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Are the one hundred and forty-four thousand, mentioned in Revelation, the Jewish remnant that we… will be part of the Rapture of the Church? (over) Is not Israel, of the beginning of the… they began… (I am sorry)… goes into the time-time of the…

188  I’m sorry, just a minute till I get this made out. It-it’s went through, it’s pushed through on the paper.

… to come to pass during the one thousand years of-of Christ rather than that man can live, as do these modern religionists tell us? Yes, sir.

189  Now, just a minute, to get this right. The question is:

Is the one hundred and forty-four thousand, which we are a remnant of…

190  I want to correct us on that one first, just to be sure that you… See, the one hundred and forty-four thousand…

Is the one hundred and forty-four thousand, mentioned in Revelation, the Jewish remnant as that will be a part of the Rapture of the Church? Is the one hundred and forty-four thousand…

191  Now, just… I’m-I’m… I want to get this clear in my mind before I start on it.

Are the one hundred and forty-four thousand, mentioned in Revelation, the Jewish remnant that will be part of the Rapture of the Church?

192  I want to get that first. The one hundred and forty-four thousand is the Jewish remnant, but not the raptured Church. See? Look over now in Revelation, the 6th chapter, you’ll see that.

193  Then we’ll get the other part on the other-other side and they have another question in there. Notice these things.

194  All right, look here now, Revelation 6, now, that’s where you find it. See? Now, we’re going to begin, he goes ahead and talks about the horse riders, and so forth, going forth. “When they opened the… ” Let’s get the 9th verse of the 6th chapter of Revelation:

And when he had opened the fifth seal,…

195  I’m-I’m-I’m wrong, I’m in the wrong chapter. It’s the 7th chapter:

… after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth,…

196  Oh, what a beautiful question, and what a little time to get into it and have prayer for the sick.

… after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow upon the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

And I saw another angel descending from heaven, having the seal of the living God:…

197  Oh, be sure, this is a wonderful question. See? Now, watch a dramatic picture; John said now, here… away from the earth now, in the Spirit, looking back to the earth. And he saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth.

198  Now, “winds,” in the Bible… I haven’t got time to run the Scriptures for you. But we can get to this. If it isn’t answered correctly, then I’ll get it some other time. The four… The winds, in the Bible, means “wars and strife.” Like in Job’s time, you remember, winds came down and-and took the sons. And you know what I mean, it-it’s-it’s trouble. See?

… and I saw four angels (four angels, or “four messengers”), they were standing on the ends of the… or four corners of the earth, holding the four winds…

… and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to-to hurt the earth and the sea. (Now, that’s the coming of the Lord, what he’s speaking of. See?) Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. (Servants.)

199  Now, remember, the Church is not His servants. We are His sons, not His servants. The Jew is always His servant. The Church has never been His servants, It’s been His children. See?
The servants:

And I heard the number of them… were sealed: andthere were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand all of the tribes of the children of Israel. (Now, look, allare Jews.)

200  Now watch! “Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. The tribe of Reuben, twelve. The tribe of Gad, twelve. Aser, twelve. And of Nepthalim, twelve, and-and on down. Simeon, twelve. And Aser, twelve. And Zabulon, twelve. And Benjamin, twelve.” And twelve tribes of Israel, so twelve times twelve… is what? A hundred and forty-four thousand. Now, watch, all of the tribes of the children of Israel. Now watch, them were “servants” of God.

201  Now maybe I can make this clear. Now watch:

After this… behold, and, lo, and I saw a great multitude, which no man could number, (now, here’sanother group, see) of all nations,… kindreds,… tongues, and people, stand before the throne, and before the Lamb, having white… having… Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

And they cried with a loud voice, saying,… (Listen to this Holy Ghost meeting!)…

Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb. And all the angels… around about-about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts,… fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God, Saying, Amen: Blessing,… glory,… wisdom,…  thanksgiving,… honour,… power,… might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

And one of the elders… (Now, watch now, that was… John was in the vision)… one of the elders said… answered me, said unto me, What are these…  (Now, John was a Jew and he seen the twelve tribes of Israel, he knowed them)… But what are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence cometh they? Where did they come from? Now, you’ve seen the Jews, you know them every one, you numbered them off in tribes and told how many thousand were sealed. But who are these of every kindred, tongue, and nation? Where’d they come from?

