How to find the right Partner for Marriage ?

CHOOSING OF A BRIDE LOS ANGELES CA 65-0429EV-2 N-28CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 4-5 Now, tonight, I want to turn to Genesis the 24th chapter, and I want to read the–beginning with the 12th verse of the 24th chapter of Genesis.And he said, O LORD God… my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and shew kindness unto my master Abraham.Behold, I stand here by the well of water; and the daughters of the men of the city come out to draw water:And let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say, Let down the pitcher, I pray thee, that I may drink; and she shall say, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also: let the same be she that thou has appointed for thy servant Isaac; and thereby shall I know that thou hast shewed me kindness to–unto my master.

CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 5-1 And then in the book of Revelations… That’s the first of the Bible: Genesis. Now, in the last of the Bible, I want to read in the 21st chapter of Revelation and the 9th verse. We know what this Scripture of Genesis here… You read the whole chapter if you wish to. It’s God sending out Eliezer–or Abraham sending out Eliezer (pardon me) to select a bride for Isaac. And the beautiful Rebekah came out and was perfect answer to the prayer that–that Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, had just prayed. Now, in the 9th verse of the 21st chapter of Revelation:And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, and I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 5-2 Now, I want to take for a subject tonight for that: “The Choosing of a Bride.” And this is a… If my brother that records here will… This is the tape that you can go ahead and let out. 5-4 Now, choosing a bride… In many things of life we are given a choice. The way of life itself is a choice. We have a right to make our own way, choose our own way that we want to live. Education is a choice. We can choose whether we are going to be educated, or whether we are not going to be educated. That’s a choice that we have. Right and wrong is a choice. Every man, every woman, boy, and girl has to choose whether they are going to try to live right or not live right. It’s a choice. Choice is a great thing.
6-2 There’s another choice that we have in life. That’s a life’s companion. A young man or a young woman, stepping out on life has a–has been given a right to make a choice. The young man chooses, the young woman has a right to accept or reject it, but it’s still a choice on both sides; both man and woman, they have a right to choice.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 8-1 …Now, it’s a serious thing when we go to choose a wife. A man… For the vows here is until death do we part. That’s how we should keep it. And you take that vow before God that only death will separate you. (Romans 7:1-6; I Corinthians 7:39) And I think we should… A man in his right mind that’s planning a future, that he should choose that wife very careful; be careful what you’re doing. And a woman choosing a husband, or accepting the choice of a husband, should be real careful what she’s doing and especially in these days. A man should think and pray before he chooses a wife. 8-3 I think today what’s got so many divorce cases now, that we lead the world in America, in divorce cases; we lead the rest of the world. There’s more divorces here than anywhere else (this nation), and supposed to be, and thought of, a Christian nation. What a reproach: our divorce courts. I think the reason of it is because that men has got away from God, and women’s got away from God. (Malachi 2:14-16; I Corinthians 7:10-11)And we find that if a man prayed and a woman prayed over the matter, not just look at a pretty set of eyes, or big strong shoulders, or such as that, or some other worldly affection, but would look first to God and say, “God, is this Your plan?” (Proverbs 31:30; Ecclesiastes 7:25-29)
8-5 I think today there’s so much cheating, just like in school… 8-6 And if we would study what we were doing when we were going to get married, when we choose our wife or husband, if we’d study it over… A man should pray earnestly, for he could ruin his entire life. Remember the vow is “Until death do we part.” And he could ruin his life by making the wrong choice. But if he knows what he’s making the wrong choice and is marrying a woman that isn’t fit to be his wife, and he does it anyhow, then it’s his fault. If the woman takes a husband and knows that he’s not fit to be a husband to you, then that’s your own fault after you know what’s right and wrong. So you shouldn’t do it until you thoroughly pray through.
10-2 So you must make the right choice.
