three squirrels. Now, I said, “I’m going to see if there’s another squirrel in this territory.” And I was about three hours late, picking up Mr. Sothmann and them, couldn’t even hear one. I went home, I told them. It bothered me, I didn’t know what to think about it.

About two weeks later I was down in the state of Kentucky, where squirrel season was still in, with friends of mine, Mr. Woods and his brother-in-law. And I was standing down there. And we went hunting that morning, and, oh, windy, and the leaves all off the trees, a bad time to squirrel hunt. So we… good hunters wasn’t catching over about one a day. And–and you had to be, have a shotgun, to get them with it then. And be… [Blank spot on tape–Ed.]

“And you shall have them.” I thought, “Now, here, I don’t–I– I–I don’t know about that, now. It’s too unlikely this morning, sure enough, and not no squirrels in here at this time of year. And it’s so cold, we had on so many clothes I was just shivering as hard as I could. I thought, “No squirrels.” And leaves about that deep on the ground. You could hear you like a herd of antelope coming through. And so I was walking along like that, and it struck me again, and said, “Ask what you will.” And I stopped and put my gun down, took off my hat. And I said, “Heavenly Father, I’m down here in these mountains, what–what’s these things about? “Is that You speaking to me? Is it You, Lord? Where You at? I usually see that, Your Light. Where are You at? Speak to me, Lord. If there’s anything You want me to do, I’ll do it. Have I found grace in Your sight?” I said, “I… You speak to me.”

And said, “Ask what you will, and it’ll be given to you.”

I said, “Then if that be You, I shall have my three squirrels, this morning, gray squirrels.” (That’s reds in Indiana.) And I said, “I shall have my three squirrels.”

Something said, “Which way will they come from?”

I thought, “There it is.” I could hear it just as plain as you hear me. And I said, “One will come from this a way; one will come from back that way; and one will come from that way.” I leaned up against a little tree and waited a few minutes. I didn’t see any squirrels. Getting late, time to go back, almost. I looked back across the hill, and way up about a hundred and twenty-five yards, I guess, I seen something, looked like it was on a stump. A gray squirrel is very small. I looked through the little telescope, and I couldn’t tell it was a squirrel or not. I kept watching. It jumped off the stump, started down by the side of the tree. Well, that’s an awful long shot. But I just knelt down on my knee and laid my gun across the side of my hand, killed the squirrel.

I said, “That then, the next one will have to come from this a way.” So I just turned myself on the tree, and I said, “It will come this a way.” I waited about fifteen minutes, here come a squirrel. So I throwed another shell up in the gun and leveled down. And just as I started to level down, the second squirrel come. I said, “Oh, praise the Lord, there’s the second one. There they are.” So I raised up and shot the first one, killed him right dead, hit him right through the eye. And then–and then this other squirrel run, jumped upon a log, and it run under the log, picked up a hickory nut and started eating it. Just a perfect shot, about fifty yards. I thought, “There’s my second squirrel. That’s one, two, three, just what I asked for.” I laid my gun down, and shot. And I hit the log.

Now, out of about a hundred and forty-nine squirrels this year, I’ve only missed five shots. So then I thought, “How did I miss that squirrel?” Never scared him. He jumped up, run back down at the other side of the log, and stood and looked around. I put another shell in. I thought, “I’ll sure get him this time.” I leveled down, right across the hair, right across his eye, pulled the trigger. I hit about two foot under him. I said, “My, this gun’s out. There’s something wrong with this gun,” not thinking. And then he jumped off the log and run right broad-sided from me. I said, “Well, I haven’t shot a squirrel sideways in a long time, but I’m going to see if this gun’s out or not.” I said, “I’ll certainly get him this time.” Maybe I’m just cold and shaky. So I got a little bush and leaned the gun against the bush, and leveled down till I was right broadside him, not over about thirty-five yards away, the squirrel was running down the hill. Right across the mid-center of him, pulled the trigger. And I don’t know where I hit, I missed the squirrel. And I was out of shells in my little old gun, so the squirrel went up over the hill. And I thought, “There, I missed three straight shots. And the whole season through, and only missed five. How could it be?” Then I happened to think, “I couldn’t have got that squirrel, I said the other one would come from this a-way. She wasn’t there.” But His Word is perfect. See?

