Some only go to church once a year because they have things to do that they consider MORE IMPORTANT. Others have so many things on their mind, THEY CAN’T WORSHIP HIM WHEN HE COMES. You make time for everything else, but your prayer life is just a few quick words every now & then, before you go to bed. And yet He’s still good to you! The MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS TO ENTERTAIN JESUS! Seek the KINGDOM of GOD & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS FIRST! Then the other things WILL BE ADDED! GIVE HIM FIRST PLACE IN EVERYTHING! JESUS deserves our BEST, but He’ll ACCEPT WHATEVER place you give HIM; 2nd, 3rd or 10th place, in your life. He’ll still come when you invite Him, even if you put HIM in the basement because you’re ashamed of Him.

W M B ~  You know, we have a lot of that yet today in America. The President can come to the city and what do they do? 
They hoist all the flags up, and the colors, and they fly them. And they have flower girls to meet him out at the—at the train, and they strew the flowers along the street, and everybody standing out with your very best clothes on and waving at him. 
That’s all right. That’s okay. But the thing of it is, Jesus can come to the city, and there’s nothing said about it, nobody don’t know about it. 
You don’t welcome Him like that. Yet we pray all the time, “God, give us a big—big revival.” But when He comes, you never make Him welcome. You always give Him third or fourth place.
He will come to the meeting where they was having a revival in the city, the whole city, the ministerial association will get together and have a breakfast, and they’ll draw up plans, and they’re going to have a big meeting. 
Jesus wants to bless you. He wants to—He wants the first place, and we give Him the last place. Oh, yes. 
WE GOT TIME FOR EVERYTHING ELSE, but you see Him just a few minutes before you jump in bed, maybe, at night, once a week. See?
“Dear God, bless me, and my brother, and father, and mother, Mr. Jones and…Amen,” get to bed. Last place, but He never turns you down. He’s good to you anyhow. That’s what makes Him real to me.
You know, last Easter you put on your most lovely dress and that beautiful hat. Oh, you went to church last Easter, and the pastor sees you again next Easter. It’s about the way it goes. 
But you give Him just a few minutes. And if the pastor spoke over twenty minutes, “Oh, my. How does he think of so much to talk about?” Isn’t that about right?
Oh, you had to get out and show that beautiful dress. But He never condemned you for it. He accepted it. That’s what makes Him so real to me. No matter what little…
“Lord, will You take second place?”
“Yep, I’ll take second place.” The God of heaven to a creature…
“Will You take second place?”
“Yes, I’ll take second.”
“Will You take third place?”
“Yep, I’ll take third place.”
“Will You take fourth place?”
“Yeah, I’ll take anywhere you give Me.” He never turns you down. He will come any time. Any place you give Him, if it’s up in the attic. 
You don’t want Him in your parlor, when your friends come in you can all go in and talk about Jesus, and kneel on the floor, ▪ ︎ and LET THAT BE YOUR MAIN CONVERSATION, and—▪ ︎ and TALK ABOUT HIM, ▪ ︎and PRAY, ▪ ︎and THANK HIM for what He’s done,▪ ︎and TESTIFY TO ONE ANOTHER.
Oh, no, that belongs to the—a bunch of jokes and carrying on. And then when you talk to Jesus you have to go up in the attic, and somewhere, or down in the basement every once in a while and speak to Him. You can start to go to…You…your…
God is just burning on your heart to want to—want you to WORSHIP HIM and LOVE HIM a little bit, and you—you just figure, “Well, I’ll do it when I wash the dishes.”
And Miss Jones can call up and say, “Liddy, we’re going downtown to do some shopping today, dear. Do you want go?”
“Oh, yes, I’ll go with you.”
Then at night when you jump in the bed, say, “God, be good to me, and bless my mother and daddy, and all them,” and jump into bed. That’s about the way we do with Jesus, give Him the last place.
Why, when Jesus comes to the city, there ought to be the flags out, and people on the street talking about Him, and glorifying Him, and the sick and afflicted accepting His healing blessings, and out on the street testifying everybody.
And still He’s continually comes on back again. He’s willing, NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, but that all might come to repentance.
Now, the day is drawing close at hand. After while, he has all of his flunkies out. 
They have lots of flunkies, just guys that’s around the place. So he puts them all out to their duties. 
And the first thing, a chariot run—comes up. Most of the travel in those days in Palestine was by foot. 
And that’s the only transportation they had, besides the animals; and most of those were beasts of burdens that packed the—the burden.
But the great chariot rides up, and the Doctor, Reverend So-and-so got out. And he come in, and he embraced him and took him into the house. 
And the flunky took the—the horses around, and groomed them, and put them into the stable, and—and made everything ready, and shined his chariot up while he was at the banquet. 
Everything just all polished, just like a modern day “blow-out” today, as we call it (That’s right.), in the name of religion too.56-0218e The Worst Sinner In The City    
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
W M B ~ Listen, I want to ask you something now. Did you ever pray for Jesus to come to your house? 
If you did say—if you have, say, “Amen.” Sure you have. How did you treat Him when He come? 
Do you give Him a little place up in the attic? 
Maybe your sewing party’s there that day. When Jesus comes to your heart, do you feel like crying; you feel like weeping out; you feel like praising Him? 
But what do you do with Him? 
You put Him up in the attic. You put it…You go up in the attic, over in a little room, or down in the cellar, and you get down there, say, “Thank You, Jesus,” or something. 
YOU’RE ASHAMED OF HIM BEFORE YOUR COMPANY. (Shame before your company, ashamed of Him before your company.) 
If you are, you ought to REPENT TODAY. Amen. 
Give Jesus first place: first place, first in life. First your best; not—not your second, your first. “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; OTHER THINGS WILL BE ADDED.”
But do you let Him set back when you’re—when you’re talking to your boss, and Jesus comes down, AND HE WANTS YOU TO TESTIFY TO HIM AND TELL YOUR BOSS THAT THE LOVE OF GOD’S IN YOUR HEART? 
Are you ashamed of Him? 
Do you give Him a little corner?
I might ask this to Jesus: “Jesus, will you take second place?”
“Would You take third place?”
“Will you take fifth place?”
“Yeah, I’ll come anyhow.”
You think your neighbor would come if he taken fifth place? 
That’s what makes me love Him, makes me to know He’s 
[Blank spot on tape—Ed.] 
He’s the God of heaven. He’ll take any place (Hallelujah.) that man will give Him. (that man will give Him, any place man will give Him in your heart.)
Some of you people only go to church ONCE A YEAR: “Oh, my. It’s EASTER MORNING.” 
You put—you put on your most charming garments, your beautiful hat, and you go down to church, and you set twenty minutes. 
And then you come back, and you say, “That settles it till next Easter.” 
Does Jesus accept it? Amen. Yes, He accepts it. Any place you’ll give Him, He will accept it. 
He’ll never rebuke you. He will give you 
[Blank spot on tape—Ed.] 
Oh, yes.  We have other things too that we think more important. My brother, my sister, the most important thing in your life is to entertain Jesus Christ. You believe that? Amen.
I believe that the most important thing in any life is to entertain Jesus Christ properly, in first place in your worship, first place in your life, first place in everything. Jesus Christ deserves that place. Amen. 
I believe it with all my heart. But if you don’t, He’ll take second place. He’ll go down in the basement with you. 
If you’re ashamed of Him when you’re out among the people, and then you go down in the basement so nobody will see you, He’ll still come. 
That ought to make you LOVE HIM ABOVE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. Jesus in second place…Jesus in fourth place…Jesus in tenth place…But still He comes; you invited Him.55-0828aThe Unwelcomed Christ    
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