Again, the kind of a woman that a man would choose will reflect his ambition and his character. If a man chooses the wrong woman, it reflects his character. And what he ties himself to shows truly what’s in him. A woman reflects what’s in the man when he chooses her for wife. It shows what’s down in him. No matter what he says outside, watch what he marries.… What say if he would marry a chorus – girl, or what if he’d marry a sex queen, or just a pretty modern Ricketta? It reflects; it shows what he has in his mind of what his future home’s going to be, because he took her to raise his children by, and whatever she is, that’s the way she’ll raise those children. So it reflects what’s in the man. A man that takes a woman like that shows just what he is thinking of the future. Could you imagine a Christian doing a thing like that? No, sir, I could not.A true Christian will not look for such beauty queens, and chorus girls, and sex queens. He’ll look for Christian character. 10-4 Now, you can’t have all things. There might be one girl that’s real pretty, and the other girl maybe she’s a–her statue looks better than this one. And you might have to sacrifice one for the other. But if she’s not the statue of a lady, of a woman, and she’s… I don’t care whether she’s pretty or not, you’d better look at her character, whether she’s pretty or not pretty.Now… For it is becoming if a Christian would choose a wife,-he ought to choose a genuine borned again woman.-Regardless of what she looks like, it’s what she is what makes her.-And then again, that reflects his own godly character and reflects what’s in his mind and what’s going to be in the future, for his family will be raised by such a woman, for the future plans for his home.-If he marries one of these little modern Rickettas, sex queens, what could he expect? –What kind of home could a man expect to have?-If he marries a girl that ain’t got enough moral about her to stay home and take care of a house and wants to work out in somebody’s office, what kind of a housekeeper will she be? You’ll have baby-setters and everything else. It’s true. 11-2 … When God gave a man a wife, He gave him the best thing He could give him outside of salvation; but when one goes to trying to take a man’s place, then she’s about the worse thing that he could get ahold of.Now, that’s right. Now, we can see the spiritual application. I–I know that’s bad. You think it’s bad, but it’s the truth. We don’t care how bad it is; we’ve got to face up to the facts. That’s what the Bible teaches. See? 11-5 … If a man marries a sex queen, you see what he’s looking for for the future. If a man marries a woman that won’t stay home, you see what he’s looking for in the future.ExampleAnd I, one time… This sounds awful, and I–I just feel to say it, and I–I… Usually if I feel to say the thing, I ought to say it, and it–it’s usually God’s way.I–I used to go with a rancher that I worked with to buy cattle. And I noticed the old fellow always looking right in the face of a heifer before he went to bidding. Then he turned her head and looked back and forth. I followed him along and watched him, and he looked her up and down. And if she looked all right in statue, then he’d turn and look her in the face, and sometime he’d shake his head and walk away.I said, “Jeff, I want to ask you something.”He said, “Say on, Bill.”And I said, “Why do you always look that cow in the face?” I said, “She looks all right, a good–a good heavy cow.”He said, “I want to tell you, boy; you got a lot to learn.”

And I–I realized it after he told me. Said, “I don’t care how she’s made up; she might be beef plumb to the hoof; but if she’s got that wild stare in her face, don’t you never buy her.”I said, “Why so, Jeff?””Well,” said, “the first thing is,” said, “she’ll never stay put.” And he said, “The next thing is, she’ll never be a mammy to her calf.” And said, “They put her in a pen now, the reason that she’s fat. You turn her loose with that wild stare, she’d run herself to death.”And I said, “You know, I kind of learned something. I believe that applies to women too.”…?… That wild, starey, Ricketta look, better stay away from her, boy. All that there blue stuff over the top of her eyes, and I didn’t–I wouldn’t want that; I don’t think that’s becoming to a Christian. I don’t care how much the television and paper says it’s pretty; it’s the most horrible looking, hideous sight that I ever seen in my life.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 12-4 When I first seen that here at Clifton’s Cafeteria one morning at a breakfast, I seen some of them young ladies come up. Brother Arganbright had just come in and I. And he’d went downstairs. And I looked, and I–that girl come in. I thought, “Well, I–I don’t know.” I never seen it before. It was some kind of… Oh, it looked like she was cankered, You know, just kind of a funny looking… I–I’m not saying that to be funny. I’m–I’m saying it to… You know, I’ve seen leprosy. I’m a missionary. I’ve seen all kinds of freaks, you know, of how diseases… And I was going to walk up to the young lady and tell her, “I’m–I’m a minister; I–I pray for the sick. Would you like for me to pray for you?” And I–I’d never seen anything like that. And then here come two or three more in, and I kind of stepped back then and waited. And Brother Arganbright come by…?… I said, “Brother Arganbright (He may be here),” I said, “what’s the matter with the woman?”And he said, “That’s–that’s paint.”I said, “Well, my, my.” See? I thought they ought to have her in a pesthouse somewhere, you know, to keep it from breaking out all over other women.
