Corinthians – Book Of Correction

Corinthians (Bible)

156 Blessed Heavenly Father, in this present estate, we come now and confessing all of our wrongs. Oh, be Thou merciful, merciful God. And we pray that You will look down into our hearts. And in this hour while we are waiting, with our heads bowed to the dust, look into the heart of the old man, into the heart of the elderly women, into the heart of the middle-aged, and the young, even the little children. And may we examine ourself.

157 We are coming into that holy week that we celebrate as Good Friday and Easter, the resurrection. Though this year we might have been loyal to church, though we might have taken the communion, though we might have shouted, we might have done many things, but, O God, look down into my heart. I talk for myself. Look into my heart and into the heart of this people here this morning, and examine us, Lord. If there be something that takes the place of Christ, O God, take it away. If it’s laziness, just insufficiency, if it’s whatever it might be, I don’t know. But, God, take it from us. Oh, we don’t want to be overthrown right here at the time of the battle, overthrowed by God and be an enemy to Him.

158 O God, look into our hearts. Examine us by Thy Holy Spirit, and let us see, this morning, if there’s any evil thing in us. If there is, take it away, Father. We now lay it on the altar, to walk away and leave it there. If it’s idleness, if it’s temper, if it’s indifference, if it’s neglecting, if it’s whatever it may be, if it’s hatred, if it’s malice, if it’s strife, if it’s whatever it may be, O God, take it from us, today.

159 And at this coming revival, may we be just so full of Your charm, Lord, until many will come in and be saved, the little community here, where we tried so hard. The first revival now in ten years, that I’ve held. Now, I pray that You will give us that real, real spirit in our hearts.

160 And may it anchor there for Eternity. Grant it, Lord. Make us to examine ourselves, we married people, by the way we treat our wives, how true we are, or how true our wives is to us. And may we just get in our hearts, this morning, how we would think if something like that happened in our home. And then may we turn our affections towards You, and say, “O God, be merciful to me.”

161 Oh, if—if the wife would, just about every once a month, just come by and put her hand on yours, and say, “Dear, I love you,” and walk on, oh, how it would seem she was neglecting me, how it would seem that something was wrong. And God, when maybe once a month, or once when we go to church, we offer a little prayer. Oh, You want our love, our—our—our communion, all the time, and our thoughts and our intents of our heart will be stayed on Thee. Grant it, Lord.

162 Oh, keep our hearts so set on Thee, that the things of the world will become blind and so indifferent. Grant it, Lord. Hear us now, and bless us in the further part of these services. We ask in Christ’s Name. Amen.

    57-0414 – Corinthians, Book Of Correction
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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