A Greater Than Solomon Is Here – William Marrion Branham

A greater solomon is here

A greater solomon is here

God, and always in all times, has always given spiritual gifts to His people. That’s how He is identified and known, by spiritual gifts. And when God sends a spiritual gift to His people, and that spiritual gift is rejected, then that—that people go into the darkness of chaos.

Every time, through the ages, when God sends something to the people, a gift, and they turn it down, that people is rejected by God because it’s rejected God’s mercy.
Oh, what a safety it would be, tonight, how much greater it would be that all the bomb shelters and—and all the places we could think of, if this nation, which is called a Christian nation, could accept the gift of God that’s been given to it, the great Holy Spirit poured out in this last days.

And how that if this nation would accept That, it would be more safety than anything they could get into. But they turned it down, so there is nothing left but chaos and judgment.

And the word presume is “to adventure without authority.”

106 And Moses NEVER went down into Egypt, PRESUMING that God was with him; he went down to Egypt KNOWING God was with him. See? You don’t accept your healing, THINKING God will do it. You accept your healing ’cause God HAS ALREADY DONE IT. He promised it, and your faith says it’s so, and NOTHING ELSE CAN WIPE IT OUT.

107 Now, His Word is a sword, the Bible said. In Hebrews 4:12, It said, “The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, It discerns the thoughts that are in the heart.” That’s what the Word does.

63-0802 – Perseverant
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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