what is the significance of the seven seals trumpets and bowls?

7 seals of revealtions

IF THE 7th SEAL IS NOT OPENED…. – Then the book is not open – The Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 has not come down – Then Rev 10:7 has not been fulfilled. – Then WMB is a false prophet and not the forerunner of the 2nd coming. –

Then we are still in the Church ages and the Bride has not been pulled out  The bride is only pulled out by the opening of the 7 seals. If, it is not open then we are still a denomination, the opening of the seals, is what separates us. – …. then we are not yet in the days of the rapture. This means we are going to die out, and another generation is going to receive it.  IF THE 7th SEAL IS OPENED… –

… then the book is opened – ..then the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 has come down  – … Then Revelation 10:7 has been fulfilled  – …then WMB is a true prophet and the forerunner of the second coming.  –

…then we are no longer in the church and the Bride has been pulled out. Rev 9 tells us it the end of World War 2 the 6th trump, Rev 11 tells us, Armageddon the 7th Trumpet is going to take place.  So we are living in the days of Rev 10, even the scriptures tell us which time line we are living in.  We recognize our day, we are living between the 2nd and 3rd world war. We know the Mighty Angel must come down, the open book must come to the Bride, and there must be the 7th messenger to deliver this message.  

The messenger is gone, so the book must have arrived  – … then we are living in the days of the rapture  THE SEVENTH SEAL BRINGS HIM BACK TO EARTH 347 But, remember, all this time, Noah was in the ark. The Bride is sealed in with Christ, the last member has been redeemed. The Sixth Seal has produced itself.

The Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the right hand of Him, and set down and claimed what He owned, what He had redeemed. That right? It’s always been that Third Pull. 63-1110m – “Souls That Are In Prison Now”Rev. William Marrion Branham  Looking at this quote it seems like the 7th seal is not open, because people were looking for a corporal coming. But when you see what happened in our day, then you will have the open book.

 The quote does not say Jesus Christ – it says the “LAMB”. He was flesh, the 7th seal is linked to the second coming on earth, when Jesus died he went back as a theophany/ light. Not Flesh  So who are you expecting to come down? He went in rapture!  Because of this misconception the coming of the Lord is veiled to the people.  

Once this opens to you, the Bible becomes a new book; you enter into a new life. You literally feel different!! Amen You then know you are no longer denominational anymore  When He died, the flesh dissolved and he became the Word, the lamb.

“God is a spirit”  In heaven there are 3 that bear record, the Father, the Word and the HG. So who are you looking to or expecting to come back?  The Word – He is Jesus! What is it, which was prophesied, to come back?

 The second coming is supposed to be a secret. If He comes in a physical, visible, body, how would that be a secret? Imagine all the bodies floating into the air if that is how it had to happen  How is that a secret? The rapture is nowhere near the way people have it. 

BB said you won’t go higher than your door post. It’s just another dimension moving a little faster than this one.  Not up in the sky! Just a simple question, if the earth is round. Then which way is up. If you are at the bottom when the rapture takes place you won’t be able to go up! Where is heaven, in which part of the universe?

Up or down or left or right? See how carnal it is!  BB said Heaven is a dimension faster than this one, right here.  When your eyes are opened you will see right into that dimension  Imagine God sitting on a thrown trillion of miles into the sky.  This is why we have the 7th seal. IS IT ‘OPENED’ but not revealed?  

– Not a global answer, Revelation applies differently to every individual.  – Was the first coming revealed to everyone at the same time?  Absolutely not! First Mary, then Joseph, still no one then Zechariah, who was struck down, then Elizabeth. Then John, who was the forerunner of the one that was already there. They grew up together and John never knew Him.  Could you imagine Mary telling everybody that that was the Messiah (the 7th seal) that was born etc.?

They would have killed her as a witch.  Only after the coming took place she and Joseph and a few others knew. For 30 years. There he was on earth working as a carpenter. Only during the last 3.5 years of his life everybody started realizing he was here. If they were told sooner, they may not have accepted Him.  

He must come to you PERSONALLY  He went to individuals, like Zacchaeus and the women at the well!  Then last to the elect! 
If that was the first coming, what about the second coming  It’s not a matter of everybody seeing it, it’s about who’s heart is looking for it Was the woman at the well worthy?????? But she saw and recognized Him Makes you think a little deeper!  

The revelation goes beyond your Christianity and churchianity or how good you are or how able you are to live the life.  The women at the well had revelation, that’s why she recognized who He was and believed it. When it presented itself she reacted with faith.

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