William Branham Quotes About Friendship

Friendship – Branham Quotes

You can’t buy friendship with money. Friendship is a gift of God

59-0301E What Does Thou Here

And then sending money overseas, over there, calling it national defense, trying to buy friendship… You can’t buy friendship

61-0415E The Uncertain Sound

There’s another thing that I would like to say; that is, another thing running out, is friendship is running out. It don’t seem like that we have the friends that we used to have. And the friends that we have are not loyal friends like they used to be”

58-1001 Lifting Him Up Out Of History

Now, real quietly let the Christians reach around, shake hands with someone behind you, in front of you, and at the side while we sing it again now. Make friendship, all you Baptists and Methodists, everybody. Shake hands with a Pentecostal. And Pentecostal shake hands with them. We’re all one”

59-0410 Looking At The Unseen

We are a Christian nation, and billions are sent to those people over there, that we’re trying to buy their friendship. And now, they’re turning it down”

59-0802 Without Money Or Without Price

Mary, she grabbed Elisabeth and Elisabeth and Mary, and look at them patting one another, and hugging one another, kissing each other, and so happy to meet each other. What a friendship”

59-1126 – Jehovah Of Miracles

Jesus prayed that prayer that we might love one another as He loved us—as He loved us! And He loved us so much that He died for us. No one could love like that unless they—with the natural love, because it would not hold out. It won’t express itself. It’ll do as long as there’s friendship connected with it. But when the friendships turn, then people begin to say, “Well, he did so-and-so. She did so-and-so. They backslid, they…” Real godly love goes after that backslider till it finds him. Godly love goes and stoops to the lowest of hell to pick up a man or a woman that’s fallen”

59-0403 – Living, Dying, Buried, Rising, Coming

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