William Branham quotes about money

Money – Branham Quotes

The world won’t be converted by money. The world will be converted by the Holy Ghost, powerful preaching of the Holy Ghost and the cross will be the only thing that’ll convert the world. God’s program is not money”

60-1211E The Laodicean Church Age

Money is filth in the sight of God, if it isn’t used to His Kingdom or to some good cause”

59-0706 Thinking On Our Ways

Now, to be poor and without money, is a bad thing, but to be shut off in a blind world without hope and without mercy, that’s a tragic scene we have

54-0620E Divine Healing

Till the lust of the eye gets so dim you can’t see it anymore; until the love of money is completely vanished away from you; and when you stand there alone with Jehovah God, that’s the things that counts. That’s the things that makes you forget all you ever knew”

57-0517 The Queen Of Sheba

See what a curse money is and riches. No wonder Jesus said, “Scarcely a rich man can enter the gates of heaven.” Like the camel going through the eye of the needle, has to unload his burdens and get on his knees and crawl under”

54-0302 Resurrection Of Jairus’ Daughter

Where money is plentiful, and people are in the popular opinion of the day, sin always sets in, and violence”

63-0724 God Doesn’t Call Man To Judgment Without First Warning Him

And money is a–a scrip; it’s an exchange; but you can’t exchange it for Life. Only God has Life. So we–we realize that we’re here in a negative form. And as long as there is a negative, there has to be a positive”

64-0705 The Masterpiece

The money is a purchase of power. Here’s God’s scrip bag. Each traveler, or shepherd out there has a scrip bag. So now, if you want something out of there, some purchasing power, if you’re sick, reach down here and let’s see what I got in the scrip Bag. “I’m the Lord that healeth thee.” All right, take it out. It’s a power that buys”

55-0118 The Great Warrior David

Money is scattering out through the country and big things, that’s got the people’s minds on big things instead of on God”

63-0626 Why

I knew that there would be things that we’d have to watch. And one of them is money, the other one’s popularity, and women. There’s three things that man falls with, and ministers especially. Now, notice in the Bible, seers. We find out that Balaam fell because of money. Samson fell because of women, and Saul fell because of popularity”

56-0219 Being Led Of The Holy Spirit

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