Reflection of his character 13-2 But you know, you have to plan, and look, and pray when you’re choosing.-For we see by this, the Word of promise, she, the bride that a man would choose is going to reflect his character. It reflects what’s in him. Now, could you imagine a man filled with the Holy Ghost take something like that to be a wife? I–I just don’t see it, brother. Now, maybe I’m just an old crank, but you know, I–I just can’t understand that. See?Notice, for it’s going to reflect what is in him. She’s going to help him make his future home. 13-4 Remember now, a man and his wife are one. Would you join yourself to a person like that? If you would, it would certainly kinda disappoint my faith in you.
Lesson from two couples wedded 14-4 I’ve married many couples, but I–always reminds me of Christ and His Bride. One of the weddings that I performed here some time ago, it–it was quite an outstanding thing in my life. It’s been several years ago when I was just a young minister.First coupleMy brother was working on the–the P. W. A. I don’t know where anybody ever remembers that yet or not, anybody as old as me. And that was a project that the government had, and my brother worked up about thirty miles. They were digging out some lakes, a project for the conservation.And there was a boy that worked up there with him from Indianapolis, about, oh, about a hundred miles above Jeffersonville where I–I live, or lived. And there was a… He said to my brother one day; he said, “Doc,” he said, “I–I want–I’m going to get married if I can just have enough money to pay the preacher.” He said, “I–I got enough money to get my licenses,” but said, “I haven’t got enough money to pay the preacher.”Doc said, “Well, my brother’s a preacher, and–and he–he may marry you.” He said, “He never charges people for things like that.”He said, “Will you ask him if he’ll marry me?”
15-1 Well, that night my brother asked me. And I said, “If he’s never been married before, either one of them, and they’re–everything’s all right.”He said… Well, he will ask him.And I said, “If it is, tell him to come on down.”So when Saturday come along and the boy came down… It’s been a great thing for me to always look back upon this. I’d… Rainy afternoon, and an old Chevrolet car with the headlights wired on with baling wire, that drove up out front. It was just awhile after I’d lost my wife, and I was batching, two little rooms. And–and Doc was up there with me waiting for them. And–and the boy got out of the car, and he certainly didn’t look like a groom to me or would to anybody, I guess. Yet I could barely–buy a pretty good pair of shoes for a dollar and a half, and he had on a pair was run over, and his trousers was real baggy. And he’d on one of these old moleskin jackets. I don’t guess some of you older people would remember. It looked like it’d been run through a washing machine without being rinsed, and it was streaked, and tied up like this, and the corner up. 15-4 And a little lady got out on the side with a little, oh, some of them little checked looking dress… I don’t know. I made a mistake on calling that kind of goods one time. Gingham, I believed it’s called. And so it was a… I said it wrong again. I–I always do that. And I said… She got out of the car, and they come up the steps, and–and when they walked in, the poor little thing, she… I guess she just, about all she had on was a skirt. And she didn’t have no shoes hardly on. She’d hitch-hiked from Indianapolis down, had a little hair hanging down back in long kind of plaits down her back, looked very young.And I said to her, “Are you old enough to get married?”She said, “Yes, sir.” And she said, “I have my written permission from my father and mother.” She said, “I had to show it to–to the court here to get my license.”I said, “All right.” I said, “I’d like to talk to you a little bit before we perform this wedding.” They set down. The boy kept looking around the room. He needed a haircut real bad. And he kept looking around the room. He wasn’t listening to me. I said, “Son, I want you to listen to what I’m saying.”Said, “Yes, sir.”And I said, “You love this girl?”And he said, “Yes, sir, I do.”I said, “You love him?””Yes, sir, I do.”I said, “Now, have you got a place to take her after you’re married?”Said, “Yes, sir.”I said, “All right. Now,” I said, “I want to ask you something. I understand that you are working up here on this P. W. A.”And he said, “Yes, sir.” (That’s about twelve dollars a week.)And I said, “You think that you can make a living for her?”He said, “I’ll do all I can do.”And I said, “Well, that’s all right.” And I said, “Now, what if he gets out of… What if he loses his job, sister? What are you going to do, going to run back up home to mama and papa?”She said, “No, sir, I’m going to stay with him.”And I said, “What, sir, if you have three or four children and nothing to feed them, and you haven’t got any work, what are you going to do? Send her away?”He said, “No, sir, I’ll struggle right on. We’ll make it some way.”I felt little, and I seen that he really loved her, and they loved one another. I married them.
