Unity – Branham Quotes

Unity – Branham Quotes

While this great spirit of unity, with one heart and one accord is with us, don’t let it die. If you can stay, have to stay on your knees day and night, keep that spirit among you, brethren and sisters.”

57-0326 Jehovah Jireh

If we can only get in spiritual unity with His Word and with Him. God will reveal Himself. He always does that. On the road to Emmaus, after the resurrection, it was only when Cleopas and his friend begin to speak to Him, and the Scriptures was quoted, and the God in Christ revealed Himself to them.”

57-1222 The Great Shining Light

Put your hands on somebody next to you, if you’re a believer. “These signs shall follow them that believe.” That’s what the Scripture says. There you are, in a perfect unity of Spirit, perfect unity, with hands laid on you, perfect unity with the Holy Ghost, perfect unity with the power of God, perfect unity in the Scripture, then it’s got to be over. Let us bow our heads now, we all offer prayer to God. Lord God, we thank You for Your great Presence, the Holy Ghost that’s now here to take over and to move every sickness from this building. Oh, Satan, you have lost the battle, you deceived the people down through the ages, but the hour has come, for you have failed. Come out of these people sickness, I charge you by the Name of Jesus Christ, Who’s here to defeat you and has defeated you. Leave this audience in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the people. All that accept God as your Healer, Christ as you Healer, raise your hands please. Amen”

58-0515 Jesus Christ The Same

God separated Eve’s evil Cain from Adam’s holy Seth. Oh. Did He do it? Through a unlawful act, this woman living with a–somebody else and brought a child, God separated that child and his generations from this righteous and holy man, his children. It’s the same thing today: separating, separated, found them, they were not in unity. They could have no unity. Can night have unity with day? Can a believer have unity with an infidel? Can a man who believes in all the Word of God have a unity with them who just believes part of the Word of God? God wants separators.”

62-0211 Oneness

All the nations feared Israel. Instead of trying to make war with them, they brought in peace offerings. They were not afraid, so much, of their men; they were afraid of that God that they were all in unity with. 64-0306 A Greater Than “

Solomon Is Here

If you believe that I’ve told you the truth, and the truth is in the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God, and He sent me, just His servant to help bring the Church of the living God together in unity…

54-0809E Manifestation Of Thy Resurrection

Now, I want you to be real reverent, just like you had plenty of time. And you don’t want to get excited. And you upset, then you upset someone else, and you’re all a part of God. See? It’s the body a moving. If this hand’s a hurting and a cramping, how can this hand work right. See? It’s all got to be in unity and quietness like there was at Pentecost, all expecting something to happen.”

56-1006 A Wedding Supper

Now, I want you to be real reverent, just like you had plenty of time. And you don’t want to get excited. And you upset, then you upset someone else, and you’re all a part of God. See? It’s the body a moving. If this hand’s a hurting and a cramping, how can this hand work right. See? It’s all got to be in unity and quietness like there was at Pentecost, all expecting something to happen.”

56-1006 A Wedding Supper

And I pray God it’ll sink deep into the hearts of every person, and may the Holy Spirit water it, and may it bring forth great revivals, and in unity of brotherhood among ministers, and the love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts. And may we see before the end of time a great outpouring and a revival. Grant it, Lord. Have mercy upon us. Be Thou merciful to us and forgive us of our sins and trespasses. And let Thy mercies rest with us. We pray in Jesus’ Name.”

57-0307 God Keeps His Word #2

Paul said in the Bible that he wanted us to all speak the same thing. He wanted us all to be in unity. I got a little note wrote out–wrote out here I was going to read on it. All the operation of the gifts and so forth… And in unity they stood as one great big union church. But we find out that that church stayed that way, with brotherhood, and they loved not their lives unto death.”

57-0309B I Will Restore

There’s many different gifts that God has to His Church. But they’re all for the perfecting of the Church to bring together in unity the great Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the powers that was in Christ has been given to His Church. All that God was, He poured into Christ. And Christ was God manifested on earth. And all that Christ was, He poured into His Church. And all the powers that God had rested in Christ, and the fulness of Christ rests in His Church.”

57-0804E Sirs We Would See Jesus

Tell you, it’s wonderful, to see when people come together in unity, what the Lord our God can do for them.

58-0302 Door To The Heart

And all the people with one accord was rallying around it: unity. There’s power in unity. Then the news finally come to the little queen, all the way across the Sahara Desert, way down in the utmost parts of the known world of that day, down into Sheba. Why, every traveler would come by that’s passed through Israel would say, “Oh, you should go up there and see those people. Why, they’re just as bold as they can be. They know there’s not a flaw about their religion.” That’s the way we want to believe it. There’s nothing wrong with the Holy Spirit. It’s a perfect Gift of God to the Church. And they would keep speaking about the great things that Solomon would do.”

59-0405E The Queen Of Sheba

David said, “How sweet it is for our brethren to dwell together in unity. It is likened unto the precious anointing oil that they poured on Aaron’s head that run all the way down to the hems of his skirts.” This anointing oil represents the Holy Spirit. Aaron was the high priest, a type of Christ. And notice, that anointing oil had in it the perfume of the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the Valley. The Rose of Sharon, that beautiful big red flower, who stands in its beauty, who represents Christ. Perfume can never be brought from this flower until that flower is crushed, and mashed, and squeezed out of it the perfume to be a sweet smelling savour unto the Lord. And the great beautiful life that our Lord lived was instrumental in God’s hand. But it could never be a perfume until He was crushed, and mashed, and spit on, and squeeze the very life out of Him at Calvary. That made the anointing for us. He was the Lily of the Valley. What do you get out of lilies? Opium.”

59-0708(M) Church Dedication

In unity there’s strength. So therefore I said, “Certainly, if that’s the way the church wants, if that’s what God is wanting, He’s got more of authority to vote amongst a whole group of people than He has to me, because I have no vision to say that it shouldn’t be. So we throw in with the church, and move with the church. And I’m behind it to do all that I can (See?), to help out the church. That should be the motive of every Christian and every person in the church is for to unify ourselves and stick together.”

59-0712 A Total Deliverance

My ministry is a ministry trying to unite the body of Christ together, not unite denominations to one denomination, but unite brothers and sisters as one group of people, one in purpose, one in heart, one in unity, to see the coming of the Lord Jesus.”

59-0815 As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest

All that Jehovah was, He poured into Christ. And all that Christ was, He poured into the church, not into one individual, but into the entire Body. There where we come together in unity, we have power.

59-1217 What Was The Holy Ghost Given For

Never was God’s program, God made man; man made slaves. One’s not to rule over the other one. We’re to live together in unity and peace.

63-0628A O Lord Just Once More

When those stars become in unity, united themselves together in this constellation, three men were also united at the same time. And you can be so united with God in His Word, until these things become realities, and you can see them, and know that they are true.

63-0818 The Sign Of The Uniting Time

And they were all filled with That, and begin to speak with tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Now, you see, we are not a divided people; we’ve got to be in unity, because each one of us holding a part of God. 

63-1201(M) An Absolute

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