Successful – Branham Quotes

Humility is a way to success. That’s right”

62-0622B Letting Off The Pressure

It’s the way out of all troubles; It’s the way to peace; It’s the way to success. It’s the way to Life itself is to follow this Star, the Lord Jesus. And now, if you are tied to that Star, the Holy Spirit is the Compass that’ll only point to the Star”

63-0304 A Absolute

Now, that’s what we must always do to be successful, is to stay in line with God’s promises. No matter how it seems best to go this way or that way, stay lined with the Scripture”

62-1111(M) Dedication

You’ve been brought into the Presence of Christ. No matter how successful, or unsuccessful, no matter how great, or how poor, no matter what you are, at the first opportunity, fall at His feet and say, “Lord, be merciful to me”

62-0127 Meanest Man I Know

And whatever you ask the Father in My Name,” that’s the blank check. “Whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that I’ll do.” What a promise, just can’t fail. And I have helped my brothers and sisters around the world make these deposits–or make these drawings on these notes in God’s Bank, on the Blood of Jesus Christ. And it’s been very successful”

62-1111E Why I’m Against Organized Religion

And the road is before us. We can take either side we want to choose. That’s the way He put Adam and Eve, and that’s the way He puts us. We must remember that no matter what we do or how successful we are in life, without Christ, we’ve totally lost everything”

63-0901(M) Token

You know what the Bible says about this young fellow? He become more successful. So sometimes success don’t mean that you’ve made the right choice”

65-1031A Leadership

And he used this the first time and was successful, and he’s done it ever since, and still successful to a certain estate. He used reasoning against faith. Satan come to Eve and begin to reason against the Word of God, the great Armor that God had fortified His people with. He begin to use reasoning. Now, “It’s only reasonable that God would not destroy you. Surely you will not die. But remember, friends, that’s Satan’s tactic to begin with, and he still uses the same thing, and still successful with it: a reasoning”

62-0701 To Take On The Whole Armor Of God

Give me a preacher; give me a Christian; give me a housewife that’s a Christian; give me a farmer or a factory worker that’ll put God first in everything, I’ll show you a man that’ll be successful in the spite of all the devil can put on him. He seeks God first”

55-0724 Enticing Spirits

That’s where the most successful times when you get alone with God. See? Get alone with God. Jesus said, “Enter into a closet and close the door. Pray to your Father what seeth in secret. He will open… He will reveal it to you openly”

61-0124 Blind Bartimaeus

There is also a thirst for success. So many people today, how we school for this thirst. We just noticed they started the university up. And we go down there, and people spend thousands of dollars to send their children to the school, and–and to universities and colleges, and so forth, to get an education, “To be successful,” they call it, “in life.” But now, I have nothing against that; now, that’s all right. But, to me, you could get all the schooling in the world and still you haven’t found the right success. That’s right. Because that will just temporarily make things a little easier for you here. And there’s… But when you die, you leave all that behind you”

65-0919 Thirst

No matter how successful we’ve been in business, how successful we been, and what a great church member we are, and how we work, how we try to do things right, still if it’s not done in the right way, it is a worship of God in vain. Jesus classed that the same way, as I stop here for a moment. He said, “In vain do you worship Me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men”

65-1207 Leadership

I’ve never made a successful pastor, because I got a roaming, rambling spirit. I can’t be satisfied anywhere. Just wherever the Spirit moves, I’ve just got to move with It, because I have a Message. Jesus said, “I must preach in this other town also.” But there are those who are shepherds that watch the flock”

65-1121 What House Will You Build Me

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