17-2 And then I wondered where he taken her. A few days I asked my brother Doc, “Where it is?”Said, “Go down to New Albany (a little city below us).” And down on the river where I had some tin laying up, where I went everyday when I was–I was a lineman, so when the rest of the fellows, they all set around and told jokes and things, I’d get in the truck and run down on the river and pray during that…?… or read my Bible under a big piece of tin where an old ironworks used to be. There’s a bunch of old boxcars setting down there. And this fellow had went down there and got one of them boxcars and sawed him a door in it, and had taken newspaper and tacky buttons… How many knows what a tacky button is? Then there is no Kentuckians then. You take a piece of cardboard, put a thumbtack in it, a little sprig, and then push it in the… That’s a tacky button.
17-3 So they had put it all over. And he’d went up there to the ironworks, and got him some stuff, and made a step. They come up, then got some old boxes and had him a table. And I thought one day, “I’ll go down and see how they’re getting along.”Second coupleAbout six months before that, I’d married E. V. Knight’s daughter to E. T. Slider’s son. E. V. Knight is one of the richest men there is on the Ohio River. And he runs a great factories through there making these prefab houses and so forth. And–and Slider, Mr. E. T. Slider is a sand and gravel company, millionaires’ children. And I had married them.And I went back in a place, practiced it for about two weeks, and going back in a booth and kneeling on a pillow, and all the pomp and everything I ever went through nearly, had to go through to marry that couple. And when they come out, why, they was… This other little couple just stood there in a little old room where we had a little couch and a folding bed, butthey both was married by the same ceremony.

PAYING A VISIT TO THE RICH COUPLE TO SEE HOW THEY WERE GETTING ALONG17-6 And then one day, I thought I’d go down and visit this rich couple. They didn’t have to work; their fathers were millionaires. They’d built them a nice home. Frankly, this E. V. Knight up here on the hill, his doorknobs are fourteen carat on his big palace, so now, you can imagine what kind of home they lived in. They didn’t have to work. They’d had a nice Cadillac give to them every year, and just only children. And they had just everything they wanted.I walked up one day… Now, how I got acquainted with them, one of their friends was a good friend of mine; we all kind of chummed together. That’s how I got acquainted when they wanted me to marry them. So I went up to visit them. And I got outside, my old Ford outside, walked up the steps. And–and I got up a little bit too close, and I heard them.
18-2 And they were really fussing. They were jealous of one another. They’d been to a dance. She was a very pretty girl, and she was kind of one of these beauty queens. She took many prizes around there, and won some cars and things for being beauty queen. And I looked at them, and one was setting in one corner and one the other, fussing about some boy that she’d danced with or some girl or something.When I come up, they jumped up real quick and grabbed one another across the floor, their–their hands across the floor, come walking over towards the door. Said, “Why, hello there, Brother Branham. How are you getting along?”I said, “All right. How are you all getting along?”And “Oh,” he said, “I–I… We’re very happy, aren’t we, honey?”And she said, “Yes, dear.” See?
