Psalm 66:1-2 Kjv

Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious. (Psalm 66:1-2)

Message Reading :
Here not long ago, Brother Fred, and I, and Brother Tom, a bunch of us went to a noted Baptist church in the city of Tucson to see if we couldn’t find a little something that would give us maybe a little fresh feeling. And the minister said something another about the people in Egypt, when they left they was eating garlic and so forth, they wanted to go back again and eat that.

Said, “That’s something like people of today.” And we (everybody) said, “Amen.” I never seen such a bunch. The whole church lost the sight of the preacher and looked back to see who it was that said, “Amen.”

Liked to scared them to death. They didn’t know what it was. When David said, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Praise Him upon harps; praise Him with the psaltery; let everything that has breath praise the Lord, and praise ye the Lord.” God rejoices in His people. Let them, if they learn, say “Amen.” when anything is said right.

Why not turn from this system and cistern of the world to the faithful system of God, which is the Artesian Well, Jesus Christ? Why don’t you turn to Him, where God is our abundant supply of joy, our abundant supply in praises, our abundant supply in satisfaction?

The calmness of my nerves comes from God. When I’m tore up, I find my satisfaction in Christ, not in a cigarette, not in the things of the world, not in joining some creed, but in finding Him, the promised Word that He said, “If I go away, I’ll come again to receive you.” I find my joy in that. He is my Joy.

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