The power of the word of God dont Break it

King David cried to God that God should spare his child at the end the child died. Then David stood up from ashes changed his clothes ate and said “Glory to God

Job was sick all his wealth were no more,he lived a very miserable life. But he still hold on his faith and glorify the Lord.

Daniel was told not to worship any other God apart from gods of Nebuchadnezzar. And the rule was very clear that whoever will be found worshiping against their faith will be punished. But that’s the time Daniel opened all windows and hold on his faith and worshipped the true living God.

Shadrack, Meshack and Aberdnego was brought before the king and told to bow down for gods of King Nebuchadenezer. Punishment was also there for those who cannot follow King’s instructions . very harsh punishment. But the three men of God hold on their faith and they have confidence on the true living God.

Stephen when he was witnessing, he was persecuted and stoned to death. But he still hold on his faith and prayed for those who persecuted him.

Other saints who hold on their faith regardless of the situation are Peter (jailed, crucified etc ),John (hot oil,his eyes was plucked. ..), Paul(jailed and went through many persecutions) among other saints whom I cannot count all of them

Those are fathers of our faith. Ask yourself “what do I believe? ” “Can I stand up and come out to defend my faith regardless of the situation ?” “Am I proud of my faith? ” “Can I reject all benefits that I can gain which are against my faith? ” “Am I ready to lose everything including your job,friends, wife, husband, children, father, mother, and all things and people important to me because of my faith.?”……

We should be strong,have confidence and be ready to protect our faith (Jesus Christ ) regardless of situation in life.


5 And now, you can learn another thing on the desert that I think would kind of pay us to look at: all those cactus needles. When I… You see those needles, and I don’t believe there’d be a machine could sharpen one that sharp. My son could say “amen” to that, ’cause we had to pick them out of him all day yesterday.
61-0205M – Expectation
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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