PAYING A VISIT TO THE POOR COUPLE TO SEE HOW THEY WERE GETTING ALONGCHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 18-5 “Well,” I thought, “You know just down over the cliff there and over on the river, there’s where this other couple wound up.” I thought one Saturday afternoon I’d slip down there and see how they was getting along. So I, dirty on the face and dirty overalls on, and my tools on. I thought I’d slip up on them. And I slipped on like I was watching for insulators being cracked by the lightening or something and–as I walked along by the side of the telephone wire–the electric cable along the river. And the old Chevrolet was setting out front; was about a year later after I’d married them, and there was a… The door was open, and I could hear them talking. So this sounds–sounds like a hypocrite, but I walked up close enough that I could listen, see what they was saying, stood there; and I just wanted to know for myself.I like to find out and be sure I know what I’m talking about. That’s the way I do about God’s Word. Is it the Truth, or is it the Truth? Will He keep His Word, or doesn’t He keep His Word? If He doesn’t keep His Word, then He’s not God. See? If He does keep His Word, He’s God. See? 19-2 And so, I wanted to see how they was getting along, and I slipped along the side real easy. I heard him say, “Well, honey, I wanted to get that for you so bad.”She said, “Now, look, sweetheart,” she said, “this dress is all right.” She said, “Why, this is just fine.” Said, “I appreciate that, but you see…”I slipped around so I could look in through the crack where the door had been shoved open there in the boxcar. And there he was setting in there, and her on his lap, and his arm around her, and her arm around him. And he had one of these old slouch hats and had put a little hole, and mashed it down in the top, and poured out his paycheck in that. He–he was laying it out on the table. He said, “So much for groceries, and so much for insurance, and so much on the car,” and they couldn’t make their ends meet. Come to find out, he’d seen a little dress up there in a window; he’d been looking at it for a couple of weeks, that cost a dollar and something. He wanted to get it. He said, “Why, honey, you’d look so pretty in it.”And he said… She said, “But, honey, I–I got a dress. I–I don’t really need it.” See? 19-5 And that little queen… And I backed off and looked up. I could see the–the steeple on the top of the other house, and I stood there and looked a few minutes. I thought, “Who is the rich man?” I thought, “If… Bill Branham, if you want to take which place, where would you go?” For me, I’d take, not the–that pretty thing up on top of the hill, but I’s take this character down here that is a real homemaker, somebody that loved me and stayed with me, somebody that tried to make a home without bleeding you for everything for fineries, and somebody that was with you–part of you.****** 20-1 That’s always stuck with me of how that was. One chose a beautiful girl; the other one chose character. Now, that’s the only way you can choose. First look for character, and then if you love her, fine.Notice, God’s first Adam didn’t have any choice for his wife. He didn’t get a choice. God just made him one, and he didn’t get to choose her. So we find out that she led him astray from God’s Word. He didn’t get to pray over the matter. He–he–he isn’t like you or I. He didn’t get a choice. And again, by doing that, she led him from his rightly position as being a son of God, and she did it by showing him a more modern way of living–something that they really shouldn’t have done, but the character of her showed that she was wrong; her motives and objectives were simply wrong–and persuaded him by her reasoning that the modern new light that she’d found, which was contrary to God’s Word, was a better way to live.
YOU CAN BE PULLED AWAY FROM GOD OR CLOSE TO GOD BY A WIFE/HUSBAND 20-3 And how many women today, and vice versa, men, that could pull a good woman away from God, or pull a good man away from God by trying to tell him this religion (you Pentecostal boys)… “That religion,” they say, “oh, that is old fashion; it is old fogy. Don’t you believe that.” You’d better pray hard before you marry that girl. I don’t care how pretty she is: same thing to a man.She persuaded him out of the will of God and caused him to do something that he should not have done, and by it caused death to the whole human race. That’s why the Bible forbids her to teach, or to preach, or to handle God’s Word in any manner.I know, sisters, many of you say, “The Lord called me to preach.” Now, I’m not going to argue with you. But I’m going to tell you; the Word says you’re not to do it. “She shall not teach or usurp any authority, but to be in silence.””Well,” you say, “the Lord told me to do it.” I don’t doubt that one bit. Did you hear my message the other night about Balaam? Balaam got the first straight cut decision of God, “Don’t do it.” But he kept on fooling around till finally God told him to go do it. God might permit you to preach. I don’t say He didn’t. But it’s not according to His original Word and plan, for she’s to be under obedience as also saith the law. True. Therefore, she’s not supposed to do it.
