Brother Branham please explain. People are saying Brother Branham is more than a man, he can create, and Jesus can look just like Brother Branham.

Answer: Jesus is your Saviour. I’m your brother. To make me the Person of the Lord Jesus is ANTICHRIST! You’re so close to the Truth & yet so far, because we do become Christ, when His Life dwells in us!

My message on Messiahettes explains this. Messiah means the anointed One. If you have the Holy Spirit, you become the anointed one. When you’re anointed with His Spirit, it brings His Own Person, His Life, into you! Notice how Elisha asked for a DOUBLE PORTION of his spirit & THE REQUIREMENT was to KEEP HIS EYE ON THE PROPHET

because he was the manifestation of the Word to the world & He knew A GREATER MINISTRY WOULD COME because it required a greater thing!

When Jesus was on earth, He was Elijah. The things I do, you’ll do also & greater. When it comes to CREATION, Jesus never created, but He promised we’d do greater things. IT’S HIM, USING YOUR TABERNACLE!

W M B ~ QUESTION:Please explain. People are saying Brother Branham is more than a man, he can create, and Jesus can look just like Brother Branham.
ANSWER:Now, let me…The person said this. Whoever it might be, I don’t know. But I am your brother. See?
Jesus is your Saviour. I cannot be your Saviour, for He has already saved you. Now, you’re so close to being the Truth there, and yet so far from the Truth, the person that told this person this.
Now, it’s just a…Looks to me like a woman’s handwrite, very beautiful handwriting. And I’d say that was a woman’s handwrite wouldn’t you? Brother Capps, wouldn’t you think that was a woman’s handwrite? A pretty handwrite. And I don’t know who it is. See?
Now, “Brother Branham, could Jesus look like you, or you be Jesus, or something like that?”
One sense of the word, that’s exactly the Truth; another sense of the word is an ANTICHRIST. That’s the difference between right and wrong.
To make me the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, would be an ANTICHRIST (see?), for that Person of the Lord Jesus is setting at the right hand of the Majesty on high, and will come again in great power and glory.
But for His Life that was in Him being upon me, and upon you who have Him, it’s exactly the Truth; and you become Christ.

Remember my message on Messiahettes? See? You are…The word Messiah means an…“the anointed One.”
Now, you are, if you have the Holy Spirit, you become the anointed one. See? Then there’s all kinds of anointed ones.
Now watch, if it’s a Bible anointed ones. Many of them are anointed…See? The whole thing is in such a great conglomeration of…every kind of a mix-up; and—and of…
Satan with all of his cunningness come in and impersonated it just to the dot, almost to the dot. There’s only one way you can absolutely be sure; check the word by word, word by word! That’s the only way you can.
But to me as a—a person, William Branham, or—or any other man or woman to be the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour, that is an error. But to be anointed with His Spirit, which brings His Own Person of His Life into you…
It was so beautifully typed in Elijah and Elisha, when Elisha was taken up, the Elijah, the old prophet, going Home. And he was tired and weary; and there was a chariot hooked across the river there, and he…to take him up Home with horses of fire. And did you notice then, when Elijah and Elisha crossed the river?
The school of the prophets was up there watching them. And Elijah took his mantle and, or, struck the river. And when it did, it divided, and he went across.

And he said to the young prophet, “What—what are you following me for? What—what—what do you wish?”
He said, “That a double portion of your spirit come upon me.” A DOUBLE PORTION of that mighty prophet come upon me?
He said, “You’ve asked a hard thing; but if you see me when I go away, then It’ll come upon you.” So you can imagine how HE WATCHED THE PROPHET.
Now, in that day, that prophet was the Word, for he was the manifestation of the Word to the world. See?
And he knowed there had to be a greater ministry come, because it required a greater thing. And when Jesus was here on earth, He was the Elijah.
“These things that I do shall you do also; greater than these things shall ye do, because I go unto My Father.” Now, how you going to do it? Watch Him! Who is He? The Word! See? WATCH HIM!
Now, when it comes to CREATION of things, it’s true. JESUS NEVER RIGHT STRAIGHT OUT CREATED ANYTHING and brought it into existence.

He took a substance first. He took water, made wine. He took bread and made more bread. He took fish and made more fish. But He promised that greater things than this would be done. See? You see?
Now, why? It’s in a more evil day than it was when He was here. See? It’s still Him, but using your tabernacle. See?
And this person that’s in you, which is your birth…You are John Doe; you were born in a certain month, and you’re borned under a certain star; you were borned under a certain thing, and that has something to do with you. Certainly does!
I know I used to…Papa used to say, “I can’t plant them potatoes at this time, because the moon isn’t right. You can’t plant them potatoes, Billy.”
And I said, “I’m not planting them in the moon, I’m planting them here in the ground!”
Said, “All right, smart aleck, go on! You get a few bumps on your head and you’ll learn something.” I did. I did.
I tell you: take a board and lay it down out there on the grass in the dark of the moon and watch what happens. That grass will die right now. Lay it on the light of the moon; you can let it lay there a week; it won’t hurt it a bit.
Watch that sea when that moon changes yonder. When the tide…When the moon goes out, the tide follows it out, and it’s millions of miles from the earth.
Not only that, go down here in the state of Kentucky and sink a rod down in the ground till you get into the salt water; and watch that pipe, how deep it is when the moon…when the tide’s in and watch how it goes out, plumb across under the earth. Certainly!

