Will the dispensation of grace be over, after you open the Seventh Seal?

Will the dispensation of grace be over, after you open the Seventh Seal?

349  I hope not. No. No. Friends, don’t get that in your mind now, see. You just go right on. Dig the potatoes, and go to church, and right on. If it takes place in the morning, you be found doing just exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t–don’t start…

350  See, when you do, you twist the very thing away from the–the purpose that it’s intended for. You get little peculiar thoughts, and you get your own ideas about thing. Don’t take your own idea. Just when you sit and listen to things like that, say, “Thank You, Lord. I’m just going to walk a little closer to You.” See? “I’m going to walk…” Don’t quit work and say,
“I’ll sell out everything.”

351  A man run in, up here, the other day, from North Carolina, just before we left. And he said, “Glory to God! Can you tell me where some great somebody was?” And I said, “No.”

352  “Oh, yes, sir,” said, “this guy has got the…” Said, “This guy is the president of the Audio Mission.”
I said, “The what?”
Said, “Audio Mission.”
I said, “I don’t understand.”
And he said, “Oh,” said, “this guy is the president.”
I said, “What did you say his name was?”

353  He said, “Branham, I believe. Something like that, Brown or Branham.”
I said, “Well, my name is Branham.”
He said, “Are you the president of the Audio Mission?”
I said, “No, sir.”
He said, “Well, where is the Millennium at?”
I said, “I don’t know.”

354  He said, “Why, you’re a…You–you mean that it–it–it–it’s going on right here, and you don’t know it?”
I said, “No, sir, I don’t.”

355  He said, “Well, glory to God!” Said, “I got some–some friends that come told me,” and said, “I quit work.” Still had his work clothes on. Said, “Brother, I want the Millennium.”

356  And I said, “Well, I–I believe you’re just a little bit confused, aren’t you, brother?”

357  About that time a car drove up, a taxi cab. She said, “Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!” A little woman come up there, said, “Now you’re going to pray for my husband.”
I said, “Yes, ma’am. What–what about it?”

358  She said, “Well, I understand you have to wait a month on an interview, see, to get prayed for.”
And I said, “What?”

359  And she said, “Yes, sir.” Said, “But I’m desperate. You got to pray for my husband.”
I said, “Sure. Where is he at? Bring him on.”

360  This guy standing there, looking off, said, “Do you pray for the sick, too?”
I said, “Yes, sir.”

361  Said, “What did you say your name was, Branham?” I said… “And you don’t know nothing about the Millennium?”

362  I said, “Well, I…No, I don’t.” I said, “I–I don’t understand it. Just right in the Bible.”

363  He said, “No, it’s right now. People has come from everywhere.”
I said, “Where is it at?”
He said, “Jeffersonville, Indiana, right under the bridge.”

364  I said, “Sir, you got me, bested.” And I said, “I don’t know nothing about it.” I said, “Let’s go in and sit down. Maybe we can talk this thing over.” We did, see.

365  Don’t, don’t, you see, friends, don’t you never desire a ministry. You know what I mean. See? You’ll be happier just where you are. See? You just go right on.

William Marrion Branham
63-0324M Questions & Answers On The Seals

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