She was made for man . 1 Cor. 11:1021-1 Now, notice again how the natural bride types the spiritual. The Word says that she was made for man and not man made for her. Now, I’m going to speak on why in a few minutes on the Bride of Christ, but I’m trying to show you the background of it.Woman was made for man and not man for woman. That’s the reason under the old laws that polygamy was legal.Look at David setting down there with five hundred wives. And the Bible said he was a man after God’s Own heart with five hundred wives, and Solomon with a thousand, but not one of them women could have another husband. 21-4 You get my tape on “Marriage and Divorce” that up on top of the mountain at Tucson, here not long ago, I was up there praying about it. They dismissed the school to watch that Pillar of Fire circling the mountain and going in a funnel back and forth, up and down. People right here knows it: there and saw it. And it…When He told me the truth of this marriage and divorce questions… If there’s one side going this way, and one going that way, there’s got to be a truth somewhere. And after those seven seals, He showed what was the truth of it. 21-5 Notice now, she could not have but one husband, because woman was made for man and not man for woman. That whole five hundred women was just David’s wife. It was a type–when Christ sets on the throne in the millennium, His Bride will be not one person, but it’ll be tens of thousands, the Bride, all in one. And David had many wives as individuals but only–all of them together was his wife. Like the whole body of believers is the Bride of Christ. Because it was she, the woman; He was the man.Now, we were made for Christ; Christ wasn’t made for us. That’s what we try to do today in our text books, is try to make the Word, which is Christ, suit us, instead of us trying to make ourselves to suit the Word. That’s the difference.
Polygamy’s wrong; we knowSEVENTY.WEEKS.OF.DANIEL_ JEFF.IN DA 89-141 SUNDAY_ 61-0806 209 The divorce courts of America produce more divorces by our women than all the rest of the nations. The morals in our country is lower, and divorces, than it is in France or Italy, where prostitution’s on the streets so… But they’re prostitutes; ours is married women trying to live with several men, and several married men trying to live with other women.In the nations where they have polygamy, it’s a thousand times better. And yet, polygamy’s wrong; we know.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E22-1 When a man chooses a certain girl out of a family, he must not rely upon beauty, for beauty is deceiving, and beauty, modern worldly beauty is of the devil. Oh, I hear someone say out there, “Be careful here, preacher.” I say that these things on this earth that’s called beautiful is absolutely of the devil. I’ll prove it to you. Then in the light of this remark, let’s search God’s holy Word to see if it’s right or not. And some of you women wants to be so pretty, see where it comes from.In the beginning we find that Satan was so beautiful till he deceived angels, and he was the most beautiful angel of all of them. Shows it lays in the devil. Proverbs said… Solomon said, “Beauty is vain.” That’s right. Sin is beautiful. Certainly it is; it’s attractive. (Proverbs 31:30 Ezekiel 28:13-19)
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 22-3 I want to ask you and say something here to you, and I want you to notice in a few minutes. Of all of the species in the world (birds, animals), we find that on the animal life, all besides humans, it’s the male that’s pretty and not the female. Why that? Look at the–look at the deer–the–the beautiful big buck with his horns and the little muley doe. Look at the–the hen, the little speckled hen and the big beautiful feathered rooster.There’s nothing, no female, besides a woman could be immoral. You call a dog a slut; you call a hog a sow; but morally they got more morals than half of the movie stars there is out here. They cannot be nothing else but moral. And the woman was the one that was changed over for the perversion. That’s right. See where the beauty takes her to? Now, that’s why that today we find that women is on the increase of beauty.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 22-5 You take Pearl Bryan. Did you ever see her picture, was supposed to be America’s great beauty? There isn’t a school kid out of any school but what would have her in a back row. Did you know it’s suppose to be that way? Did you know the Bible speaks that that’s the way it’s going to be?Do you know the fall came by women at the beginning? And fall… The end is going to wind up the same way, women coming into authority and ruling over men, and so forth. Do you know the Scripture says that? You know the day that she puts on man’s clothes and bobs her hair, all of those things are contrary to God’s Word and… You know she represents the church? When, you watch what women are doing, and you’ll see what the church is doing. That’s exactly right. (Genesis 3; Genesis 6; Matthew 24)
