Marilyn Monroe Death Vision


It was only a few days before her death. God’s

Servant and Prophet were taking a rest, with his family in the mountains. For William Branham, visions were an everyday experience. But the vision he would receive this night, back in the mountains of Colorado would be different. It didn’t concern Angels, someone’s healing, an earthquake, or a world event BUT instead, he would be shown the death of a young beautiful woman.

In the vision he wasn’t told who the young woman was. This he would discover after he had returned from the mountains a few days later. But on the morning after the vision he had told his family that a beautiful young woman would die.

Here, in his own words, William Branham tells of the experience. Many have written articles and books trying to determine “HOW” she died. In this page a Prophet with “Thus Saith The Lord” settles the dispute. “But who hath believed his report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”

Excerpts From Recorded Sermons Of William Branham

I was in the mountains a few weeks ago. And way back when I was coming home, we went back (the family and I) to rest a little. And then, back there one night, I saw a vision. And it was of a lovely, pretty young woman running; she had her hand here [over her heart], and she was perishing with a heart attack, a beautiful woman. And she dropped and was gone.

And the Angel of the Lord said, Now when you hear of this, remember, they’re going to say that she committed suicide, but she died in a heart attack. And it’s almost four, so you just say four o’clock,” and then he left me.

I didn’t wake the family. We were staying in a little cow camp (or where the cowboys stay, where we’d go back there to round up the cattle). So I just let the family sleep until morning. And then, the next day I mentioned it, and I said, “Some young woman, very attractive, is going to die with a heart attack.”

And on the road out two days later, there it comes in on the radio that this Miss (I can’t think of her name) Monroe, Mrs. Monroe. I think that was her stage name, or whatever it was; her name was something else. And she had died, and they said she committed suicide.

In another account Brother Branham spoke of it again…

Sitting up in Colorado a few months ago in a little cabin, I went and said to my son, my wife, my daughter-in-law, and them: “Last couple of hours something happened. I saw a young lady, a beautiful woman, and she had kind of thick lips – looked like I’d saw her somewhere. And she was trying to get to a doctor, and she died.”
And the Spirit that was speaking to me, said, Now, they will say that she committed suicide, but she died with a heart attack.” And said, “It’s just a little before four, but you can say it was four o’clock,” and the vision left me. I told them, “What did that mean?” I didn’t know. “Somebody’s fixing to die.”When we come out of the mountains two days later, that movie star, Marilyn Monroe – she was kind of a strip tease – you read her story. She was an illegitimate child. Her mother was in the insane institution.

Poor little girl probably had a hard way. And she always hungered for something. I wish I could have got to her. I know what she needed. I knew what she needed. Yet she’d joined churches and everything. But see, it was just a ritualistic form.

She needed the application of the Blood of Jesus Christ. See?I guess there isn’t a sex fiend in the country but what knowed her, and had her picture. She was supposed to be the most perfect built woman, as understood, there was in the world. But if that anatomy is so great, then watch: when the life went out of her body, they had to give her a number to lay in a room.

And nobody would claim her body. So which is the important part? The soul or the body? See, we got to be sincere in these things. God requires it. It must come.When I seen that girl the other night in the vision. Young pretty girl, Hollywood actress, and I seen her dying, reaching, trying to get to help. And she died in a heart attack. Miss Monroe – SHE DID NOT commit suicide.

Thirty-five years after her death, only those who recognize the God-ordained ministry of William Branham, know for sure HOW she really died. In spite of what God showed His servant by vision, man will continue to speculate on the circumstances surrounding her death. refusing to accept the simple explanation of ‘death by heart attack’ they will continue to promote the different suicide and murder theories.

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