Brother Joseph Branham on Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Brother Joseph Branham on Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Brother Joseph Branham on Coronavirus (Covid 19)

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19th March 2020 *Coronavirus* 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In every age, God always prepares His children to escape the wrath and judgment of the world. In the days of Moses, ten plagues struck all the land of Egypt, but the children of Israel were safe within their homes in Goshen. They never received one plague, which was a type of the church going up just before the tribulation period.

We are all aware of the Coronavirus spreading around the world, and many have asked me, “what does this mean Brother Joseph?” Well, to me, the answer is clear, the Coming of the Lord is soon at hand. Jesus said, “When these things begin to come to pass, lift up your head, your redemption is nigh.”

And by His Grace, HE HAS PREPARED HIS CHILDREN ONCE AGAIN. Our USA government has essentially shut down our churches almost overnight, but that does not affect us, His Bride. They have quarantined many to the confinement of our homes, but that does not affect the Bride. For over the past few years, the Lord has been teaching us, whispering love letters, and preparing us for the training we need to have today.

These news reports should not make us fear, friends, but it should make us rejoice. In our local congregation here in Jeffersonville, *He has showed us that some of the most Spiritually edifying church services are when we gather not at the Tabernacle, but with our family in our Home Tape Service on Sunday.* How many times have we done that over the past few years! Although we love to assemble ourselves together often on Sunday, as we should do, *He has taught us that we can be like Rahab, and make our own home a Church.*

 _But there must have been some tape boys slipped in somewhere, for the predestinated seed. They slipped over to her house and played some tapes. She made her–her own house a church, to receive the Message. They still got them, you know. The Message got to the predestinated Seed, anyhow. We don’t know how It got there, but It got there, so that the Just will not perish with the unjust._ 

Doesn’t it give you a peace within your heart to know that the very God that saved Rahab from judgment, is the same God leading us in this hour? We should truly be the happiest and most thankful people in the world.
In early February, just days before Coronavirus was a hot topic, the Lord led us to fast and pray in our homes together for the first time as a group. Friends, can’t you see the prophecy being fulfilled as one month later that a large part of the world would be confined to their homes, and how there are now shortages on food throughout markets around the world?

These uncertainties in the world should not scare us, but we should walk with ASSURANCE, as God has prepared us for these things. We must not look at the Coronavirus pandemic carnally, but through Spiritual eyes.
For truly, God in His Mercy, has provided us a Message in this hour to lead us just as He did in the days of Moses. We must always keep our eyes on the Message. *Let’s not govern our lives around what the media says, but let’s find out what the Message says about these things* .

Hear the Voice of God to this generation, and I promise you will not find this hour to be a troublesome time, but you will find a Promise that the Bride will be saved from the epidemics of the world, and carried safe in the Arms of God.

We are abiding by the State and Federal requirements of no large gatherings and so forth, as we should do, but this will not waiver our Spiritual growth a bit. He has prepared us, by His Grace. For we know now more than ever that His perfect Will for the international Bride is to unite by hearing the Message of the hour. He has stored up the Food, and has given us the opportunity to hear the Voice of God to this generation 24-7, and That is perfecting the Bride for the soon coming Rapture. PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME.

Do not fear these things that have the world in such a panic, friends. Don’t look right or left, but STAY WITH THE MESSAGE…STAY WITH THE MESSAGE…. STAY WITH THE MESSAGE!!! This is God’s provided Way for His Bride today. God just wants us to look up, for our redemption is drawing nigh.

May God bless you,
 *Brother Joseph Branham*

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5 thoughts on “Brother Joseph Branham on Coronavirus (Covid 19)

  1. God bless you brother. This message has come in handy more so for the waiting bride of Christ. All of us should not let fear overtake us. After all our Only believe song tells us not to fear.

    Fear not, little flock, from the cross to the throne,
    From death into life He went for His own;
    All power in earth, all power above,
    Is given to Him for the flock of His love.
    Only believe, only believe;
    All things are possible, only believe;
    Only believe, only believe;
    All things are possible, only believe.
    Fear not, little flock, He goeth ahead,
    Your Shepherd selecteth the path you must tread;
    The waters of Marah He’ll sweeten for thee,
    He drank all the bitter in Gethsemane.
    Fear not, little flock, whatever your lot,
    He enters all rooms, “the doors being shut,”
    He never forsakes; He never is gone,
    So count on His presence in darkness and dawn.

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