Baby Raised from the Dead in Mexico

Remember, there was only about three people raised from the dead by Jesus Christ; andwe have on record, doctor’s record, five.”  “Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?” (62-1230E).

“And that’s five straight times, by doctor’s examination that five people, being dead, being by the grace of God through a vision called their life back to them again. And that’s signed doctor’s statements.” “A Greater Than Solomon Is Here” (62-0725).

“The God that I seen bring the dead back, after being dead for hours; the doctor pronounced “dead,” and write a statement to it, five different times.” “Awakening Jesus”(63-0117).

“And he’d done give out all the prayer cards, and they didn’t have no more. I’d only give him about fifteen or twenty a night, because that’s all I could get to, because…. If you give them a card, they don’t understand like you—you can’t talk to them. So they was … I give them about ten, or fifteen, whatever. That’s all I’d give out. Well, they didn’t have any more prayer cards.” “Perseverant” (63-0802).[4] 

“And said, “And that little woman has climbed through them ushers. She’s got a dead baby wrapped up in a blanket. She wants you to pray for it.” And said, “She climbs over the top of their shoulders, runs between their legs.” And said, “We just have to get back there and kick her off the platform (See?), ’cause I can’t let her up here without a prayer card, ’cause it’ll cause a riot (You see?), ’cause them people’s stood there that long waiting for a prayer card.”” “A Greater Than Solomon Is Here” (62-0725).

“And brother Jack Moore (Many of you all may know him, from Shreveport, Louisiana, some of you might’ve heard him. He’s a very fine man.), he was on the platform. And I said, “Brother Moore, that woman wouldn’t know me. Go over and pray for the baby, wherever it is over there, and she’ll never know the difference.”
He said, “Okay, Brother Branham.”” “A Greater Than Solomon Is Here” (62-0725).

“And I said, ‘Well, Brother Jack, go down and pray for the baby.’ I said, “She’d never know the difference between me and you.” And she just run under them men’s legs and jump up on top of their backs, and walk with that dead baby. A little, pretty little girl, just about this high, maybe her first baby. And she looked to be in her twenties, very attractive girl. And so I said, ‘Go pray for her, Brother Jack, because she’ll never know who is who.’ And me standing back there speaking through an interpreter, she wouldn’t know whether I was the one praying for the sick, or he was.” “Influence” (63-1130B).

“Brother Jack Moore and I have a lot of things in common. I don’t want to say we

look alike, because he is such a handsome man. But one thing about Brother Moore,

we both part our hair the same way. [Brother Branham and congregation laugh—Ed.]We have a lot of things in common. I thought, “She never did know me,” had to let me down on some ropes and things, to get in. So I sent him down to pray for the little baby.

I thought, ‘Well, they won’t, she’ll never know the difference.’” “Why?” (63-0626).

And the little sister standing out there, a little Catholic girl with the baby in her arm, andthree hundred ushers couldn’t keep her off the platform.” “A Paradox” (62-0128A).

“Said, “We got around one hundred fifty–two hundred ushers standing there, and she just tears right on through them.” And said, “We’ve throwed her off the platform three or four times.” And said, “We just can’t do nothing with her.”” “Perseverance” (62-0520).

“I think of that little Mexican woman that night down there in Mexico, with that little, dead baby. You heard the story, in the Businessmen’s…. Standing there, preaching, trying the second night. Billy come to me, said, ‘Daddy, I’ve got better than six hundred ushersstanding right there. They can’t keep a little woman. Her baby died this morning at nine o’clock, a little Mexican woman.’” A Super Sign” (62-0708).

“I said, “Brother Jack, go over there and pray for her. She don’t know me. So pray for that baby, and that’ll stop her.””  “A Paradox” (62-0128A).

In addition, he went so far as to suggest that the woman leave with the dead body and come back to have him pray for it the next night (24-hours later). He did so by telling his son, Billy Paul, to tell the woman come back “maybe tomorrow”, as follows,

“I said, “Well,” I said, “just make her stay back, ’cause if she gets ahead that’ll start every one of them doing that.” And I said, “We can’t do that. Tell her just get in line, maybe tomorrow. We’re going to be here yet tomorrow. Give her a prayer card.”” “Perseverant”(64-0305).

“Brother Moore started down there, and I looked up and saw a vision. And there I seen a doctor shake his head and say to her, “The baby’s dying.” And the baby actually had died. And that was the day before he told it.” “Shepherd Of The Sheepfold” (56-0403).

“And Brother Moore started down, and I looked out here in front of me, and a vision come of the little baby raising up.” “God Projecting His Love” (57-0806).

“And I said, “I was speaking about our Lord…” And I looked out, and I seen a little dark-faced Mexican baby standing before me, no teeth, just gooing and laughing. I–I looked again. I said, “Wait a minute, Brother Moore. Tell her to bring the baby here.””

“Perseverance” (62-0520).

“I said to Brother Moore, “You go down and pray for the baby,” See? Sent Brother Moore down… And so, when Brother Moore started to go down, I looked out in front of me, and I saw a little baby–little Mexican baby setting before me, just gooing and laughing.

I said, “Wait, maybe I’d better go down.”
And so the little blanket was wet. They brought her; and as soon as she come, she begin crying out, “Padre, padre.”
I said, “Just a moment, lady.” She couldn’t speak English. And she had the baby under a blanket. Put my hands upon the little baby, and I said, “Lord Jesus, just a few moments ago You showed me a vision. Is this that little baby that You showed me? Been dead since that–this morning, and there it was sitting, laughing?” And when I begin to pray, the little fellow begin to kick and scream underneath that blanket. And I said, “Now, don’t write it up till you go let the doctor sign the statement that the baby died this morning at nine o’clock.” And he did.

Now, what is it? God is Life. He is Life, Eternal Life to those… Called back the spirit of that dead baby into that little fellow’s body…” “Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, and Today, and Forever” (61-0118).

“And the little baby, under a wet quilt (been standing there since that morning), the doctor pronounced it dead. Now, we got the doctor’s statement of it, that pronounced it dead that morning at nine o’clock and then, this was that night, nearly midnight. And I, just according to what the vision said, I went, laid hands on the little baby. There it was, alive. The doctor give testimony.” “The Restoration of the Bride Tree” (62-0422).

“And the doctor signed the statement that he pronounced the baby dead at nine o’clock that morning. At eleven o’clock that night it was alive. I prayed for it there after seeing a vision, and prayed and laid hands on the little baby before about . . . oh, fifty or seventy-five thousand people. And the little baby began kicking and screaming, and come to life and is alive today, so far as I know. The doctor signed a statement by it.

And so that’s about five times that I’ve seen such done. And so the man said to me, ‘I am going to look this up to see if that’s right.’

I said, ‘I’ll save you the trouble. Here’s the doctor’s statement.’”

“Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever” (61-0516A).

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