And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. (John, in other words, “I don’t know where they come from. I’m a Jew and I’m standing here, and I see my-my people and see them that’s here.”)…

And he said unto me, These are they which have come out of the great tribulation,… (See?)… great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood (not the membership of the church), but in the blood of the Lamb. (See?)

Therefore they are before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in the temple:…

202  Now, where does Mrs. Branham serve me at? In the house. That’s the Bride. Mrs. Neville, that’s where she stays, in the house, serving you. That’s where the Bride’s at, not the servants, the Bride.

… serve… in the temple: and they… sitteth upon the throne shall dwell with them. And they shall hunger no more,… (They missed afew meals, looked like (didn’t they?) when they washere)… hunger no more, neither shall they thirst… neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.

For the Lamb which is in the midst of them shall lead them and feed them, and shall lead them into the-to the living… (just a minute)… living fountains of water: and God shall wipe… all tears (that’s a crying bunch that got in there) from their eyes. (See?)

203  Now, notice, they were hungering and thirsting, and crying, and moaned and begged, they come out of tribulation (said, “Look at that bunch of holy-rollers, oh, they’re crazy!”). Oh, my! Yeah. See? But they cried and they begged, they didn’t fuss and stew. And they just cried and begged. And, see, and they was all kindreds, tongues, and nations.

204  Now, the hundred and forty-four thousand, that was the Jews. Abraham was God’s servant. The Jews has always been God’s servants. The Gentile has never been His servant.

205  Now, just have to hurry through this now, ’cause we got two or three more. And I’ll hurry just as quick as I can, and not to try to overrun these. But I’ll come right back and get them again next Sunday (if the Lord willing) and spend more time on them.

206  But, look now, he saw all four corners of the earth, and the angels standing on the four corners of the earth. Now, you say, “I thought it was round”; that don’t keep it from having four corners, you see. All right.

207  Now, “On four corners of the earth, holding the four winds.” In other words, here went the winds, blowing in the wars and strife that come all over the world. When did that ever happen? Never until the First World War. “Holding the winds,” and they were striving, going in to take over.

208  And now, here come another One. Now, if you’ll watch and refer that Angel, he’s the same Angel that come out in Ezekiel 9, when the men come from behind their gates with slaughtering weapons and was going through Jerusalem to slaughter the Jews. You remember? He said, “Hold it! Hold it! Stop it, till you go through the city and put a mark on every forehead that sighs and cries for the abominations done in the city.” Is that right?

209  Then, after He did that, then He let them go in and slaughter. That was the persecution under Titus. Now, you see, he’s the same Angel, come forth again, coming from the East (and where Jesus shall come) and He had the Seal of the Living God. Glory!

210  Now, what is the Seal of the Living God? Oh, if that ain’t a big dispute in the world today! Some say it’s keeping the sabbath day, and some says it’s for doing this and that. But the Bible said “The Holy Spirit is the Seal of God”!  Ephesians 4:30 says,

“Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed until the day of your redemption.” See? All right. It’s the Holy Spirit.

211  Then what come? Now, look! Oh, when I think of this, my heart jumps. Now He said, “Hold the four winds until” (in other words) “we seal the servants of our God in their forehead.” The servants, the “Jews.” (John turned, said, “I seen a hundred and forty-four thousand sealed away.”) Now, the winds all started in, and they would have covered the earth and the battle of Armageddon would have took place in the First World War, but…

212  Now I have to get another Scripture here to show you. Jesus talked about the people that… He said, “Some come in at one hour, and another hour, and they was eleventh-hour people. The eleventh-hour people.” Now, you who are spiritual read between the lines, because I got to jump here and hurry. Now, look. “Come in, the eleventh-hour people.” And right now…  “The first come in and received a penny, and the next come in and received a penny, and the eleventh-hour people got the same penny that they did at the first.” Is that right? The eleventh hour!

