Was Judas Iscariot’s name blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Life, or was it on the Lamb’s Book of Life?

218  All right. Pertaining to labor union, I know you work… You man have labor unions and things that you…If you want to work, you have to belong to it. That’s exactly right.

You have to do that. But watch it (see?), because it’s going to come from labor to religion one of these days. See? Now, you just remember, it’s a forerunner of everything becoming unionized. You can’t work; they won’t let you on the job; you’re–you’re a “scab,” unless you–unless you belong to this union.

219  Now remember, you young people, remember what Brother Branham’s saying. And may my words be graved with a iron pen in a–a–a mountain of steel!

THUS SAITH THE LORD, that same thing will happen in religion. You’ll belong to a denomination of some sort, or you cannot buy or sell. So be real careful, Brother. Let it go just to labor alone. Watch it; it’s a warning!

220  “Was Judas Iscariot’s name blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Life, or was it ever on It?” Yes, it was on It and was blotted out. See? Cause in Matthew the 10th chapter, Jesus called Judas and all the rest of them, and gave them power against unclean spirits.

They went out casting out devils, and Jesus said, “I even saw Satan falling from Heaven.” Is that right? And they come back, all those disciples together, and they was rejoicing; and He said, “Rejoice not that your–the devils is subject unto you, but rejoice that your name is written on the Book of Life.” See? That’s right. And Judas was right with them! See?

221  So remember, at the judgment, watch, at the judgment seat, “The judgment was set; the books were open; and another Book was opened, which was the Book of Life, and every man was judged thus.”

222  Now, there you are, to the question a while ago. See? At the judgment seat. Jesus, the Church, the Bride, was raptured, went up into Glory, and was up there and was married, returned back to the earth, and lived a thousand years.

At the end of the thousand years Satan was loosed out of his prison, that is bound by an Angel with a chain, not a log chain, but a chain of circumstance; all of his subjects was in hell. All that was resurrected on the earth was redeemed and Jesus with them.

He couldn’t work on anything; but at the end of the thousand years, the second resurrection… “Blessed and holy is he that has a part in the first resurrection on which the second death has no power.”

223  Now notice, in this second resurrection, when they come up, then Satan’s loosed out of his prison for a little season; then the judgment is set. Now watch, Jesus with the Bride, as King and Queen, set at the throne, White Throne judgment; and the books were opened, the books of the sinners.

And another Book was opened, which was the Book of Life; and every man was judged thus by the Bride. “Know ye not (taking these little matters before the law)–know ye not that the saints shall judge the earth?” See, see? All right.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823M Questions And Answers 1

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