Then I started waiting, and almost dark. I said, “If the other squirrel comes, I’m going to have to shoot him real close to me, ’cause there’s a thicket here. And he has to come down through this thicket, the only way he can. Well, I thought, “Well, it wasn’t so this time, that–that anointing, maybe–maybe I just happened to get those two.” So I went over and picked my squirrels up and started home. And it was real dark in the hollow. And I started down through the hollow.”

Something said to me, “What about that other squirrel?”

And I said, “Well, I–I–I’ve already got two, and so it’s too late now. I can’t even see through my scope, hardly, see, too late to get one now.” And I started on down.

Something said, “Turn and go back and get the other squirrel. You’ve already said it.”

So I turned, and I hadn’t walked about ten steps. Now listen close. And I seen the squirrel run up a tree about sixty or seventy yards from me. So dark, it had to be just a light across the top of the mountain, or I wouldn’t have seen him. And I–I leveled the gun down. I couldn’t see the squirrel, kept looking back and forth, and I thought, “Where is he at?” After a while, looked like a knot on the tree stuck around, I thought, “That’s his head.” So I shot. The squirrel run down the tree and I heard something hit the leaves. I thought he must have jumped off, and about that time about fifteen yards from it, another squirrel run up a tree. I said, “That was that squirrel. I missed him, and he run around and run up that tree.” So I watched real dose, and so dark, and the wind blowing so hard. I thought I seen some leaves with something moving. I thought, “Well, I’m–I’m going to shoot at it anyhow. And I shot. I heard that squirrel hit the ground, plump. It really killed him right out. “Well,” I said, “I missed him on that tree, but got him over here. Just a little bit out of line.” I said, “I’ll go over and get him.” So I walked on up the hill. And, when I got to this first tree, there laid my squirrel, the first one, right in line exactly the way I pointed. God in Heaven knows that’s true. Right the way I pointed.

Well, I went over, I said, “Well, that makes me four, He gave me one for good measure. That’s good.” I said, “I said ‘three,’ and I got four. That’s good.” So I went over to pick up the other it wasn’t there, and yet I knowed I killed that squirrel. Well, I searched everything around there, waiting, feeling with my hands in the darkness, through the leaves, and busted open an old log, and everything, thought he might have just hurt him, and he pulled away. Finally I found a little hole in a snag, I begin to run my stick in there and pull around. I’d feel something fall off, and I said, “It’s the squirrel.” But the hole was too little to get my hands in. I’ll have to get an ax or something, cut it. So I put a big rock or chunk against it, and went on down. And I told my brethren when I got to the bottom of the hill. They begin to praise the Lord and shout.

That night I was telling once a group of mountain people that had come, gathered in, and we were all praising the Lord. And one of my deacons, by the name of Tony, that’s in my church, he was– he was with me. And that night when we started to go to bed, he prayed before those people, he said, “Now, Lord,” we asked him to lead in prayer, he said, “now, Lord, to confirm that our brother has told the truth, let him find that squirrel tomorrow in the log, so that we’ll know he’s told the truth.”

It looked like my heart just dropped out of me. “Know that I’ve told the truth?” Something like that, and would tell a lie about it? God forbid! Such a hypocrite. And I thought, “How would a man that loves me, and a man of that caliber. A man that his wife laid dying on the floor, and the doctors had walked away from her; went over and offered prayer for her, she got up and went to church with me. How could he question my word? How did he say that?” And the other brethren caught it.

The next morning at the table, early before daylight, he said, “Well, Brother Branham, we’ll go up and get your squirrel. We’ll get one today, anyhow, ’cause it’ll be in there.”

I said, “Brother Tony, you just didn’t understand. When I spoke under the inspiration, I said ‘three squirrels,’ that fourth one had nothing to do with it.”

“Oh,” he said, “he’s in that log, anyhow. We’ll know by that.”

I looked across the table, and I thought, “Brother Tony, would you–would you doubt me telling you the truth?” And I never said nothing. The brethren looked at each other.