You plant something that spreads out on top of the earth. In the dark of the moon watch it go right down and make it like a radish or turnip will. You plant it back the other way and watch it spread out on top the earth. Sure, it’s got something to do.
Why did Aaron have on his breastplate the birthstone of each one of those patriarchs? Look at those mothers when they give the utterance.
When them mothers and them Hebrew women in labor give an utterance to those children being born, it placed their name; it told their birth; it put them in the homeland; it set them over to eternity.
One of these days when I come in and stay a little time, I want to take that subject. Exactly! Then watch Jacob, when he was dying there, when he laid his hands upon the patriarchs and blessed them, he’d tell them exactly where they would be.
And that’s exactly according to their name, and exactly according to their birth. And sure, it has something to do with you.
Now, that’s your BIRTH PATH; that’s what you are, a natural man or natural woman. But when you’re reborned again, that’s not the outside conscience. The outside is what you see, taste, feel, smell, and hear, but the inside of that is what you really are.

Now, this out here, Satan just tempts you and knocks you around every way here; but down here he can’t do it unless you let him do it. For in here you’ve got faith, and faith don’t come from the outer conscience, it reasons.
But in faith there’s no reason. You’ve got it from God, and you know it’s there. I don’t care how much it looks wrong, you still know it’s right; it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD. See?

And there’s nothing going to bother that. Nothing can bother that; it’s moving right straight on. Difficult means nothing to it; wades right on through it, for It’s the Word.
And the Word’s the Sword, and the Word cuts…the Sword cuts Itself free from everything else. You see?
Takes the hand of faith to hold that Word. That faith’s got to be…

Now see, when that inside conscience…Here’s the inside; here’s the outside. It’s revealed in here, Truth is; out here, it’s reason. Now, don’t it look reasonable if we’d just say, “We just all go over and join the Assemblies”?
Now, I like the Assemblies of God, I like the Oneness, I like all of those churches. “Why don’t we just all go and affiliate with them, maybe do some good.”
That’s a reason, the outside. But down on the inside, watch it. When you see out here, this’ll—this’ll disagree, then…Look at the Assemblies.
Many things that they do that I don’t believe it’s—it’s Scriptural, and can prove it to them it’s not Scriptural. But there’s so many minds packed up in it.
There’s a thousands of those Assembly brothers and sisters who believe this, the Word, and don’t believe what the Assemblies teach to be right. But they’re in the web.
The Baptists, the Presbyterian, the Oneness, and all the rest of them, they’re in that web where a group of men gets together and they reason it. And there’s so much prestige about a man.
Here’s a bishop setting here, general overseer; he says anything, what’s the little fellow going to say?
He’s afraid to say anything. “I agree with you. Yeah, that’s right! Uh-huh! Yes, Bishop, or—or Presbyter, you’re…that’s exactly right.” He agrees with him.
Here, let’s take an alcoholic out here on the street, that an ordinary citizen pass down the street and say, “The old bum, nothing to him.” Take him down here, put him on the police force, and put a badge on him, and a gun on him. “Good morning, John, it’s so nice to see you again!” See?
Respect to one another.
Jesus said, “How can you have faith when you have respects?” That type, you know, solicit us, respects one…I don’t just remember just how the word goes there. But, when your desire respects one from another. See? CAN’T DO THAT.
And when man gets together in a organization, they set down; and the little man’s afraid to say anything, ’cause the bishop said so, the presbyter said so.
But don’t disregard the man, believe him to be a good man; but always remember, God’s Word is right and all others contrary is wrong.
“Let My Word be true, and every man’s word be a lie.” See it? That’s what we want to do, is believe that.
110 Now remember, we are not the Word, but we are the Word. Uh-huh! Now you got it? Jesus was not God, but He was God. He was a Man, yet He was God. He could cry, and yet He could raise the dead.
He could cry for a man being dead and raise him back up again. He was Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah Manasses; He was Jehovah, all completely.
He was Jehovah, and yet He was a Man. He owned the earth, and made the earth, and had not a place to lay His head.
He said, “The birds that I made has got nests, and I haven’t got a place to lay my head. The foxes, that I created, has holes in the ground, and I haven’t even got one Myself, even to be buried in.” That’s right. He had to borrow somebody’s grave to be buried in.
He created every womb that was in a woman. He had no womb to be born in; he had to borrow a womb. He created the earth and had not a place to be buried in; He had to borrow a to-…hole in the ground, to be buried in, Joseph of Arimathea. See?
They had—they had to—had to borrow a place, yet He was God, proved that He was God.
Now, you understand? We are not…We are Messiahettes, but not that Jesus. He is our Father; we’re just anointed with His Spirit, and that’s the reason His Life…And that gets people.
See, if you don’t set and think it through, it gets people to believe, “Well, this guy would be the Messiah.” Sure he is.
“This one over here could be.” They both are. See? “Well, how can there be two of them?” There’s thousands of them. See?
But you see, His Life is separated on the Day of Pentecost. When that Pillar of Fire came down, It separated like tongues and set upon each of them, God dividing Himself among His people, because the Church and Christ is One, just as the husband and wife is one.

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