213  Now, watch, the Jew is the milepost, we’re following him now. Now, when the First World War come, it took every Jew, they scattered to all the nations. Like the first Scripture that today was asked, how He would scattered them among all nations, there they all are. And here come the winds coming into Jerusalem, everywhere, a world war.

214  And He said, “Hold! Stop it, until we have sealed the servants of our God.” Other words, “We’re bringing them in from all the nations, everywhere, bringing them in ’cause we got to get them right in here to seal that hundred and forty-four thousand. Hold it!”

215  And the World War I stopped on the eleventh month of the year, the eleventh day in the month, the eleventh hour in the day, that the eleventh-hour people could come in. The last call for the Jew! And he’s going to receive the same baptism of the Holy Ghost that they got back at the beginning back there at Pentecost, be baptized the same way, and everything, the eleventh-hour people moving in.

216  He said, “Hold it, now, until we have sealed.” “How long You going to hold it?”

217  “Until we have sealed the servants of our God. Now, we-we’re sealing the Gentiles, they’ve been sealed away, thousands times thousands through these persecutions and tribulations, they’re sealed away. But wait a minute! Just a minute! Don’t let the per-… Don’t let the time come till we seal these servants.” And he sealed a hundred and forty-four thousand.

218  Then the winds was let loose again. Now, notice, and since the First World War there has constantly been a persecution against the Jew. Up raised Hitler for the Second World War, and when he did, he begin to… What? He was going to tear the whole world right around. Is that right? He was going to tear it up, and right around. Yes, he was.

219  Everything had to be Communism. Do you remember when they was going to put me in a jail down here? I was preaching this same thing down here at the Redman’s Hall that night. Yes, sir. Saying, “There’ll be three isms. And they would all heap up in one ism, and that ism will bring forth a persecution that would send Jesus Christ to the earth again.” And that’s exactly so. And that was Communism, and-and Hitler and-and Nazi, and so forth; and how that Fascism of Mussolini, and Hitler, and Stalin. I said, “One of them will take the place. I don’t know which one it’ll be, but I believe it’ll be the king of the North.” Surely you remember those things and how those has been taught in here; and Brother Mahoney, and you all from way back there, know.

220  And they said, “If you preach that… ”

221  And on this N.R.A. thing, I said, “That’s not no mark of the beast, certainly not. It’s a religious boycott; not that.” I said, “That’s just a forerunner to get the people ready, and knowing that this beginning, right here is the beginning of sorrow, right here’s where we start in. Right here is when the-when the time begins to set close. Now, notice, there at that time.”

222  Now, the persecution come upon the Jews, and they begin to persecute them from every nation and drive them right into Jerusalem. Is that right? Every one, they’re going right… And He will have a hundred and forty-four thousand. Look over here a little farther in Revelation where John…

223  Mr. Bohanon down here said to me, said, “I couldn’t read that Revelation.” Said, “There was the Bride standing on the Mount Sinai.” Said, “There was the Bride up yonder in Heaven.” And said, “There was the Bride, and the water… dragon spurting water out of his mouth to make war with Her.” He said…

224  I said, “Mr. Bohanon, the thing of it is, you’ve got the wrong thing, calling it the ‘Bride.’” I said, “The Jews will stand on Mount Sinai, the hundred and forty-four thousand. The Bride, correctly, was in Heaven with Jesus. And the dragon that spurted water out of his mouth will make war with the remnant of the woman’s Seed.” That was this group here that had to go down, not that. See? The remnant of the woman’s Seed, “the sanctified church,” without receiving the Holy Ghost, that’s the ones he made war with. See?

