What Does the Bible Say About Watching Tv?

What Does the Bible Say About Watching Tv?

Now regarding this topic of buying a Television to just watch news.
Well when we look at what the prophet says about it, we’ll see he clearly said that” I’LL NEVER HAVE TELEVISION IN MY HOUSE, GOD TOLD ME NOT TO HAVE IT, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ONE THAT’S UP TO YOU”.

Now brethren let’s ask ourselves why would God tell his prophet something like that, and we see that in his entire life he had never had Television in his house. Now wasn’t there news to watch in that time? Yes there was, but why did God tell him not to have it?

All we have to know is that it’s God’s word and if we have really believed the message and we say we fully obey it, we must also obey what he says about Television, cause it’s what God told him to do, you see?

If you say you obey the message but you don’t obey that part, you get yourself TV to watch news, then you don’t obey it fully, meaning you’re a half believer while remember God doesn’t make half believers but total believers, people who fully obey his word, you see.

So brethren I believe with all my heart that if we’re believers of the Message that William Branham preached we must do what he did about Television, which is not have it our houses, cause God told him so, see?
And remember he says it’s full obedience which gives us right to have the token which is the holy spirit,

I know we all got weaknesses, we fight everyday to get to that full obedience and God looking at the desire down in our hearts which is to please him everyday of our lives, doesn’t impute certain sins to us because he knows that down in our souls we really love him and we want to please him but it happens to us to be trapped and fall but once we make a mistake,

we won’t take long to make it right if we really love him. Now there are things that we can already do or get rid of by ourselves without crying for God’s power, it’s like putting TV out of your house, you can do it, you don’t need God to come down for that, see.

And that’s why when he preached on the token, he said, when you apply it in your house, you must throw TV out, you see, it’s to tell us it’s included in full obedience, so if you obey everything but you don’t throw out TV, now you know where to place yourself, see.

So this is what I believe brethren, remember I don’t make it a law for everybody here yet remember the prophet says God told him not to have, but if you still want to have one that’s your business and just remember that it’s a part of the word you put aside which will have its aftermath in your house.

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