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 23-1 Now, now, that’s just as true as the Word of God is true. No other female is made that can stoop like a woman can. And yet, through that, being made an off… She was not in the original creation. All other females is in the original creation: bird, male and female; animals, male and female. But in human life, God only made a man. And He took from him. And a woman is a byproduct of a man, because God did not institute such a thing. Search the Scriptures. It’s exactly right. God… No, sir. In His original creation she was put out there, but if she can hold herself right, what a greater reward she has than man. She’s put on a testing ground.Through her come death. She’s guilty of all death. But then God turned around and used one to bring Life back again: brought His Son through the woman, an obedient one. But a bad one is the–the worse there is. There’s nothing that can be as low.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 23-3 Cain, Satan’s son, thought that God accepted beauty. He does today. Cain was Satan’s son.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 24-3 …Now, let us compare the natural bride of today with the so-called church bride of today. Compare a woman going to get married today… Now, just look what science has done for her. She comes out first with her hair chopped off, with one of these Jacqueline Kennedy hairdos (See?), or something like that. And you know what the Bible says? The Bible actually gives a man, if he wants to, the right to put her away in divorcement if she does that. She’s a dishonorable woman that’ll cut her hair. The Bible said so. That’s right. Didn’t know that, huh? Oh, yeah, I preached too much in California for you not to know that. That’s right. No. What good does it do me? They do it anyhow. You can’t take the pig and change his–make him a lamb.**** 24-5 Notice. You’re going to hate me after this, but you’re going to know the truth. See? Let’s–let’s compare it. Here she comes up with a whole lot of paint, something that she’s not, a modern bride. Wash her face and you’d run from her, maybe: scare you to death, take all that stuff off of her. And so is the church with the big painted front, a complete theological Max Factor. Both has a beautiful false face on: manmade beauty, and not God-made beauty, not much character in either one.Notice, just like Satan, enough to deceive by. Compare the modern bride now with her: wears shorts, wears paint, cuts off her hair, wears clothes that look like men, and listen to a pastor that told her that was all right. He’s a deceiver. He’ll suffer for it in the regions beyond. That’s right. Doing that to deceive, to be something that she’s not.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 25-2 That’s the way the church does: gets big D.D., Ph.D., L.L.D. so you can say, “Our pastor’s this, that, and the other.” Maybe know no more about God that a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian night. That’s right. Some theological seminary experience out there, and knows no more about God than nothing.Modern church and their theological paint, have their women all with their glory shaved off by their some Ricky added pastor that they got, like a Jezebel if there ever was one: bobbed-hair, shorts, paint, and all fixed up in a theological taste. That’s the way the church stands. That’s right. But her spiritual character is far from that being the homemaker that Jesus Christ is coming to receive.
25-4 If any Christian would marry a woman like that, it shows he’s fallen from grace.His taste of God and his taste of a home (what a home ought to be) is far when he choose a woman like that. No, sir, she sure wouldn’t fit a Christian’s taste. Her spiritual character is the lowest ebb: dead in denominational beauty and lust of the world. 37-2 Let us stand to our feet in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you never hear my voice again… If God willing, I’m sailing to Africa in a few hours; I may never return. I don’t know. But I tell you with all my heart; I’ve told you the truth. I haven’t shunned to declare to you everything that God has told me to say, and I’ve said it in the Name of the Lord.It’s a solemn moment. I don’t know how to express it. I’ve tried to leave the pulpit three or four times, and I can’t do it. This is a solemn hour. Don’t you never forget it. This is a time that maybe God may be making His last call. I don’t know. He’ll make His last call someday. When? I don’t know. But I’m telling you, according to that vision, it looks like that that Bride’s about finished.Look at the nominal churches coming in. When the sleeping virgin come for oil, she failed to get it. The Bride went in. The rapture went up. While they went to buy oil, the Bridegroom come. Are you asleep? Wake up quickly, and come to yourself, and let us pray each one like we were dying at this minute, in the Name of the Lord. Let’s each one pray in your own way.
CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE_ LA.CA V-2 N-28 THURSDAY_ 65-0429E 38-1 God Almighty, have mercy upon us, Lord. Have mercy on me. Have mercy upon us all. What good does it do, no matter what we do, if we fail in these things. I stand and ask for mercy, O God, before this great city sinks beneath the sea and judgments of God sweep this coast; I pray, God, that You’ll call Your Bride. I commit them to You now in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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