225  Here they are, there’s three tribes. Always keep them three in mind. And here he seen, around, this hundred and forty-four thousand around that great redeemed Bride. It’s this remnant was left, there they are, there’s the Jews, there, sealed, the hundred and forty-four thousand. Here’s the ones that’s sanctified, that refused to get the Holy Ghost. The church will persecute against… the-the Roman church and them will persecute them. But the Bride’s already raptured and in Heaven. There they are, placed exactly the way the Bible said they would be. See?

226  So the hundred and forty-four thousand are Jews, God’s servants. And when the Holy Ghost Gospel is preached to them, and they receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost just exactly like they did in the beginning, the Gentile dispensation is finished, the Church is sealed away, the Rapture comes.

227  The Gentile days, the Gospel’s been preached everywhere, hammered amongst the Gentiles, pulling the seine, trying to get every fish there is in the water to come in. And look at them, the biggest… ?… The haul was all turtles and water spiders, and so forth. Just as soon as the revival’s over they go right back out in the world again. The fish is almost already strung up. See what I mean?

228  The Gospel’s been preached! You don’t hear no more crying, no more moaning, no more sighing, crying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They like to come in, yeah, they lay hands on them by the hundreds, and they carry on and dance, maybe, or something another like that. That’s all right, but that’s just the attributes.

229  The Person Christ Jesus produces the real thing, and keeps that person secured in Christ until He comes. There He is. And now, and that’s why there’s no more crying, the doors is just about shut. The net’s just went forth, just about its last time, just a few to pull like that to get into the Kingdom of God. The doors are closing!

230  Then what’s the next thing? The Jews has got to receive the Holy Ghost and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. All along they persecuted and made fun of; and, there, as soon as the Holy Ghost is represented to them, they receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Gentile Church is raptured. And those who refused, and just walked under justification, the dragon (the Roman power) spurts the water, which will unite with Communism, and take the church into a persecution like that. There they are pictured exactly.

231  Oh brother, when we see it coming, that’s the reason I’m praying, that’s the reason I’m crying to God, “Lord, I want to get to those Jews. Let me start in down there in Africa, work with a few of those Gentiles and Mohammedans. And let me go over here in India and try to produce and show to them the real Lord Jesus Christ with His powers, His miracles, His Baptism, everything, and the Holy Ghost.” Then when they come to Jerusalem…

232  Brother Beeler, this was what you was asking about. When they come to Jerusalem and stand out there, and say, “Now, if Jesus is the Son of God that raised from the dead, He knows the things just like He did back there in the beginning, He can produce the same Life that He did back there. And if He does, will you accept Him as your personal Saviour?” And then show that God by His great powers and things of His resurrected power, He’s with us.

233  Then when they do that, say, “Now, you that have received Him as your personal Saviour… ” I hope there’ll be thousands of them. Say, “The same Holy Ghost that fell on the Day of Pentecost is right here for you.”

234  Then the Gospel goes back to the Jews right there at that time. Then there’ll be a revival amongst those Jews right there that’ll carry thousands and tens of thousands and… a hundred and forty-four thousand, into the Kingdom of God, will be sealed by the sealing Angel.

235  I trust that He’s coming from the East. That’s the way He is from us now, with His seal in His hand. Then, oh, I want to be gathered in there. “I’ve sent a persecution here and a persecution there, and I’ve run the Jews and drove them as hard as I could. And they’ve drove back in. Many Jews in the United States (which they won’t escape from) has already received the Holy Ghost. But I’ve got all of the hundred and forty-four thousand standing there that’s going to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.”

236  And right there, as soon as that sealing Angel begins to seal that hundred and forty-four thousand, the Gentile Church door is closed, and the Jews takes the Holy Ghost to the Jews. And they’ll have a revival that’ll sweep the entire world. Hallelujah! And the power of God will be manifested amongst the Jews. Oh, how marvelous! Whew! Oh, my!

237  Let me see, right quick, “Isaiah.” We got that “sons of God.” Now let’s see:

Is the Israel…

238  See if you could read that, brother. I… It was kind of run together, he rubbed it out a couple times. And I’ll be looking for another one. If you will, please. [Brother Neville reads the following question-Ed.]:

William Marrion Branham
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