And we went on to the woods. And when we started to leave the cars, for different ways, well, I thought I’d go up and get my squirrel if he was there. And I thought I’d go back and tell Brother Tony, but something just kept pressing me on. And I went on to… Now, that was just about a week before I come here. And I went on up. And when I got started up there, something said to me, “What if that squirrel isn’t in there? Now what? And there your own deacon will say that it’s not right.”

Now the Lord knows these words are true, exactly perfectly to the best of my knowledge in my heart. And I started walking on, I thought, “Well, I sure hope it’s there, that’s one thing sure. I certainly hope it.” I had never said nothing about that squirrel. It was… You all understand? How many understands what it–what it was about? Sure. The three squirrels was what I had spoke about. The fourth one had nothing to do with it. But the Lord knows how to train and what to do.

So going on up there, that anointing struck me again, and said, “If it isn’t there, say it’ll be there, and you’ll find the squirrel.”

And I said, “Lord, I’m taking Your Word now.” I said, “And I shall find the squirrel.” On up the mountain I went. I thought, “No need of me fearing anymore, ’cause I’m going to find it, that’s all. I done said it. And the Lord said, when that anointing was on me when I said anything, it would be that way. So I’m going on.”

I hunted all around, I looked. About fifteen minutes time to get back down the mountain, I thought, “Better go get my squirrel.” I went up there, and pulled the chunk out of the hole, and begin to feel in there. I could feel that. Pick it up, feel like something fall off like that, like the squirrel on the end of the stick, and fall off. I had a big old hunting knife, and got me a big rock and cut the hole big enough to get my hand in, and I looked in there. I was picking up some roots that was falling, some roots under, was laying in this old snag. I thought, “Oh, my, and we’re supposed to be there at exactly nine o’clock. So I’ll… Now, with no squirrel!” And, oh, my, that morning was terrible, it was a blizzardy and going on. And I thought, “That’s terrible.” So I thought, “Well, there’s only one thing that I can do to prove it. Now, Lord, it wasn’t Your fault. Because You, when I… You told me that, to speak. And I spoke for those three, and the three was there. But Brother Tony just misunderstood it, that’s all.” And I said, “I’m going back down and pick him up and the other brethren, and bring them here and show them where the–where the stump was, to let them know that I–I–I thought I was right. I told the truth about knowing the squirrel was there.” And I put… started down the hill.

And Something said to me, “But you said, coming up, that you would find the squirrel.” Amen. Oh, you just don’t know what that does to me. “You said you shall find the squirrel.”

I thought, “Where could I find him? Here’s the woods, not a leaf on a tree, and they’re all piled up around here. There’s the tree where the squirrel fell. Here’s just one thing he could have hid under, would have been this log. And I’ve took every little piece away from it, not another hole in the tree, nowhere. And there’s the only place.”

But He said, “You said you would find it.

Well, I kicked around in the leaves and everything, I thought, “Oh, Billy, you’ve went off, I believe, at the deep end.” And I started going on down, started.

Said, “But you said you would find it.”

I thought, “That’s right. I said when that anointing was on me, ‘I shall find the squirrel.` And if that’s a confirmation of my ministry beginning again, then the squirrel has got to be here somewhere.” I said, “I can’t find it. Where’s it at?”

Something said, “Look under that piece of bark.” And I went and pick, started to pick.

I said, “Yes, praise the Lord, it’s under the bark.”

And I went over to pick up the piece of bark, and something said, “But what if it isn’t under there?”

“Oh,” I said, “it’ll be under there.” And I picked it up, and there was no squirrel. And I thought, “There’s something funny.” Now, but I said! That was the same inspiration that told me the three would be there, the same inspiration was on me when I said that would be there. So it’s got… I looked down there again. I seen just a little, couple of little gray hairs sticking out from under the leaves. I picked it up, and there was my squirrel. Now, you talk about a little Irish-man shouting, you ought to have heard me going down that hill! I really was a happy boy.

I went home and told the folks about it. And, my, how we was all rejoicing! Brother Tony said, “Brother Branham, I didn’t know I prayed that way.” And I said, “But, you did, and Brother Charlie and them was talking about it,” how that he–he did pray that way.
Speak To This Mountain, November 23, 1959

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